Is Facebook actually hurting relationships rather than helping them?

  • Can cause distance

    My older sister loves FB, it has opened up a world to add to the social butterfly that she is and loves to be. She posts her whole life there, including her oldest sons who doesn't want or have his own FB page, that part is not so good. The problem comes in that in her mind, once she has posted something on FB that's as good as having told everyone, including me, who doesn't visit FB that often. She asked me a couple of months ago how come we don't talk as much anymore, it's because she has come to rely on FB to communicate. At times she becomes irritated when we are having a conversation and she mentions something and I don't know what she's talking about because she has posted it on FB and I haven't read it. Our once close relationship has turned into a comment section on an open forum so complete strangers can share their thoughts. She has almost a 1000 'friends', that can add up to a lot of thoughts from strangers that is not helpful while trying to have a close relationship with one individual. And no, she posts out for everyone, every time, she doesn't think it's necessary to post any other way.

  • Facebook wrecks relationships

    My fiancee and I had a amazing relationship. Now, well... All she does is chat on facebook. Searching dumb crap and posting it is her big priority.
    We don't have any closeness anymore, no intimacy, no more loving texts, and our relationship just a empty shell at this point.
    I miss her and try to talk about it and it's a instant explosive fight.
    Breaks my heart! At this point I'm just numb and dune even know how to proceed.

  • Real Relationships Only Happen in the Flesh

    Before the Internet, people interacted in the flesh with each other. Feelings, emotions, pain, and enjoyment were exchanged between living human beings real time. Facebook is cold, facebook cannot touch you or hold physically, facebook is a poor excuse for developing a real relationship with family, friends, and coworkers. It is a commercial business to make investors rich at your loss.

  • Facebook is often an unhealthy addition to a relationship

    People are different, including couples in a relationship. Whether both partners use Facebook or only one, in my experience it is often a negative rather than a positive.
    Yes I hear the all the hype for keeping in touch with people you may otherwise not, but I think if everyone is honest they know deep down as human beings we have an insatiable curiosity about others private lives.
    Facebook causes feelings of jealousy, dissatisfaction and give less than honest people a way to cyber cheat and stalk people in secret. I've spoken to enough people to know that most know on occasion they have either done this or do it frequently, but when the suggestion of closing their Facebook account arises, a look of fear or defeat appears as they are addicted and know they can't or won't live without it.
    Like the old saying; a good servant but a bad master.

  • From personal experience.

    Yes. Here's why. Facebook has been an emotional escape for many, including me.It could lead to emotional cheating, because we place out self worth in the likes we accumulate. When we get likes, we feel liked. We are looking to the world for validation. We are looking to other people to say that they like us, and that we are important enough to click a little blue thumbs up.Yes, this can definitely lead to cheating, because with the venerability that already occurs from sharing all your personal life on Facebook, people know your problems. Therefore, especially if you are a girl, all it takes is for someone to listen to you, or call you beautiful. If there is a lack of that in the relationship, you find this comforting. Therefore, you prefer that attention over your partner's.

  • Of course it is.

    Who is this liking your status everyday? Who is this guy/girl? Why are you liking the pictures of another guy/girl? Emotional cheating and physical cheating have occurred. Facebook just makes it easy. People can message you. You can lust over others constantly posting half naked pictures. Does Facebook ruin relationships? Yes. It ruined two of mine. Yes emotional cheating is still cheating, by the way. It leads to physical cheating.

  • While it may not cause it, an argument can certainly be made that it expedites the process.

    Since facebook has came around it has opened up a vast array of possibilities to view pictures of people that you haven't seen in a while or that you have never met. You can send them a quick message that can't be viewed by anyone else. Things that's weren't so easily obtainable before.

  • Resentment from validation of others

    Facebook is about sharing, however sharing frequent status updates, selfies, and opinions about anything and everything, reveals that Facebook's success Really stems from feeding on peoples' innate narcissistic tendencies.

    Humans, like all creatures, naturally seek reward for actions. People post selfies and status updates in order to collect "likes," which is the new digital currency for validation. The more validation we receive, the more we post and the more validation we seek.

    How does this tie into relationship issues? There are many, but the one I will highlight now is tied to validation. When you have a partner who validates you, why does one need to place so much weight on validation from others? A partner who attempts to make their significant other feel good through validation but finds that their partner is seeking validation from others it can cause resentment. It could leave a partner wondering why, when he or she is spending time energy and commitment to a relationship, the Facebook centric partner spends a portion of his one her time loosing focus on the partner who is there, to seek validation from those who aren't committed to that parson.

  • Virtual people replace genuine people

    Facebook becomes so real to the user, it stops or gets in the way of real life communication and experiences. It has become another form of escapism for some like TV/ drugs/ alcohol. It is creating ALOT of pseudo-personalities that are not dealing with or addressing the action they must take in their life

  • Facebook is the doorway to the "what if's' and the i'f I had only's".

    People will look into others lives and wonder why are they not living like others. You see daily pics and post of everyone. Even the "friends' you may or may not have met face to face. So, you go looking for "greener pastures" while not appreciating the on you have. Everything is up for interpretation by the reader. People post without even considering their loved ones feelings. Its just a blank screen you feel safe on.
    Problem is that all of those readers, including your loved one, interprets the post. That post evokes feelings. Good, bad, or indifferent. You may feel you are innocent but others may feel hurt, betrayed, unimportant, etc. I personally have gone through 1 divorce and a breakup of a very special relationship. It seems that you don't have to respect your partners feelings when you post or accept s friend request. After all, its just on an inanimate screen. WRONG. IT GOES EVERYWHERE. Including your partner. Things are interpreted based on the emotional and psychological mind of the reader. I personally have closed my account and will not date anyone who has a FB account.

  • Come on guys...

    Guys, guys... Let's look at the bigger picture here! It isn't Facebook that is hurting relationships but rather the people who use Facebook. Look at it like this...If I were to accidentally or intentionally (which would be stupid) hit myself with a hammer would I blame the hammer? Surely not!

  • Facebook helps people stay in touch

    I am currently living in Argentina but I am from the USA. I have been away from my family and friends for a long time, and Facebook helps us to keep in touch and up-to-date with each other´s lives. However, I will say I find What´s app more helping for maintaining relationships.

  • There are a lot of people who would not be able to communicate without it.

    Facebook has certainly caused waves in human relationships. And, it has allowed people who have not seen each other in years to communicate with each other again. Whether it hurts relationships, rather than helps them, is something that needs to be determined on a case by case basis. Some may be hurt by it, but others may be helped.

    Posted by: ErvinAnime
  • Neither Facebook, or any other social networking site, can be said to help or harm relationships.

    A social networking site, such as Facebook, cannot either help or harm relationships. The quality of a relationship is dependent upon the user, the human being, who interacts in either a positive or negative way with his fellow humans through the site. Social networking, per se, just like technology, is neutral. Responsibility for the value of a relationship lies solely within a person or persons, not within any website.

    Posted by: TangyKen
  • I don't believe that facebook hurts relationships. I believe that unfaithful spouses ruin relationships.

    Facebook is not the root of problems within relationships. I believe that it is only the catalyst which allows people to find out that their significant others are not faithful to them.

    Posted by: AboardTod
  • Facebook is helping to create relationships not break them.

    Many of us have gotten in touch with old friend through this social website. For me its gotten me in touch with friends that I went to high school with. Furthermore, its a great medium in which to keep in touch. You let people know as much or as little as you like. Its great when you can get in touch with your friends when you left the country you grew up in.

    Posted by: StripperMor
  • No, because Facebook is just another distraction, and does not directly hurt relationships.

    Facebook may not be the best thing for relationships, but I do not believe that it is capable of damaging a healthy relationship, any more than other distractions, such as video games, pornography, or any other item that can cause neglect. In all of these cases, the fault is not with Facebook or anything else. It is the inattentiveness to one's partner, or lack of consideration, that might be to blame for a damaged relationship.

    Posted by: CurvyErich46

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