• I Prefer Facebook

    Facebook has more interesting Feature than twitter, On Facebook one can find everything at one junction only and one does not has to roam around to get all that one needs to keep up with. There are photos, videos, links and status updates, and all that in one place. Around more than a billion photos have been shared on Facebook by 2010. Whereas on Twitter one has to use couple of other services to get see whatever one wishes to through different formats.

  • I prefer Twitter

    I'm not a big fan of social media sites, especially sites like Facebook and Twitter. However, I do have an account of both. I prefer Twitter as 1: It changes it layout less often then Facebook. I rarely use Facebook because of it's tendacy to change its layout which feels all the time. 2: I have a lot more junk email from Facebook then Twitter.

    Posted by: Okan

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