• Too many ads too many suggestions

    Instagram is not the happy community it once was.
    Too many ads, Hate being given suggestions of people to follow. Just too much in your face interferance on my page.
    I think I know when I have seen all the recent posts, I don’t need an announcement! 10 oit of 10 for being irritating 😫

  • Thanks a lot, Facebook!

    I am really over Facebook telling me what should be most important to me. I am capable of discerning that for myself. I liked being able to see the most recent pictures first. Now, there's all this story crap. I just want to post a pic for the people who follow me to be able to see and then see the most recent pics of the people I follow. If I want something from 5 days ago, I'll scroll to 5 days ago myself. Facebook, you've ruined what was my favorite form of social media.

  • Instagram is getting continuously worse as more features are pulled in

    The other responses must of been written long before the 'stories' were pulled in. Instagram has become more like Facebook, and no longer 'Insta', as there is no chronological order to the feed. Instead an algorithm puts 'interesting' ones on top and doesnt show the most recent photos. This means more time can be wasted on the app, as well as more exposure for ads. They then copied snapchat, which they admit to, and put up stories. Now I miss photos from people as they put it on their stories instead. As well as some not posting on snapchat anymore which i enjoyed using. There have been many complaints, but perhaps not enough, but even so Facebook refuses to listen to reviews and complaints, so it seems to me that Instagram is doomed and just becomes another time waster social media app. I no longer enjoy using it as I miss a countless number of posts and people, as i follow many. Also posts on my feed are replaced by not those I follow, but by 'recommended for me' photos from people i dont even follow.

  • Yes, if they are responsible for the new terms of service

    Facebook is big on those crazy terms of service agreements. Instagram was a big success with its basic agreement, and that is one reason so many people loved using the site. Now that the terms of service have been revised to allow for all manner of crazy use of personal pictures, I think the landscape of that service is going to change greatly.

  • Not really...How though?

    Instagram is an entirely different network than Facebook. I would say Facebook is getting ruined by Instagram. Instagram is doing really well, especially with teens, even if there's an influence by Facebook or not. As long as Facebook continues to have strict and invading policies, it will be like MySpace.

  • Facebook is Not Killing Instagam

    I recently read a few articles about Facebook killing Instagram and I could not disagree more. Instagram is a rising company and service that still view in a positive light by most people. A typical Instagram user does not really care about Facebook and Instagram's terms of service. They just want to take pictures and post them online. People will continue to do so despite recent changes.

  • Facebook is doing no more to kill Instagram then Instagram.

    Facebook's new terms of service do not change the spirit of Instagram. Instagram is its own site and entity. Instagram was created outside of Facebook and to be used outside of Facebook. No matter how Facebook changes its services, Instagram will keep rolling on sharing with us pictures of random people doing random things in a random way.

  • No.

    Instagram is doing a good job of destroying itself. I don't know if Facebook is responsible for the new regulations, but Facebook seems very concerned about privacy for its users, so I don't see how that is likely. Instagram needs to rethink their new regulations and address whether they really intend to sell users' photos without their permission.

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