• Facebook is a waste of time

    Facebook is like a disease that has latched onto us and refuses to leave.Most people have even adapted to it.You could be doing way more creative things than gossiping on facebook.People often tend to lie on facebook about themselves and create a fake page full of lies and cons.Facebook isn't going to earn you a job,you have to study for that and with the controversies of facebook studying is nearly impossible.Instead of wasting time on facebook you could be aiming for your goals.

  • Facebook is a waste of time.

    Instead of wasting time on facebook you could do more creative things.Facebook is like a disease that has latched onto us and refuses to leave.Most people have even adapted to it.People tend to lie and create fake pages on facebook and lie about themselves.Facebook is a social networking site but it is hardly social at all.You could be embarking on your journey to your dreams and ambitions instead of using facebook.

  • I disagree TBH

    Firstly, facebook is only a waste of time if you choose to let it waste your time. Time management isn't up to Facebook, it's your own fault.
    Now, Face book is a great way to connect with people for free. I know this is an obvious argument but I have to put it in there.
    Another reason facebook doesn't doo more harm than good is because facebook is a strong way to promote and advance small businesse.

    According to the Houston Chronicle, facebook does, indeed, help small businesses promote and expand. There are three ways it does this.

    A. One, facebook pages allows companies to have profiles where they can interact with their customers. Not only does this help with mailing lists and informing customers of changes via status updates, it also gives the company an online presence without having to make their own website. Emily Durham of Rice University found that customers that liked a restaurant on facebook spent more money and more regularly visited the restaurant. Furthermore, facebook makes it easy to share a company to your friends if you like it. This increases publicity.

    B. Two, companies can offer special deals to customers that like their page on facebook, increasing publicity and sales. Internal research done by facebook has shown that these special deals greatly increase sales.

    C. And lastly, companies can advertise via facebook. Facebook advertising is one of the cheapest and most efficient advertising methods on the internet (houstonchronicle). Not only does facebook provide an easy and affordable way to set up ads, it allows companies to target individuals based on what they like and better their advertising experience.

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