• Yes it is

    It is because with facebook you can suggest friends for people, suggest games for them and even save your data from a supercell game over to a different device. GET FACEBOOK and screw your instagram. INSTAGRAM REALLY REALLY STINKS (well unless you want to be a lifeless loser then keep instagram.)

  • Facebook is dead

    At this point facebook is just a bunch of 12 year old girls saying "i miss him" or "life is hard". None of them put anything meaningful and honestly, i am sick of it. Life isn't hard, you're 12, your biggest concern is probably the hair of your barbie doll

  • Facebook is crud

    Facebook pops up random people in your feed. If you want a social media site like facebook but dont want all the random people in your feed, get a twitter account. Also Instagram is probably the hottest social media out. Facebook is so old and out of date. Its just like myspace. If you think facebook is the best ever then go back to 2008.

  • No it's bad

    Facebook is an insult toward other people. Many people use Facebook to bully other person such as cyber bullying. Facebook also increase crime while many criminal searching for their victims through Facebook. There are no privacy and security at all. Mark zuckerberg don't even care people who have been affected. I think we should ban Facebook and use other social network.

  • Its not the best

    The wheel is one of the best, think of this, you use wheels for driving, you use circular parts for machinery, wheels are used to push carts from mines, mines produce coal, coal is used for electricity, which guess what is used to charge your electronic devices in order to have facebook.

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