• Facebook rules too many lives.

    To blame Facebook for it's immense influence would be unfair to Facebook. It is not the fault of Facebook that it's users are almost like mindless drones but there are some factors that make it so. By making Facebook a serious part of everyday life we have found a way to rule the masses and make them do whatever we want them to do.

  • Yes it is

    I believe all of social media is way to influential. We are already made to care what people think and social media just takes it to the extreme. People can't do anything these days without posting it and seeing how many likes they can get so they will feel good about whatever their decision is.

  • Yes, Facebook is too influential with the younger generation

    Yes, Facebook is too influential with the younger generation. With the popularity of Facebook, one would assume that it would have more features. In fact, it just looks like it has a collection of regular webpages that lack sophistication when compared to most webpages. However, this site has a tremendous amount of undeserved popularity.

  • Facebook oversteps its boundaries

    The social media site Facebook was originally started as a lark by Mark Zuckerberg who wanted to get revenge on his girlfriend while they were both attending Harvard. The site has since grown into a behemoth that predicts where you are and what you're doing, which I think is incredibly creepy.

  • You choose who

    You are influenced by. I mean you have a choice to be influenced by it. If you do not create a Facebook account, you will not be influenced by it. It is as simple as that. Once upon a time there was no social media, those people were just fine. Facebook is not to blame it is the user. That is like saying drugs are to influential when you have been doing cocaine for 5 years.

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