Is Facebook's news feed feature a violation of personal privacy?

  • You cannot effectively control what appears about you in your friends' newsfeed.

    If you like or comment on a friend's status update or picture, all your friends will be notified about this in their newsfeeds, even those friends who are not friends of the friend to whom you made your comment. Also, if you comment on a post in a public group where you are a member, all your friends will be notified about it, even those who are not members of said group. There is no way to turn off this behavior in Facebook, and most users are not aware of this behavior. This can often lead to embarrassing situations. There used to be a setting where you were able to turn off this behavior but Facebook removed this setting.

  • Everything ISN'T PUBLIC

    Just because my I have selected people to be my "Friends" on Facebook does not open the door 100% for them to see EVERYTHING I comment on, Like, or otherwise. World Wide Web or not, nobody gets to see everything I do just because we are "friends". It's an invasion!

  • Facebook's news feed is a violation of personal privacy, in its default form.

    While it has been forced to conform to increasing calls for better privacy controls, the default news feed feature in Facebook is indeed a violation of personal privacy. Unless one is familiar enough with the settings to make major changes, nearly every activity and nearly every item clicked on shows up in one's news feed. This is clearly troubling for those concerned with personal privacy.

    Posted by: BrownDustin82
  • People choose to be a part of Facebook knowing that their personal information will be posted, therefore it does not violate their personal privacy.

    While some may believe that Facebook violates personal privacy by sharing your posts publicly, I wholeheartedly disagree. Facebook is an optional site for the purpose of sharing information with friends and family. The user is fully aware that their postings will be placed on a news feed for others to read. If a person posting does not want their information posted publicly, they can choose to limit their viewership through privacy settings. While there is no guarantee the privacy settings will work, due to computer or user error, this is not something posters are unaware of. Because Facebook lets you know what will be publicly posted, and is a site that can be used or not used, it does not, through it's news feed or any other feature, violate personal privacy.

    Posted by: 5h3Insanity
  • I do feel that facebook's news feed feature is violating personal privacy.

    I do think that the news feed on Face book is a violation of personal privacy. I do think that people should be able to monitor, or prohibit what people see of there information when they are online. On the other hand, it is the internet, I don't really think that people have any right to complain so much. If you do not want people seeing your information, don't put it on the WORLD WIDE WEB.

    Posted by: 5h4rdEgbe
  • I believe Facebook's news feed violates personal privacy because it has certain defaults that user did not authorize.

    Face book in my opinion does violate personal privacy in its news feed feature. The reason that I find this to be true is that when someone sends you a friend request that you have not accepted that person can see stories about them prior to declining the friendship request. Face book states that this only occurs if someone has that story set to the privacy level of "everyone?. However, I believe that if you have not specifically authorized that person as your friend that they should not have access to that information prior to their acceptance as your friend and vice versa.

    Posted by: g0ggleslife
  • Is this a joke?

    No seriously, is this a joke? People put whatever they want other people to see on Facebook. If you don't want other people to see it, don't put it on Facebook. I fail to understand why someone would say yes. There are even things on Facebook that you can do in order to hide from some people or only show it to others.

  • No

    The truth is that there is no privacy on Facebook in general, not just the news feed. If you don't want people to know, just don't post things on Facebook. Once it's on Facebook, it becomes public. It's not violation because you choose to tell your story to friends and the public.

  • No.

    No. No. No. How could anyone possibly say yes? You can use logic like this to make any old thing a violation of personal privacy; if it helps you make things public than it's automatically an attack on personal privacy. I'm sure someone has said this already, but if you don't want your stuff to be public, don't post it online.

  • The news feed on Facebook is not a violation of personal privacy, if you don't want your life known, don't post on Facebook.

    I do not believe that Facebook's news feed is a violation of personal privacy. People share on Facebook, if they didn't want to be violated, they should not put their information out there on the World Wide Web. Each person is free to decide what they want to post on Facebook, so the things they do decide to post, are put out there on their own free will.

    Posted by: FemaleTyron73
  • Facebook's news feed is not an invasion of privacy, because participation in it is voluntary.

    For something to constitute an invasion of privacy, it must be assumed that an individual had an expectation of privacy in whatever is "invaded" in the first place. In the case of the Facebook news feed, users voluntarily provide the information that aggregates in the feed. Since users voluntarily provide the information, and know of the news feeds existence, they cannot claim an invasion of privacy, because they cannot legitimately expect privacy in the first place.

    Posted by: A Bass
  • Whatever is posted on the Internet should be done with caution.

    Privacy does need to be protected but no system is perfect. If you plan on posting something on the Internet you need to be prepared in the case that the information could be accessed. If you don't want something to be public information, don't post it anywhere on the Internet, not even Facebook.

    Posted by: CeIIoBurke
  • No, because other people don't have to read it.

    Facebook is not forcing anyone to read the news feed. It is just one of many choices available on this site. If you don't like it, then don't read it. But don't take away the right of other users to read the news feed, if they so desire. It's not a violation. It's just another choice.

    Posted by: NettN355
  • Facebook is optional and, therefore, is not a violation of personal privacy.

    A person has free will when it comes to creating a Facebook account. When signing up, that person should assume that by putting his/her information online, it becomes immediately accessible to anyone. Facebook chooses to monitor that information and post relative news. Facebook is doing no wrong, and simply customizing the user experience.

    Posted by: TedieDelight
  • I oppose the assertion that Facebook's news feed feature is a violation of personal privacy, because there are many features on Facebook that allow you to control your privacy.

    Facebook's news feed is not a violation of privacy rights, because each person on Facebook has the ability to control this and many other settings. You can determine whether or not your comments post to other people's news feeds, and you are also able to prevent people who you have not selected as a friend from seeing your news feed. Finally, using Facebook is a choice, therefore, you expose yourself. No one is exposing you without your permission.

    Posted by: daveyxh
  • No, I disagree, because it is the decision of the users which information they share on their profile.

    In my opinion, Facebook can only violate your privacy if you let it. In other words, if you put highly personal information on there that you would not want anyone else to see, then that isn't Facebook's fault. It should be commonly known that information becomes easily accessible once it is put online. Thus, each individual needs to exercise some self-control and use some common sense about what to post, and how they use the privacy settings. Not everything needs to be shared with everyone.

    Posted by: P5ych0Ogdan

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