• Awareness Is the Real Issue Though

    Facebook allows people to connect with each other in ways they never could, across states and time spans like never before. The problem is, we think it's free, yet it costs us our privacy to an extent...even with the privacy settings. Why? Because privacy policies on Facebook change without us even being made fully aware.

  • Facebook Can Do Whatever It Wants

    I'm not fond of Facebook for a lot of reasons. Mainly, I don't like what it does to people by giving people a medium to express their paranoia (usually in the form of hearsay chain letters). But my problems with Facebook have more to do with how people use it and not so much with how Facebook is run. Whether it's wacky opinions or personal content, users of Facebook need to show more discretion.

    Facebook can do whatever it wants; and if people really don't like it, they can shut down there account. They have the power to do that. If enough people stop using Facebook, they'll change there policies. Until that happens, the message Facebook is receiving from it's users is that the "problem" is not bad enough. And it really isn't that bad. Users have the choice of what they want to be shown to the public. It's the users' responsibility.

  • It is NOT

    All these hackers are always going into your security. It says your private, but unless you specifically go check on your settings, then your in the blank. They always lie to you, and they'll never do anything to keep you safe. They call this "helpful", while I think that people may not want 'everything' being posted.

  • Facebook's "privacy" policy is unacceptable.

    I do not think Facebook takes privacy as seriously as the users do. It is a matter of great importance, so great in fact that our constitution mentions the right to privacy several times. I personally ended my activation of their services because it violated what I thought was my freedom to privacy. Any educated person would be wise to be wary of trusting a business with personal issues unnecessarily.

  • While the policy itself doesn't present an issue, the awareness of it does

    The problem with Facebook's privacy policy is not so much the policy itself. Facebook definitely has the right to institute its own rules which a user must follow. However, there is definitely an issue with Facebook changing policies without making users aware, and defaulting users automatically to the most public security options when no action is taken.

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