• Wildly so

    Facebook's privacy policy is a long winding trail that tries to confuse you into not realizing it says "we're covering ourselves and you're on your own." They're not looking out for the privacy of their users, they've only made thinly veiled attempts at trying to look like they are when called out on it.

  • Yes, but it doesn't seem to matter.

    It is hard enough on Facebook to have yourself organized so that family posts go to family only, and more public posts go public. And even then, how would you know? I don't think most Facebook users care that much about privacy and that is why Facebook can be so confusing about it. People who really care about privacy have many other options besides Facebook to communicate, and anybody who thinks of Facebook as anything more than a superficial social network that has a myriad of ways to invade your privacy should probably look into it, confusing as it is.

  • Yes, Facebook's privacy policies are too confusing.

    There are too many choices for customizing the privacy settings on Facebook. And there are a number of third parties who work with Facebook to extract personal information from users through apps and games. The privacy policies change often, and users often have to update their settings several times in a month to be protected from spam and unwanted ads.

  • Indeed

    Yes. Parts of their privacy policy basically makes it so hard to understand many people just agree for the sake of having an account, and it seems like Facebook wants that so they can do whatever it is they do with their members' information. Seems like they get away with a lot by writing the policy in a way that almost requires a lawyer to properly access it.

  • It Is Confusing

    Facebook's privacy policy is definitely confusing. There are so many details that coincide and conflict with each other that it is hard to understand. People not knowing how private their information that's posted on the site is has even led to Facebook losing some of their users in recent years.

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