Is Facebook's Sheryl Sandberg right that more companies should be run by women?

  • There should be more women in power.

    There should be more women, but only if they're qualified. Women should be given equal opportunity to show that they are just as capable of performing as men are. It is really sad that this is even a topic. Why is gender even an issue when it comes to job performance? As far as I'm concerned, either you are qualified or you are not. It is very simple. Gender is irrelevant.

  • She is Right, but She's Also Stealing From Women.

    I totally think that more companies should be run by women. But Sheryl Sandberg is turning into a women's self help "guru" and taking all of their money from them. I think it is plain wrong to act like you have all the answers because you're successful. Don't dupe women because they want to be better.

  • She Is Right

    Sheryl Sandberg is absolutely right. There should be more companies that are ran by women. They are just as capable as men. I think this needs to happen as soon as possible because it has some benefits. I look forward to seeing if anyone actually listens and considers lacing more women in higher positions.

  • No, women should earn the right to head companies, not be forced into them by affirmative action.

    Companies are in the business of making profits. They do not care if the person is white, black or female. If they are the best person for the job, they will rise to the top. Having women forced into positions that they are not qualified is like forcing WNBA players to play for the Los Angeles Lakers. It is a recipe for disaster. The women that are ready to lead are head of companies, like Meg Whitman and Ariana Huffington.

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