• Failure is more important.

    "Failure is the mother of success." This Chinese quote states clearly that a loss is more valuable than a victory. I agree with the quote: a loss is more useful than a win because it brings more experience and it trains people's perseverance.

    The 9/11 event gave the government experience. On September 11, 2001, terrorists attacked the twin towers by hijacking planes and crashing them into the trade centers. This shows that the security failed, and as a consequence, many government agencies, such as the FBI and CIA, greatly enhanced airport security. Furthermore, the US sent out many troops to Afghanistan and eliminated the terrorists' leader, Osama Bin Laden. In this case, failure of the security ultimately resulted in a better country.

    In addition to experience, people learn to never give up. When people fail, they feel unaccomplished, and so they try again and again, until they finally reach success. One great example is how the famous inventor, Thomas Edison, had to try thousands of different kinds of glass, wire, metal, and circuits, pairing each part strenuously until he finally managed to find the correct combination and invented the light bulb! In summary, failure trains the mind to fight until victory is reached.

    Overall, failure is not to be viewed as a tragic thought. From these examples, people learn more and become well-trained, posing a better future for themselves. Failure truly is the mother of success!

  • Failures in live aren't necessarily bad

    -failure is the lack of success in achieving something, As defined in the dictionary
    - just because society doesn't reward failure, Doesnt mean its bad
    -failure brings about determination and confidence to one
    -failure to do something bad is good long-term
    -people often learn from their failures and mistakes
    "failure is the path to success"

  • Failure IS more important than success.

    Everyone needs to have a little taste of failure in order to have a good mindset. We all maje mistakes sometimes and we need to learn form them. If a person made no mistakes they would probably grow up being self-centered and judgy. We already have enough people like that in this world.

  • Failure is more important

    Failure is more important because when you gain success you don´t learn what went wrong or how you can fix it for next time, but when you fail you generally want to try to find a way to fix it and change it into success. People who are successful in life are people who have failed more than many times for example Michael Jordan, he missed many shots in his career in basketball but he got better and better

  • Failure encourages you to try harder next time

    If your determination, will, desire and hunger to succeed are as big as you think then to fail along the way is simply taking a lengthy detour to where you want to be. Nothing more! We've all been in city traffic jams. Sometimes it's easier (and quicker) to go an extra twenty blocks out of your way to get home. Sure, it's hard getting up after a dozen knock-downs in rapid succession but you'll find a direct correlation between how quick you get back up and how long you stay there as your experience increases.

  • I just wrote an article with the exact headline. Https://shieldfunding.Com/2015/03/failure-important-success/

    Here is one main point i bring in the article. One of the most important things we can gain from failing is learning experience. When we fail, we recognize the mistakes we have made through the process of trying, and as we learn from those mistakes, we can improve our ventures in the future.

  • We realize long-term benefits through our failures

    It is through failure that we learn to succeed. We gain the experience and develop the tools needed to accomplish success. More importantly we learn how to behave when we finally accomplish our goals. The humility we gain through our failures allows us to treat others with respect and it gives us insight into how to best motivate and encourage those who are dealing with failures. Failure is an important part of life.

  • Failure is of huge importance.

    The path to success is preceded by small failures along he way. With no failure it's difficult to really appreciate success. If one was to succeed every time they set out to do something then it would be a hollow victory. A person who fails in 9 businesses on his way to becoming a success only needs that one ti be ultimately satisfied. Success is a product of attempts and failures.

  • Success is essential.

    When we succeed, Our egos get pumped up & we have a sense of security in our place in life. This allows us to be more driven in our future endeavours as we are more sure of ourselves.
    That being said, Failure allows us to know what is wrong. However, We tend to lose our motivation and confidence due to the failure that causes us to feel that we are not good enough.

  • Since - as with all opposites - one cannot exist without the other, they are logically equally important.

    Failure is the absence of success, so like with light and shadow, neither can exist if the other one isn't defined. This means that failure without success is impossible, hence the concept of failure would be meaningless.
    That aside, behaviour studies have proven that learning is most efficient if we succeed in 60% of all attempts (positive reinforcement) and fail in 40% of all attempts (negative reinforcement). So by that ratio, success is a little more effective, since it's more rewarding.

  • In life we should focus on what we can do, not what we can't.

    I accept that fact that we cam learn a lot from our failures. But that doesn't make them more important overall, just more important to our learning. But when judging the world or our lifetimes, we should consider successes before failures.

    People who are remembered in history are remembered for their successes. Even the 'villains' of history.

  • Persistence is more important than either success or failure.

    ...Because it is only with persistence that people overcome failure to achieve success. Success and Failure both describe the outcome of an effort. They are both important. The taste of success is very important to encourage future efforts.. So I'd say it's very important to have successes along with failures.

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