Is fairness and looking smart really matters..?

Asked by: Kartikey
  • I am confused..

    I never thought that the company that was only known for their AC and refrigerators can beat a company called as NOKIA.But i was taken aback when i come to know that the most revenue collecting company in india is this.People believe in it.They even compare by how others look like.19 years old boy here.Full wih confusions.Is it really necessary to care of myself that how i look like or just study hard..?

  • It doesnt matter how you look, all that matters is confidence.

    Its all about your programming of mind , there are people who look good , maintain themselves to gain confidence and yet there are people for whom all that matters for confidence is success. More than good looks , people in this world are appreciated for their work. How you contribute to the society matters , doesn't matter if u r fair or dark.

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