Is 'fake' marijuana more harmful than regular marijuana?

  • Certainly no better

    Synthetics aren't a safer alternative to the real drug, because the real drug isn't particularly dangerous. I fail to see the point in them, I fail to see what duty they're serving that the plant itself cannot. They may not be significantly worse for you, but notice there's nobody arguing that they're better.

  • Almost definitely is

    'Fake' marijuana, ie: synthetic marijuana, is far more dangerous than natural marijuana because natural marijuana is not dangerous. While true 'fake' marijuana may not be very dangerous, as is the case with many synthetic drugs, the purity and composition of 'fake' marijuana may be very low, and 'fake' marijuana could be very harmful case to case.

  • "Fake" or chemically engineered marijuana has not been fully studied and may be more harmful than the regular "natural" marijuana

    The use of 'fake' marijuana is more harmful than regular marijuana as the effects of its use have not been studied as long or seen in the long term. It also has not been around long enough for people using it to have aged into any long term health problems or mental issues.

  • To the "Nay Sayers"

    It is ridiculous to believe that synthetic marijuana is as or less dangerous than REAL Marijuana, let me explain why. Synthetic Marijuana has been responsible for many deaths, REAL marijuana has never killed anyone-period. For someone to overdose on marijuana they would have to smoke their own weight in marijuana in one sitting.....I weigh 210 pounds (roughly), I wouldn't be able to smoke that much pot in 5 years.
    As far as the "gateway drug outlook" STILL has a flaw to it-let me explain-

    Why is it that kids don't associate alcohol with cocaine? Simple! Alcohol is not CONSIDERED A DRUG. As long as we PAIR marijuana with more dangerous drugs kids and young adults will deem them as similar (Illegal) (Drug) to marijuana. Marijuana is a safe HERB that you smoke, simple. Marijuana has never KILLED anyone, yet our legal drugs like tobacco, alcohol and those god awful legal drugs kill hundreds of thousands each year. The main problem is the older generation was brainwashed with the whole pot smear campaign. The LOGIC is there, Synthetic marijuana kills, pot does not-FACT.

  • It sure is, and the market for it has been created due to bizarre prohibition of a natural plant

    There are many case studies of young people trying synthetic marijuana, and having severe side effects and medical emergencies. This is a capitalist country, and there will be a market for anything as long as there is a demand for it. Until marijuana is no longer illegal, there will be people looking to make money selling anything they can that will substitute for the real thing. That, in addition to prisons stuffed with people who should not be there for simply having a joint in their pocket, is an immense crime in itself.

  • It's More Harmful

    Marijuana is a natural plant and does not cause much harm at all. The fake plant is very harmful and should not be used. It is man made and has a lot of chemicals in it. There has been news of people becoming sick and having health issues after using it. It is definitely more harmful than the real plant.

  • Most likely

    Once you bring in synthetic substances you're opening the door to a lot of things that weren't there initially. Like any other drug marijuana has its downside but it's far lower than virtually every other recreational drug, the natural product isn't one that's overly dangerous and tinkering with it is fixing what isn't broken.

  • No, fake marijuana is not as harmful as real marijuana

    No, I do not believe that fake marijuana is as harmful as the real substance. Real marijuana has the real harmful side affects and can cause addiction that is long lasting and is a gateway to other harder drugs. Fake marijuana does not serve as a gateway to other drugs and is therefore less harmful.

  • 'Fake' marijuana is not more harmful than regular marijuana.

    'Fake' marijuana is not more harmful than regular marijuana. To me, they are really both the same thing and the same effect. They are both naturally grown and you really can not tell a difference in them. Marijuana is a natural growing plant and it is not harmful to consume.

  • Marijuana is Marijuana

    I am not a pot smoker, so I do not know the specifics; however, to me, Marijuana is still simply that, and both types have the same natural affect. They both have been proven to kill brain cells and cause eventual health problems for that person who decides to smoke.

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