• Yes this is true.

    I strongly support this. Fake news seem to be common these days. And fake news hasn’t only circulated on the right-hand side of the political spectrum. As the internet’s most popular news source, Facebook appears to have the biggest fake news problem. This has therefore circulated to the entire world.

  • Yes, fake news tricks viewers.

    Most viewers do not take the time to personally research on a specific topic that media is presenting, because they believe the source is credible. This means that when viewers see these things, they automatically hold truth to it and spread it around via mouth or social media. Rumors then get started and people base good or bad judgements around it and may even act on it. It is an unfortunate cycle.

  • Bad News Sells

    After watching the 2016 election, I am convinced that fake news destroy lives. Hillary Clinton was cleared of any wrong doing, when it came to her using a private server. The FBI cleared her, and just before the election Comey wanted to open up that same can of worms again.

  • It's all fake.

    People know what news is real and what is not. It's fun to try to trick others with fake news. Even the news today that is supposedly real is still heavily slanted according to the opinion of the person that is creating the news. Reality is in the eye of the beholder, and not for Facebook to decide.

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