Is fall the better than winter or is winter better than fall?

  • Fall is defenitely better than winter

    In fall, The weather is super cool because you can leave your house just in a sweat shirt and you're not cold but comfy. SWEATER WEATHER! Plus, The colors are so beautiful. The trees have so much colors and it's super cute. Well this is my opinion. I'm sorry i'm very bad in english I usually speak french.

  • I prefer autumn to winter

    Where I live, winter is on one of the extreme sides of the spectrum, fall is the middle position. In autumn, the climate is neither too hot nor too cold, but mild with lower humidity. During the fall, bugs are not as active as they are in the summer. And autumn is also football season.

  • The yes side is if you think that winter is the better season and no if winter is the better season

    I think that fall is better because fall has more colors then winter and the food and drinks have more flavors. Yeah, sure hot chocolate is a yummy drink, but in fall there are many different drink flavors. And the holidays! In fall there are 2 holidays, Thanksgiving, and Halloween! Halloween is a fun holiday because you get to get candy from people that you don't even know!

  • Winter is a Better season

    At least in my area, snow only appears in the winter, also, winter has multiple large holidays such asChristmas, Hannukah , New years, Valentines, St. Patrick's day (Yes it is in winter), etc.

    Also, in winter, it is common to go outside, and what kind of faggot leaves their own home.

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