• The only good thing about The Simspons was that it made Family Guy happen.

    They are completely different shows with different audience. If you are incapable of understanding high density fast jokes thrown at you faster than you can possibly digest, then you must think The Simpsons is certainly funnier and Family Guy looks more like a series of random cuts which you cannot even understand 80% of them! It all comes down to your IQ; if you are around average then stick with The Simpsons, if you are edgy, then Family Guy is for you.

  • Family guy funnier

    While Simpsons has better characters and is more family friendly, family guy is a bit funnier and has plenty more humor than the Simpsons. The Simpsons is quite repetitive but it does have a larger market than family guy so it doesn't really matter who is funnier the Simpsons make more money

  • Family guy is funny

    Family guy is less dark compared to simpsons and still proceeds the reputation of being funny. Even though it is offensive, its stil all in good fun and i love watching it, i would recommend other people to watch it too. Mcfarlen sure knows how to be funny in a dark way.

  • Family Guy is WAY Funnier.

    The Simposns suck, and its not even funny. Family Guy is one of the funniest TV shows I've ever seen, and in the Simpons Homer isn't even funny, he just acts like a retard the entire time. Peter is easily one of the funniest people in TV right now. Easy

  • Family guy is a laot funier and better than simpsons

    When you watch family guy it makes fun of the world as its its true that sometimes it is disrespectful about people religious beliefs but when it comes to comedy his number one right now he criticize society as its but simpsons is just kids cartoons where sky is always blue and sun shining ... I say family guy is a good show the just have one big negative point thats slowing them down and that's religion i say criticize and make fun from everyone and everything every policy every thought but respect their intimate believes we dont give a damn if Seth MacFarlane is an atheist that is his choice but he have to respect poeple so he dont lose his fans

  • Yes family guy wins.

    I love family guy... It's more funnier than the simpons. It has funnier characters... I like peter griffin. He is really funny. I am just writing for the sake of writing. In short family guy is the Clear winner. Funnier and always makes me laugh. Lucky there's a family guy.

  • Family guy is awesome

    I cant say family guy is funnier than simpsons because i would be implying that simpsons is funny. Family guy is funny simpsons is so not funny. I cant believe people even watch simpsons when an amazing show like family guy is around. My conclusion family guy is way funnier

  • Way funnier than the Simpsons

    Family guy is way funnier because 1. The Simpsons make fun of like everyone. 2. Family guy is funny because it says7 bad words and3. The games of family guy are way better and easier. The only thing bad about family guy well there is nothing bad about family guy

  • Way funnier than the Simpsons

    Family guy is way funnier because 1. The Simpsons make fun of like everyone. 2. Family guy is funny because it says7 bad words and3. The games of family guy are way better and easier. The only thing bad about family guy well there is nothing bad about family guy

  • Yes Family guy is funnier

    Many people think Family Guy is just a ripped off version of the
    Simpsons, well too those people the material of Family guy is not only the same, but it is even better. I still like the Simpsons, but Family Guy is better by a far. Hoped you enjoyed this.

  • Family Guy is just regurgitated juvenile schtick

    It saddens me to see that the masses are truly immature enough to even be able to watch more than one episode of Seth McFarlane's thoughtless mash of unrelated and unclever jokes while claiming to be anything more than unsatisfied. I've seen much of both shows and while the Simpsons is witty, memorable, and obviously superior, Family Guy and all of Seth's other shows (they're the same show anyways if you didn't notice) have never reached a humor level above gag or slapstick. That's as far as the intricacy and wit goes on these shows. Why should McFarlane try anyways; he's a stale "comedian" that happened to be lucky enough to solidify his career after he discovered that taking the adult cartoon theme of the Simpsons and just taking the humor as low as misogyny and racism would result in masses of excited prepubescents jumping on the bandwagon of taboo and no no words in a cartoon.

  • Not funnier, cruder.

    Family guy is much tackier and cruder that The Simpson, but it's not any funnier. Neither show is all that funny. Both rely on potty humor and poor taste to get a laugh. Family Guy pushes that envelope further than The Simpsons, which I guess some people might find funnier rather than just tackier.

  • Crude, leaves less for the imagination

    Family Guy is more adult themed, in less subtle ways. Simpsons is more subtle, easy-going kind of humour. The general storyline is smooth and naturally funny.
    Not sure why people keep bringing in IQ/ knowledge into the picture when they talk about Family Guy. Perhaps they feel more superior watching what they deem as a show for audience with higher IQ. Does a lesser known joke make it funnier perhaps? Uhm, nope.

  • The Simpsons have new ideas every time. Family Guy seems to be running out of ideas.

    I've always thought the Simpsons were always funnier than Family Guy. Sometimes when I see Family Guy, I see that they come up with stupid funny ideas, but the Simpsons surprise us with new ideas unexpectedly. I prefer unexpected funny ideas rather than stupid funny ideas. Simpsons win hands down.

  • Simpsons are significantly funnier.

    The Simpsons consistently throughout their now 26 years of running has come up with fresh and funny Ideas for most of its episodes, some are bad, but 9/10 are funny and fun to watch. Family Guy seems reliant on 2 or three main character, mainly Stewie and Brian. It gets tedious watching the same thing in every single episode.

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