Is family poverty in the United States severe enough to merit another Child Welfare Reform Act?

  • Yes as the minimum wage stays low

    Yes, these parents are having to make hard choices if they have a sick child do they go to work, go to the doctor or get gas. The amount of money one makes they can't afford to take a sick day off to take care of little precious. They can't afford the medicine and the gas to support that little precious child.

  • Use Existing Programs to Combat Child Poverty

    Child poverty is an important issue, but the United States already has the tools it needs to attack the problem head-on, without the need to pass new laws. Congress should expand funding of programs such as Food Stamps, which would go straight to families which might have the issue of child hunger or child poverty. Additionally, by improving education in schools, impoverished children will have the opportunity to improve their lot in life.

  • We can't solve it.

    No, family poverty in the United States is not severe enough to merit another Child Welfare Reform Act, because poverty is not something that the government can solve. The child welfare reform act is not creating or destroying poverty. Clinton actually did a good thing reforming welfare, because it makes people less dependent.

  • Current levels of government intervention through welfare reform for children are sufficient.

    Congress has this great plan that it can make laws, and they will automatically impact society. This is not always the case anymore. There have been recent landmark examples of socially disruptive legislation, but none involving the empowerment of a civil rights nature. Beyond the legislation, there must be money spent to enforce it. We've got enough problems as a nation at the moment before we consider making more laws when the ones we have are not really enforcable.

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