• It's absolutely nerdy.

    Football fans love to claim how it's manly, but it is only manly when you are actually the football players, not when you're sitting down and watching them on the television. Look at the way they meticulously compare stats: it's very similar to your average trading card game/board game/ video game nerd.

  • Yes it is nerdy

    It is no less nerdy than D&D, MTG, adults playing Pokemon, Yu Gi Oh, any trading card game or video games. For all those Fantasy Football lovers who don't want to just admit it is nerdy, too bad. It might actually be one of the more nerdy fads out there honestly.

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  • Yeah it's nerdy

    And I say that as a guy who plays Dungeons and Dragons, loves video games, and reads all the time. The misconception of D&D players being nerds is grossly mistaken. My friends and I play and we create a world. We tell a story, share laughs, and enjoy the company of friends and social activity. Fantasy football players hunch over their stats and ask questions about them. That's nerdy as hell.

    If it came down to it, most tabletop RPG players would hop into their world immediately and try to save the day. Most fantasy football players would balk at the idea of trying to throw a pass against the enemy team of man mountains. In the end, tabletop RPGs and such are the same as fantasy football, except that tabletop RPGs are social, communal games made for characters that are actual representations of the players. We decide what we do. Fantasy football analyzes what other people do and reduces it to numbers. Like that nerdy accountant in the office.

  • Oh yes, Nerdy! Athletes play For Real

    No skills involved, no training, no exercise at all lol On top of all that, it's mostly based on luck so its not much different from playing lotto. It's not like you can go out to the respective players and give them a motivational speech; they have real football on their mind. Real athletes play and dedicate themselves and spectators do what ever it is they do in order to entertain themselves. I just don't understand the sense of accomplishment in winning a league. I won a league last year and it didn't change my life but winning in real sports, you're remembered forever and no one can take that away from you.

  • Nerd out for Jocks

    Even though it utilizes real players and stats, it is just as nerdy. It doesn't make it less nerdy cuz people bet on it. People bet money on online games like Halo and compete for cash just like real sports. Fantasy football is for "manly" men who fantasize about doing something they have neither the natural ability or opportunity to do in real life. These "manly" men can be just as fat and out of shape as others they chastise for living in a fantasy world even though they are doing exactly the same thing.

  • As nerdy as Grown Men playing Pokemon

    "Hold up. Lemme check my stats. Aw man! Romo only needs to rush for 6.5 yards OR pass for 75 yards or throw one TD pass and I'll pull into 3rd place!!!!!!!"

    YES! Fantasy Football "gamers" are as nerdy as tabletop Role Playing Gamers, Collectible Card Gamers, Fantasy re-enactment enthusiasts and Star Trek fans who memorized the ship's engines and personnel rank insignia.

    I'm not saying those past-times are inferior in any way. I'm saying that fantasy Football Gamers spend as much time tending to the upkeep and obsessing over their "virtual game" as players of the games I listed. And that it is this level of obsession with technical details that makes it nerdy.

    And it is a virtual game, because the teams in Fantasy Football are fantasy. They do not represent real teams. Players yes. Stats yes. Teams no.

    I'm not out to diss anyone. Only to express my view that at the mall food court, the guy sitting at a table checking his smartphone for NFL player stats is just as nerdy as the two teens sitting there playing Magic: The Gathering. And that's OK.

  • No it is not.

    Fantasy football is not nerdy it allows people who really enjoy and love the sport to connect with others who feel the same and to talk about their favorite teams and players. It is no more nerdy than it would be to watch football because it is still about the sport.

  • Its not nerdy!

    It's for men, and men are manly who do fantasy football with their bros. That is not nerdy and it is the manliest thing in the whole world. I like fantasy football especially when i win 200$ for winning the whole league. Im the best and so is fantasy football.

  • No its not nerdy

    What could possibly be nerdy about a bunch of guys with usually no women gathering around in a room and then putting together an imaginary team of players they have chosen through careful analysis of ones stats and the projected number of points that those players could bring to ones team through the progression of the...... Ok maybe it is nerdy

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