• After the gta series released we all started to think that gaming is just for killing and some bad stuff that's all?

    Well I also agree that developers had worked more , researched more , spend more money in the game gta v . But according to me gaming means involving skills while playing game , thinking a moment to complete a mission , and far cry 4 gives all those opportunity to play with our skills , unlike all gta games that involves only chaos in them and doesnt need any skills to play. Well again my another topic is our addiction to play and like that type of games only, to support this I can take an example of bollywood movies , ok needless to I am from india. So bollywood filmmaker are still making those non sense films following the same theme of the story . But after also this, these film gross more than good films released every year , why? Because our indians love to watch those typical movies. Our indians don't any new concept in movies . Same is happening with gamers , all of them are overhyped for all gta games that doesn't need skills .

  • Far Cry is way better!

    GTA 5 was fun... Just like all the other GTA's. Which is exactly what it is- just like all the other GTA's. Far Cry 4 was way better than previous Far Cry games, AND GTA 5!! I love running around and doing all the animal hunts. I couldn't put this game down until it was beat!!

  • Just wait Far Cry Fan Boys

    Just wait a year or two and people won't bat an eyelash at Farcry 4. Each GTA has a huge value span, so in terms of what will be more relevant in a year, GTA hands down no questions asked. Now if you don't mind, I have some Grove Street Gang Bangers to shoot up.

  • Gta5 is better

    There are plenty of things that you are able to do in gta 5 that would keep you playing it for hours straight, such as racing, flying, hunting, customizing, robbing banks, or just going beserk and blowing up everything in your path. Gta5 is one of those games that don't get boring very easily. You can do just about anything in Gta5, which makes it a very fun game. It also has a very gripping story, and three insane, yet funny and remarkable characters that only makes the experience of the game better.

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