• Yes, if you use modern methods

    Farming is, and will always be, a viable career. However, it is important to learn modern methods and keep up with trends in agriculture. Some flexibility will be required, to choose crops that have a market and which can be sold at a profit. I don't think it can be taken for granted that a family farm can keep producing the same crops, but there is demand for gourmet produce, organic produce, and biofuels.

  • yes it is

    yes, if you have the land, it can be a really good thing for the people to try their hand at farming. you do have to have a whole lot of equipment and a whole lot of land to do this though, so the start up costs will be high.

  • Probably won't get rich

    That is unless you are a Republican politician and can con the tax payer out of millions in tax payer subsidies to help fund your farm. Most people do not need to make a bunch of profits to run a farm. Just enough to keep up with the up with maintenance costs. Farmers are about as a self sufficient type of lifestyle one can have. That does not mean it is easy work though.

  • Many people do it

    Farming is viable for a lot of reasons. The old saying is farmers live poor but die rich. What they leave behind in assets and land value usually far outweighs what their month to month income allows for. At the same time, food will always be needed, and they will at least always have something to eat even if they don't get good prices.

  • Yes, farming is a viable career.

    Farming can definitely be a viable career. While not everybody will want to have it as a career, it can be something that is successful for some people. That is why the industry is still around today. It is a needed industry, and some families have carried on its traditon.

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