• Fart on my friends.

    It is a proven fact that if you hold in all your farts your stomach will get so pressurized it explodes, therefore farting is extremely important. I know many people will say "ewe its gross, no, farts should never happen." But its something people need to do, and if you don't then you're going to die, but I do agree that farts aren't sexy. I am also not at all saying that you need to just let your farts rip anywhere. There is a time and place to fart. You wouldn't just let one rip while your walking across the stage to graduate, or in public would you? I hope not. But farting in the privacy of your own home or a public bathroom is acceptable and you should in order to keep your body healthy. Think about it, when you hold in farts all day at school or work it hurts right? You begin to bloat and your tummy begins to bulge out. It hurts because the air is putting pressure on your body from the inside out.

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