• Fascism is the human norm (nazis have strongest party in switzerland)

    Lazy rich rapist macho-fascist arsehole-bullies enabled by their female nazicunterparts go for the indiskriminate global kill without any militant opposition because hitting a nazi is bad? I say kill a nazi every day because it is self-defense! Otherwise: doomed hopeless shithole earth, Do not procreate, Stop the human fascist infestation.

  • Fascism never left our World, It only shows his ugly face in a more aggresive way than before.

    Fascism is more than "muh the goberment does stuff to forbid free speech". The People in nearly every Country by now are pissed on the west and try to get out without them, Without losing contacts entirely. The election of Bolsonaro, Trump, Erdogan, The rise of reactionary, Racist and ultra-nationalist parties world wide is frightening. It's not to forget that the current fascist uprising in the U. S is Trumps fault. If right-wing extremists feel safe and know that the government won't do anything to them, They will freely march trough our streets. If theres a demonstration against them, The normal civilian will support the fascist for his "right of free speech". More than Trumps, It's the civilians fault that fascism seems like unstoppable.

  • Fascism is indeed on the rise and here's why

    As of now there are three very powerful fascist leaders, Trump, Putin, and Kim Jong. These leaders are fascist not because many people claim they are but because of the way that they govern their countries, all are far right winged and move agents the comin oppenion in favor for appealing to their parties. As well and two of the three have been in power far after their time in office has ended. As well as Trump uses proganda to hold popularity, this usually slanders or bluntly lies about the opposing party. KIM has illuminated the opposing parties, and Putin has people who speacelize in "dealing" with the other political parties. And these people can not be Comunist as they are mainly right-wing, and seem to have a strings to each other.
    Thank you for reading.

  • History always repeats itself.

    The main reason fascism rose to its height as it did 80 years ago is due to what many people felt were attacks on their traditional values. The biggest example, National Socialism in Germany, was in response to the Weimar Republic. Many Germans were alarmed by the degeneracy going on in the center of their nation, Berlin, and needed someone to look up to, ie Hitler. Today we see the same degeneracy going on all over the world, homosexuality, pedophilia, transgender-ism, and communism. All of which destroy traditional values and senses of nationalism. The more you descend into the hole, the more strength you need to come back up.

  • It is everywhere

    It is undoubtedly everywhere, no matter where you look: it starts with isis in Iraq and Syria, goes on with Putin or Orban in Russia and Hungary, same for Poland, same for ukip in the UK, same for LePen in France, same for AfD in Germany and it has finally found it's way to the US with Trump

  • Fascism IS on the rise.

    Fascism it without a doubt on the rise (mainly in Europe). We can see how political parties like the golden dawn (Greece), Front national (France), NPD (Germany), and British national party (UK) are getting more and more support every day. Sure, many of thease parties may not be 100% fascist but they still have a fascist tone to themselfes.

  • The guardrails of Democracy are too strong for Fascism

    Just a few signs of Fascism - Xenophobia, populism, nationalism, demagoguery, protectionism, undermining free speech and free press, obsession with military dominance and national security, disdain for intellectuals, fraudulent elections, obsession with crime and punishment, rampant sexism, government and religion intertwined, cronyism, and scapegoating. We are not seeing any of these in the United States - right?

  • Fascism is not on the rise.

    Fascism is not on the rise. People like having a say in their government, but not to the point where the government says every thing for them. They like a government that they feel they have some control in, so fascism would not be the ideal form of government for them.

  • Decrying fascism is a scare tactic.

    Fascism is no more on the rise than communism ever was thirty years ago. The U.S. is and will always be an oligarchic democracy. Decrying fascism is just a way for political parties to get their jabs in at the current President of the United States. It is nothing more than a political ploy.

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