• It deviates youngsters from studies

    Youngsters who pay more attention to fashion are less attentive to their studies and when it comes to devoting time to their academic career, they seem to be less concerned. This very attitude and the role of fashion Magazines is harming the very basics of the student community and they start feeling that their life would reach a certain height if they involve their selves in the fashion activities.

  • At schools, girls have started to rank themselves with fashion.

    Girls have started to decided who's who by what they wear, and if one doesn't have enough money to buy a certain piece of clothing, then see it being worn around schools, than their self-esteems can be lowered to a certain degree, and can be seen as a target to bullies, making the situation worse.

  • People are too bind to realize what fashion can do to person.

    I know this from experience and have watched people surfer. Fashion is killing teenagers and some adults. Fashion is a waste of time. What happened to people expressing themselves? There are too many people wrapped up in what's in or getting the next best thing.

    Also, the so-called fashion of "hot bodies"; what the hell is up with that? I watched a friend who is so called "fat and ugly" struggle with being in style and having a body people want to see. She starved herself and made herself throw up just to fit in. Honestly, I used to be wrapped up in fashion, but my mom made me realize that I don't need the newest things out there. I don't need make up as I used to think.

    My mom showed me how to express myself through everything I do. I thank her for that! I may be only 16 but I know what it used to be like. I don't care about fashion because being "in" is showing how low people can be and labeling them as trash, ugly, poor and worse. Fashion is harmful to a society and there is so much more around us. The sad thing is that most of the world is too blind to see it.

  • People think fashion is so important because they always want to look good.

    Why do people always think fashion is so important? Well that is my question to you! Why is it so important? Why do you have to ooh good for people to like you? Some people in this world think that life is all about fashion! Well its not! Soot all you losers out there who think fashion is the best things in life.. Well stop thinking that. If you don't stop thinking that then you will grow up to have no friends and will have the worst life ever. So I came here to say fashion is not everything in life and it is harmful to some girls. If girls think that they will be liked if they look good then they will grow up to be lonely and have no friends. So if your one of those people think about al the other important things in life before you go to a party or get dressed up.

  • I believe fashion is harmful to society.

    As the mother of a thirteen year old girl I can tell you that many things that are considered fashionable are ruining society. Whether it be the way they are wearing their clothes or what. There are also other issues that fall into this category television shows and radio. What is acceptable and what isn't? It is all a very thin line but all of it is becoming our undoing.

    Posted by: lacedjeans
  • Fashion is not harmful to society as it simply personifies freedom

    Fashion allows people to express themselves in an individual way. It provides diversity in society which can only be a healthy thing. It shows that people have freedom and therefore allows them to relax and feel comfortable for who they are. Overall it makes for happier individuals which results in a more prosperous society.

    Posted by: J Navarro 62
  • Fashion is the reason so many people are up to their neck in credit card debt.

    How many times do you go to a department store and not get asked by the cashier if you want a charge card for that store. The answer is almost never. Not only will the store charge you $100 for that pair of jeans, they will let you pay more than that if you don't want to pay for it all right now. Fashion is the biggest scam in consumer product because their products are never worth what you have to pay to be fashionable.

    Posted by: R3ubHockey
  • Young girls are trying to emulate celebrities/models and can't differentiate the celebrity's "public persona" wardrobe from their everyday "at-home" wardrobe.

    Young girls look to celebrities and/or models when trying to figure out fashion. They see what is dished out to them from the media or from in-person events. They don't understand that much of what celebrities wear is worn specifically for the publicity. Some even for shock value just to get into the forefront of the public eye. They see models with unrealistic body shapes and think that to be beautiful and successful they too have to be unhealthily thin. They don't know how many models are throwing up the only calories their bodies receive on a daily basis. They don't understand that celebrities that are dressing in body-hugging clothes and see-through tops are purposefully dressing that way because sex sells. Girls are so obsessed with being popular and accepted that they are trying to bypass being a girl and instead are trying to rush into being a woman. They aren't even getting the chance to figure out for themselves the stupidity of celebrities who spend a good sum of money walking in 9" stilettos or shoes without heels all for the sake of publicity. It is obvious that the celebrity is just hiding behind the same insecurity that the little girls have about being accepted and loved for who they are. For the record, people with real talent do not need to hide behind the facade of fashion absurdity.

  • I feel that fashion is harmful to society, because it promotes a culture that is based solely on appearance.

    The fashion industry encourages an unrealistic outlook for men and women in regards to their bodies and their looks. Women and men have gone to great extremes to mold their bodies into what the fashion world has decided is "perfect", often disregarding their health and well-being, just to look like the air-brushed, rail-thin models that the industry has deemed beautiful.

    Posted by: MilitaryGregorio28
  • Fashion is definitely harmful to society, because it inspires people to make potentially harmful lifestyle choices.

    Societal problems, such as anorexia and teen violence, are exemplary as to why fashion can actually be harmful. The media pushes the idea of beauty, as it is associated with apparently emaciated super models and punks wearing baggy pants and chains. Our children try to emulate what they are seeing on television. Some restrict their eating to the point that their health suffers, and others steal and even resort to violence to obtain clothes that look like those their television heroes wear.

    Posted by: UtterDusty75
  • Fashion does not affect society

    Some people live off of fashion or make a living off of it. It can affect others to people can be judgemental time to time but its how you are no one can change that. It is not harmful its also some peoples hobbys like me. I love street wear and also a colleccter/reseller. Its also like my job. Fashion can change peopl but maybe in a good way. Fashion is like art it can be anyhting you want it to be.

  • People can axpress them selve with fashion

    NO fashion is not harmful to society!
    When everyone is wearing the same the world would be very boring! People can express them selve with fashion.
    Greetz from Belgium! Were you find chocolate and french fries! Yeah the french fries are from belgium and not from french!!!!!!! So it is no!!!!

  • Fashion is amazing

    It helps the person to act more confidently . I agree when people say that they can get bullied etc. but it doesn't mean that they need to just sit and watch . They can protest . I think that fashion is the most basic thing in life . Fashion reflects the personality and manner of the person giving the other one a first impression of the person## So I suggest we continue to improve our fashion taste !!

  • Fashion is a form of art.

    It expresses how you feel and who you are. "Fashion is personal. It allows you to choose how you wish to present yourself to the world, and allows you to realize what you are comfortable with and what you dislike about yourself," says fashion student Jess Trusio. At the end of the day you dress for yourself not for others. Fashion may make some people choose reckless choices it's your choice whether to do what you do or not do it. That's why I think fashion isn't harmful to society.

  • Health is most important than fashion.

    Some sexy clothes might give you a terrible stomachache and that is terrible to people. Health is definetily more important than fashion! You do not want to get sick just because you want fashion, do you? You do not want to get sick just because you want to be pretty!

  • Fashion is not at all harmful for our culture

    This is because one should know that,as this is the age of modern age so nothing to say that fashion is popular.So we can say that fashion has also became a part of our culture.And at the same time we also have to respect our culture.

  • We are the problem

    The problems that are linked to fashion are solely caused by our society as a whole, rather than fashion itself. Our current attitudes are not yet diverse enough and we are easily manipulated or influenced by those around us and people whom are of higher status.

    Not that everyone is like this, but, there are still people out there that remain narrow minded to the fact that fashion is ultimate creativity. Yes there are other things to express, such as music or art, but clothing is part of everyday life without choice. Therefore we need to make the most of the individuality we hold and let people be comfortable with what they are in.

    The biggest problem is attitude. Not only insults towards eachother, but also the industries attitude and approach on forcing us to follow.

  • Fashion is not harmful!

    Cannot understand why people have such thoughts! Just because someone is fashionable does not mean that they do not study, have goals and live up to expectations. I follow trends, dress up, wear makeup,confident... Yet top every subject. Not bragging but i am considered the best. And what annoys me is that people in my school itself is like 'oohh that girls, she came first, how that, does not seem like to be studying' like what the hell? Just because i want to look good, follow trends does not mean i do not do well academically. Another boy approached me and said(though in a gentle manner) i really did not seem like you could come first, you got like so good hair and beautiful and all. I was speechless. Guyyyysss, change your mind, educate yourself, it is not the looks that count but the mindset.

  • Fashion REFLECTS Personality

    Fashion is not harmful to society, because it is an art form. It is generally agreed that art benefits society as a whole, though there is some question as to how strong the benefits are. Fashion is a form of self-expression, like art. And as in art, there is no real measure of what is "good", because "goodness" is determined only by current aesthetic values. And also like in art, often what has previously been considered "bad" will become the next great style. Clearly fashion is an art, and since art benefits society, fashion must as well.

  • Peoples opinions are hurtful not fashion itself.

    The mistake so commonly made here is that fashion is causing the harm when in reality it's peoples opinions that hurt others. Fashion is simply expressing yourself and showing who you are through the clothes you wear. People cause the harm by judging people purely on their fashion sense and not looking at the person beneath, in these situations the blame cannot be pinned on fashion. Fashion has no opinions of it's own it is a concept not a person therefore it cannot harm society if it is not a solid creation. Blaming the harm on fashion is a pathetic attempt at hiding the real problem which is people.

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