• Fashion is a Statement.

    At first, What you wear and details on you says a lot of about you without you even saying a word. Second, What you wear enhances or diminishes your character when you communicate and behave within the context of society. And yes, A lot of people wear"uniform" thinking that it projects correctly about ourselves and feel comfortable rather than confident. Such so, A lot of people manage hard to reduce their true characters all to a single navy/black/latex piece of kit. But "uniforms" can adapt if you know how to. Fashion is talent, Fashion is art. Think that is important and it can only be life's positivity.

  • Fashion is life..

    Fashion is the clothes we wear, the shoes we walk in, the style we eat, the style we talk, even the food we eat. Even the underwear you are wearing is fashion! Why do celebrities wear different types of bikinis if they are not fashion? Wont we feel high if a person wearing ragged clothes stand next to us? Wont we feel jealous if a person wearing highly expensive clothes stand next to us? We feel like that bcoz of fashion. You might tell that if we give the money we are spending for fashionable clothes for a person in need, it is better. But in my opinion we must always not think of others. We have to think of ourselves too. Will we wear ragged clothes if we see a person wearing those? Never. FASHION is the way u think also. REMEMBER THAT....

  • Fashion is important

    It defines who we are. It expresses your personality. Fashion is art. It def8nes your country,religion and maybe even history. It might be a waste of time but that is because people are spending more time on it that needed. Every time you were something you are telling the world who you really are.

  • Is fashion important? Why?

    Fashion term is very much misunderstood!
    It is important factor which smart people can use to their benefit in personal & professional situations. It cannot replace one's confidence & talent at core. But all are not born with that & then being presentable can play role of facilitator or stepping stone to take one to next round of interview!
    Imagine if you come across someone wearing that bright red knee length dress with jazzy jewelry for Parent teacher meet?
    Most of us have come across people Boasting one's economic status by showing of brands, that's what have made FASHION so infamous !

  • Its depends what you define the word "fashion",

    To me, fashion is a way to express emotion, feels.. And personnality... It's a thing wich does such a change in our days to make precious memories.
    Of course i'm not with (beside) those who's wearing a Shredded pants and "weird" clothes and they're following what their favorite brand is giving as a new collection... With expensive prices, famous wearing.. That's what attract them..
    For me, those people are like robots, with limited thinking, living such a misearble life....
    But when we return to the subject, for me... Fashion is one of the most imortant things in my life :)

  • Fashion is important

    Following new fashion trends and dressing with something up to date is necessary.Most of the people judge you by looking at your fashion sense and the way you adopt fashion. This doesn't mean that one should be totally obsessed by fashion.But fashion certainly has an important place in our life.

  • Fashion is a place where art, history, love, music, and emotion combine.

    Without fashion style would not exist. The clothes we choose displays emotions and how we would like to be perceived by the world. The clothes we choose shows how well we can use our judgement. Fashion and style reflect our thoughts and emotions. We can use it as a form of escapism.

  • Fashion is important

    Fashion doesn't necessarily mean you have to be obsessing about following trends and mimicking supermodels. The fashion industry itself preys on people's insecurities, but the idea of fashion itself and certain trends being more popular than others doesn't do any harm. If anything, knowing what's in style allows people to stay updated with society, to make good first impressions, but also to build on these trends in their own individualized ways. Having certain trends is just a means of having stepping stones to creating looks that establish your own identity and personality, while giving you an amazing feeling of confidence.

  • The fashion importance.

    Do you think fation is important maybe this will help. Are you a believer in God? If so than all you have to think about is, God created you to be who you are on the inside not the outside. Maybe you are not so attractive on the outside and it bothers you. Just think to yourself, who are you on the inside? It doesnt matter how you look with clothes and new accesories. God created you to be who you are not with fashion.

  • Yes it is important

    Because in job interviews they juge you between the first 30 second if the intervie
    did you know that just think about it imagen so many people get regected by just not being that dress up the might be smart but people in buisnes sometimes make the wrong dision can yiu belive that !!

  • Fashion is not important

    In my opinion, fashion is not important because you just need to wear suitable clothes in some situation such as: you have to wear uniform to school but you can't wear suit to the party or you can't wear swimming suit to the company and so on. But... I still respect what's other's opinion.
    THANK YOU :)

  • Fashion enslaves women.

    Fashion should be look like a Jedi outfit in Star Wars. Men and women wear the same from shoulder to toe. Different hairstyles, heads, height, body types, skin tones and genders. Both wear flat shoes and natural faces. Belts make them a little bit sexy. They are also attractive but not sexually attractive.

  • Fashion is not important

    Fuck fashion, who needs fashion when you've got friends, family and yourself to take care of. I say just forget Fashion and start studying (that is if you're still in school or college/university). Anyways just forget fashion, and move on in your life, no one cares if you don't fit in the fashion trends. Ignore ppl who call you fat or ugly and tell them to GET A LIFE

  • Immodest fashion is abomination to mankind

    Being hot is the worst instinct of girls and women that must end, because this cause many men to commit sexual crimes and the solution to reduce these crime dramatically is to implement a dress coding law, it sounds impossible but it will work because lawmakers will think the profit than the mental problems cause by physical appearances. Being simple and modest does not mean we are not attractive and will never have a partner. God made us naturally attractive and gave us sense of modesty.

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  • Fashion isn't important

    I don't think fashion is important at all. What you wear, what trends you follow or what stores you shop at shouldn't be significant. What should be important is education and morals and that should be the main focus. In my opinion, I strongly believe that your appearance does not matter. How you treat people and carry yourself should be important.

  • Fashion isn't important

    I don't think fashion is important because if you looked up what it meant it means keeping up to all the latest trends and fashion of celebrities the most popular one. People just copy them and peer pressure others to and really all you're doing is copying how celebs are dressing because you don't want to look bad. Well I dress how I want and I like without being peer pressured this is what real fashion is and should be like in the world and this one is important but not the other

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