• Fashion is important.

    People need to dress and we need to dress appropriately because unfortunately we get judged every day for the we look, Dress and behave. We may say or think, We are not, But someone who dresses shabbily will also judge when they see some yuppie person or someone who dresses differently. That's the way it is.

  • It's incredibly important

    Today’s society is pushing forward the idea that the way we look doesn’t matter. This is true when it comes to our value, But it’s absolutely not true when it comes to other areas of our life.

    I see a few reasons why fashion is important:

    it relates to how others perceive you
    We’re animals and our instinct is to assess the danger as quickly as possible. When you see someone on the street you don’t have to judge him, To make some assumptions or if those won’t be debunked - conclusions. It’s subconscious and almost impossible to erase. Wearing sharp, Crisp lines and bold colors might make you appear more confident, Proffessional, Successful. Wearing soft fabrics will make you appear more delicate and open, Which is great if you’re trying to make friends, But not great if you’re a businessman.

    It relates to how you perceive yourself
    You’re with yourself 24/7 and majority of this time you’re wearing clothes. If you look unkempt and are wearing sweatpants you’re almost bound to be less productive, Energetic and most importantly - less confident. Everytime you look in the mirror you’re saving an image of youself in your brain. This greatly impacts your self-confidence and your actions. I love the idea of dressing like the person you want to become, Not the person you are. It’s a simple manifestation that can do wonders. If you’re wearing a power suit, Loud shoes and your favourite ring, You’re bound to act as if you already were the boss you dream of becoming.

    It’s a form of self-care
    If you have a dog you wash him, Brush him and buy him cute harness. It’s because you value him. It’s the same with yourself. By deciding to neglect your style choices, You’re subconsciously suggesting your brain that you’re not particularly valuable or worth taking care of. Dressing with the, , I care’’ attitude, Shows that you’re appreciating yourself or at least working on it.

    Every garment you own has a meaning, Purpose and communicates something
    Even if you think that your style choices are meaningless, They’re not. A hoodie was an expression of disagreement and dissatisfaction with existing sytem, Worn by poorer kids in Bronx. It also was a way to protect oneself from being caught engaging in illegal actions. Margaret Thatcher’s bag isn’t simply a bag, It’s there to make you think something. The power of fashion influences you, Even if you decide to ignore it.

    It’s a form of art that’s we can surround ourselves every single day
    It’s pleasant to look at beautiful things and when these beautiful things are so close to us, It’s even better. Fashion can simply add another layer of joy into your daily life.

    There’s so much more reasons and it’s difficult to explain everything in here. I have made a video that explains everything in detail and includes real-life examples. It would mean the world to me, If you could watch it.

    Thank you
    https://youtu. Be/ASwzZb8VUuw

  • Fashion is so important

    Fashion is so important for us because it is a means of self-expression, But it enable us to say something important to the world about who we are or who we should be like. The clothes that we wear say things about us intentionally or not even though the people identify themselves.

  • It matters on what you wear

    The way you dress not only can raise your confidence but also let people know that you can be professional by if you are wearing a suit and tie or unprofessional if you are wearing sweat pants and a t-shirt. The way you dress helps people identify or at least guess on a personality that you have.

  • What you wear matters!

    Fashion is a big part of personal identity and culture. For culture, Many groups of people used clothing to symbolize important things. Now it is a huge part of the economy, It is worth well over 3 trillion and currently grows each day. It even is the 2nd biggest economy trade industry. Not to mention the industry employs over 57 million people, In developing countries. Of whom around 80% are women! Also expressing yourself through clothing can make you stand out and make you feel better about oneself. Overall, Fashion itself and the industry is game-changing.

  • Fashion is a Statement.

    At first, What you wear and details on you says a lot of about you without you even saying a word. Second, What you wear enhances or diminishes your character when you communicate and behave within the context of society. And yes, A lot of people wear"uniform" thinking that it projects correctly about ourselves and feel comfortable rather than confident. Such so, A lot of people manage hard to reduce their true characters all to a single navy/black/latex piece of kit. But "uniforms" can adapt if you know how to. Fashion is talent, Fashion is art. Think that is important and it can only be life's positivity.

  • Fashion is life..

    Fashion is the clothes we wear, the shoes we walk in, the style we eat, the style we talk, even the food we eat. Even the underwear you are wearing is fashion! Why do celebrities wear different types of bikinis if they are not fashion? Wont we feel high if a person wearing ragged clothes stand next to us? Wont we feel jealous if a person wearing highly expensive clothes stand next to us? We feel like that bcoz of fashion. You might tell that if we give the money we are spending for fashionable clothes for a person in need, it is better. But in my opinion we must always not think of others. We have to think of ourselves too. Will we wear ragged clothes if we see a person wearing those? Never. FASHION is the way u think also. REMEMBER THAT....

  • Fashion is important

    It defines who we are. It expresses your personality. Fashion is art. It def8nes your country,religion and maybe even history. It might be a waste of time but that is because people are spending more time on it that needed. Every time you were something you are telling the world who you really are.

  • Is fashion important? Why?

    Fashion term is very much misunderstood!
    It is important factor which smart people can use to their benefit in personal & professional situations. It cannot replace one's confidence & talent at core. But all are not born with that & then being presentable can play role of facilitator or stepping stone to take one to next round of interview!
    Imagine if you come across someone wearing that bright red knee length dress with jazzy jewelry for Parent teacher meet?
    Most of us have come across people Boasting one's economic status by showing of brands, that's what have made FASHION so infamous !

  • Its depends what you define the word "fashion",

    To me, fashion is a way to express emotion, feels.. And personnality... It's a thing wich does such a change in our days to make precious memories.
    Of course i'm not with (beside) those who's wearing a Shredded pants and "weird" clothes and they're following what their favorite brand is giving as a new collection... With expensive prices, famous wearing.. That's what attract them..
    For me, those people are like robots, with limited thinking, living such a misearble life....
    But when we return to the subject, for me... Fashion is one of the most imortant things in my life :)

  • Waste of time

    Some people are always think about new fashion and they do not focus on study that is why they always fails. But on the other hand those people who concentrate on his study and continue their study, They will reached on their goals and other fashionable people feel jealous from them. Finally simipalicity

  • Silly Egotistical Twits

    Fashion is been a dividing element in society for eons. If you want examples look no further than the gilded age in America. Fashion is generally used as a way to categorize and over simplify humans. Anyone who has not been able to afford the latest trends know what it feels like to be labeled ugly, Poor, A bum or "out of touch". Fashion inspires envy, Greed, Imitation and the uglier sides of the human personality. It's one thing to appreciate a good set of quality clothing, Its a whole other to label humans just by looking at them. People who worship fashion apparently overlooked the most disgusting aspect of the industry. . . Child labor and poor workshop conditions. Fashion has also infected other areas of art and have begin to ruin those as well. . . Just look at what fashion has done to the music industry. . . Ego driven and the ME generation. Gross. Smh, What a bunch of silly animals in clothing we've become. Grow up, Buy a pair of decent work boots - hopefully made by people who were paid a fair wage.

    Posted by: QVLD
  • Fashion is not important

    In my opinion, fashion is not important because you just need to wear suitable clothes in some situation such as: you have to wear uniform to school but you can't wear suit to the party or you can't wear swimming suit to the company and so on. But... I still respect what's other's opinion.
    THANK YOU :)

  • Fashion enslaves women.

    Fashion should be look like a Jedi outfit in Star Wars. Men and women wear the same from shoulder to toe. Different hairstyles, heads, height, body types, skin tones and genders. Both wear flat shoes and natural faces. Belts make them a little bit sexy. They are also attractive but not sexually attractive.

  • Fashion is not important

    Fuck fashion, who needs fashion when you've got friends, family and yourself to take care of. I say just forget Fashion and start studying (that is if you're still in school or college/university). Anyways just forget fashion, and move on in your life, no one cares if you don't fit in the fashion trends. Ignore ppl who call you fat or ugly and tell them to GET A LIFE

  • Immodest fashion is abomination to mankind

    Being hot is the worst instinct of girls and women that must end, because this cause many men to commit sexual crimes and the solution to reduce these crime dramatically is to implement a dress coding law, it sounds impossible but it will work because lawmakers will think the profit than the mental problems cause by physical appearances. Being simple and modest does not mean we are not attractive and will never have a partner. God made us naturally attractive and gave us sense of modesty.

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  • Fashion isn't important

    I don't think fashion is important at all. What you wear, what trends you follow or what stores you shop at shouldn't be significant. What should be important is education and morals and that should be the main focus. In my opinion, I strongly believe that your appearance does not matter. How you treat people and carry yourself should be important.

  • Fashion isn't important

    I don't think fashion is important because if you looked up what it meant it means keeping up to all the latest trends and fashion of celebrities the most popular one. People just copy them and peer pressure others to and really all you're doing is copying how celebs are dressing because you don't want to look bad. Well I dress how I want and I like without being peer pressured this is what real fashion is and should be like in the world and this one is important but not the other

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