• Fashion is just dividing people.

    Fashion should be completely irrelevant in my eyes, because the only things it achieved for us as human race is the division of groups of people, shallowness, depressions especially at younger ages because of too much pressure from the society about their outer appearance, and the judging about others without even knowing anything about them or their personalities.
    Furthermore is the pressure from the fashion industry making us wear clothes, that don't even feel well on the skin. I mean, shouldn't you just wear that, where you're feeling must comfortable in because it Ist nice to your skin?

  • Fashion is a form of expression for some people, but it is ultimately unimportant to society at large.

    Although fashion is a form of expression that some people value, it does not ultimately contribute anything of value to society. In fact, it can have an adverse effect on society when it is used to form generalizations about race and class. It is, therefore, important to keep fashion in perspective when it comes to the big picture.

  • Fashion is a sign of the times

    Fashion is not irrelevant, but an obsession with fashion is. Fashion is about more than clothes and runway models. It is also about design and individuality. Fashions reflect personal beliefs and priorities. While fashion does not necessarily inspire others, it is inspired by elements like architecture, nature, art and history.

  • Fashion is a statement of the times

    Fashion is an integral part of expressing modern tastes regarding style, commerce, entertainment and culture. The things people wear make significant statements about the conditions of the time and place in which they originate. Clothes, accessories, hair styles and personal hygiene are all considerable aspects of defining cultural landmarks and significant periods in time.

  • A person's fashion sense affects how others view him or her in business.

    In business, people can gain or lose respect for you in part based on how you dress. For example, if you go to a job interview in very casual attire such as a sweatshirt or jeans, the prospective employer will think that you are not taking the interview seriously and is unlikely to hire you.

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