• I think that fast food really is addictive.

    I think that fast food really is addictive. I think that fast food restaurants secretly
    have chemists working for them to figure out which chemicals they can put into
    fast foods in order to make them addicted.
    This is the same thing that the cigarette companies to so that they can
    make more people smoke.

  • Absolutely it is!

    I think that fast food is one of the most addictive legal products available today. The fat, sugar, and artificial flavors in fast food trigger taste receptors in humans that drive us crazy and keep us wanting more. I'm pretty sure studies have actually shown that in many cases giving up certain fast foods can be just as, if not more difficult, than quitting cigarettes or alcohol. Just think about the number of overweight and obese people you see going into fast food restaurants -- something about it must be addictive.

  • In a sense, yes.

    Though fast food may not be addictive in as strong a way as a benzo diazapeme, I believe that to some extent it is addictive. It seems that the body craves that which it has come to know in general, and if going through the takeout window is something a person does regularly, they're going to crave that food. Studies have shown that once a person stays away from that kind of thing (or sugar) for a few days, the body no longer craves it.

  • Yes

    Our bodies are biologically programmed to like carbohydrates, salt, fats, and sugar. Fast food is loaded with all these unhealthy products that make food taste "good". It is also extremely cheap in comparison to more healthier forms of food which makes it the better economic and efficient choice when hungry.

  • Seems it

    I eat fast food maybe twice a year because I largely think it sucks, but there's a reason it's such a successful industry. The McRib has people constantly watching for its return and plotting out on maps where it's available, does that seem normal to you? I'm not sure of chemical addictive qualities but I do recall in Supersize Me the creator of the film noting he was feeling very depressed when he didn't have any McDonalds after eating it for a long stretch.

  • Fast and cheap

    Fast food is fast, prepared, and inexpensive. Whether it contains properties of chemical addiction is still to be seen, but access to inexpensive hot food quickly renders it de facto addictive and dangerous to the health and well being of those who eat it. It is not good to eat fast food every day, but many people do because it is fast and cheap.

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