• Yes, it is.

    Fast food restaurants provide a convenient meal or snack for people on the go, or in a rush. Sure there are unhealthy options on the menu, but there are also healthy options. These fast food restaurants provide jobs for those in need. Some money is better then none. Food there is cheap. You can pay for a meal for yourself for as low as four dollars! This food may not be the best quality or health, but it is extremely convenient for quick stops. In addition, people don't have to cook, wait, or clean for the meal. That is my opinion on Fast Food. By the way, I have a public forum tournament on this soon and i wrote this in like 5 mins so please give me some good points on your opinions. Thanks!

  • Ay yo dawg, what's next on the menu, B?

    Seriously fast food has brought us nothing but garbage, filth, etc. Please, if I wanna have something quick on the go I'll make some peanut butter sandwiches for the road. Lol To hell with the garbage known as fast food. The world was a better place before the advent. Then, there went the whole neighborhood.
    Ay yo dawg, give me them McNuggets. Lol

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