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    Are you going to eat fast food I don't just like fast food because it is very cause obesity and I have seen it contains a lot of a lot of fat that can cause and the people that make that food have you seen their hands how dirty they are. I do not support fast food to be eaten

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  • Fast food is good (not good for you but it tastes good)

    Fast food is not very good for your body but , its a cheaper opportunity for people who cant afford home meals. Also, some people don't always have the time to make meals at home. Some fast food is okay to eat too, like taco time. Taco time makes food with not a lot of calories.

  • Fast foods is depended by us

    Fast foods are tasty but it secure any healthy it only felt in to a big disease .. We can eat just in one month but not daily... When u eat think for you think your health...Tasty may felt in you just think you can change you ... You can only change you

  • Fast food saves time

    In today's fast-paced life, there is nothing better than getting a ready meal. No matter how much the chefs praise the benefits of fresh food, at the end of a hard-working day, when you return home all tired and hungry, a pizza or a burger can be heavenly. Besides the time you have to spend in the kitchen, cooking a meal also requires you to make a trip to the supermarket to buy the ingredients for the dish. On the other hand, there is a least one fast food centre, whether it may be McDonald’s, KFC or Subway, less than 5 minutes away from your home. Buying a readymade meal is significantly quicker than preparing one.

  • Fast food is better than homemade food.

    Fast food is developed and tested by major companies to taste good. Home cooked food, on the other hand, is not usually as good. Unless someone has gone to cooking school, most people are just mediocre cooks. Fast food is usually economical and convenient. It takes a long time to make food at home.

  • It can make you harmful.

    Like the person who ate the hamburger in Mac Donald, the meat was not exactly cooked. So then the person got sick of that meat. So I think eating restaurant food is very bad.
    Also it has unhealthy ingredients. So it makes us fatter than eating homemade food. Thank you.

  • Homemade is da best!

    LISTEN. Usually if something is homemade it is fres that eels like common sense now. Though some store bought is goo to but homemade always seems to be better, and fast food doesnt get put care into cause it is made fast hense fast food. Homemade is da best .

  • NOT hygienically Cooked

    It is unhygienically cooked as big machines can not be maintained everyday as they are very big. Home-made food are cooked very hygienically. Junk food also gives a lot of diseases like Obesity. Also junk food are served in plastic and plastic is very harmful towards environment whereas homemade food are served in steel or in any other. Therefore, we should not eat JUNK food.

  • Fast food no

    Fast foo is way to salty. You can get obese you wont be fit you could even get very ill and get cancer which is bad this is really bad to be fat and ill also known as sick to be pushed forward but not now . . . .

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  • Fast food fucks.

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  • Fast food is not better.

    Fast food is unhygienic and unhealthy .We can control the amount of chemicals and preservatives in our own food whereas we cannot do that in restaurant-made food.I love the food i make at home as i know what ingredients are being added.Fast food is nasty while homemade food is blasty!

  • Homefood is better

    In the time it takes to drive to a restaurant place your order return home and serve the meal you could have made a three course meal from scratch with time to sit and chew slowly.For those on a busy shedule prepare half the week's meals on a sunday and the other half mid-week which can allow time for relaxation or benefitial exercise

  • Fast food is really bad

    Though we know it saves time , we are the ones who are going to regret later. Fast food is really tasty but when we think of what makes it tasty we find out it is made up of things which is really bad for our body . Eating this every day may cause many chronic diseases . And we will have to do many treatments which in turn causes us to take leave from the office. Thus the time saver will cause risk to our lives

  • Home made food is better

    Fast food may be tasty but it is harmful and unhygienic than
    home made food which is tasty hygienic and made with pure ingredients . Peoples who eat fast food face problems in their health and in their career .Students cant concentrate in studies problems like headache stomach pain faced

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