• Hell yea niqqa and im not rascist

    Fast food is the only resource of "fast" food that everyone in the community can afford. Due this everyone prefers to buy their children a whole fast food meal and a daily bases than spend more money on healthier foods. Fruits and vegetables are very high prices even though we are transfering genes from other fruits to gain a much perfect product. Reality is that even our fruits and vegetables are contaminated as well.

  • No, just face the facts

    Fast food restaurants put up calorie counts on their websites and menus for the world to see. And nobody is forcing us to eat at their food. And if you've ever read Chew On This by Eric shcossler then you know that the facts and the ingredients are not a secret anymore. And we have this thing called the Internet to search things:)

  • Fast food is not who to blame.

    Fast food is not responsible for obesity in America. Yes, obesity is on the rise in America but can you really blame the fast food corporations. Yes, they advertise their product and it can be tempting but the drive-thru did not call your car over to go through it or Ronald McDonald did not personally invite you to come in and enjoy a meal. People look for someone to blame and of course fast food joints are who we want to point our fingers at but can we really blame them? We make the final decision to actually consume the food. We just do not want to look in a mirror and point our finger at ourselves.

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