• Its unnatural in nature

    The reason fat people are uglier is purely instinct. We are attracted to fit people because fitness conveys strength. And strength is an appealing trait to pass on to the next generation. Survival of the fittest. Its inborn instinct to want to pass these genes on to your kids which is why, as harsh as some may think it is to hear, fat people are ugly

  • Fat is ugly

    Obviously fat is ugly. We are born to criticize and mock the flaw of an individual, may they show a bald head, fat fingers or just being fat. Im not going to be a big cliche here but, we have to face it, fat is ugly and it is unhealthy. If you are thin you can do everything most of the time. Finish your task swiftly or be better at your job.

  • It absolutely is ugly.

    It's VERY unhealthy and can be easily recognized as unhealthy. It's also a red flag that the person is most likely lazy and weak-willed and does not care about their health or the effects that his/her obesity have on the rest of the world. In short, they're selfish & lazy.

  • It is simply unhealthy...

    Being fat can definitely be prevented. It is not healthy, as being fat increases the chances of diabetes, heart attacks, strokes, and so much more! It is also simply a neurological thing in the human brain, where some people simply prefer thinner people, as thinner people appear healthier. A fat person may be very sweet, but my opinion still stands.

  • Fat is ugly not because society deems it as ugly, but because human nature does.

    Natural selection has led us to find those who are slimmer to be more attractive, NOT the social norms imposed on us. Being fat generally means that a partner is less likely to successfully reproduce. Sure, there may be one or two oddballs that think differently, but for most of the population, this is the case.

  • Its just gross

    Its wrong its ugly it bad because if u fat u stink take up space can tell who you really are if you a little fat its ok but alot is nasty unhealthy and unattractive but just losse weight and we can see your true beauty just lose weight. Asap

  • It's ugly and unhealthy...

    I guess the up side is that when the world does go to shit, that's less people who can't run and the first ones to die.. Eventually they won't live long due to health problems. Let them live happy, fat and short lives. They'll eventually be food themselves.

    Evolution verses Government...

  • Fat is ugly

    Yes it is ugly because you can see it it hanges from body they call you names they make fun of you it shows you van tell when its there or even if you wear lose cloths you can still see it so that my opinion because I'm ugly and fat the for every thing love yall

  • Fat Is Unhealthy

    It's been proven time and time again that the excess weight fat people carry is a danger to their health. Even if you don't have problems now, it could be a problem in the (very near) future. Beyond that, fat is inconvenient. Things in this world aren't built for people with excessive BMIs. A little extra weight? Fine- it's not going to be a big problem. But the example shown in the header photo is terrible and disgusting.

  • It's a Neurological Thing.

    We as humans, are wired in our brains to pick potential mates that are healthy. So not too fat and not too skinny. And if their excuse is medical/genetic issues, well who wants to pass that on to their offspring? I tried dating a fat person and it didn't work out because they couldn't do certain activities because of their weight, they were so insecure that it got to the point where I gave up trying to make them feel better because they constantly talked about it and they wasted time, and I wasn't really that attracted to them so there was pretty much no sex or physical affection. I tried to make the best of that relationship, but it didn't work out and now I am seeing someone else who is more my type as well as more physically, emotionally and intellectually attractive.

  • Fat and ugly are not in my vocabulary

    Just because your overweight doesn't mean your ugly everyone is beautiful and there for ugly dose not exist, but there is ugly on the
    Inside, but I don't think fat is ugly it may not be everyone's cup of tea
    And all but like I said NO ONES UGLY NO ONE!

  • Beauty is subjective

    Although fat is usually deemed as unattractive, that is not taking into account that modern society has deemed it so. We judge beauty by unattainable standards of beauty in social media; in many cultures fat people are seen as more attractive than thinner people. And though it's very much possible that a fat person could have an attractive bone structure according to western standards, you can never truly state as a fact that fat is ugly, because there are no real answers to the questions "what is fat" and "what is ugly". It is widely known that obesity is unhealthy, but what they don't tell you is that it's much more complicated than laziness. Most people who are sicnifficantly obese do have a physical disorder and literally cannot lose weight no matter what their lifestyle. If the question is has modern western civilization deemed fat as "unattractive" than my answer would be yes. But regarding the question is fat ugly, no, because their are to many factors to consider to really give an unbiased yes.

  • Not Everyone Is Built the Same

    I always say what my doctor tells me, "just because your are overweight, doesn't mean you're not healthy." I'm a dancer and I am always judged on my appearance for jobs and such. I'm usually not the skinniest person at an audition. But I might be the healthiest. My weight has nothing to do with the health condition that I am in. Everyone is different when it comes to being healthy, and being not healthy. Judge someone's beauty based on outer surfaces is not fair to the person, because you know nothing about them or their lifestyles. And assuming that they're unhappy or don't take care of themselves is extremely judgmental. Maybe the ugly one is on the other side of the looking glass ...

  • Size should not matter.

    There is nothing wrong with wanting to shed a few pounds to be healthy but Society has this thing where they degrade or belittle fat people. What really should matter is what's on the inside instead of focusing on imperfections of the human body. Constantly focusing a person's faults contributes to them feeling bad about themselves and having a low self esteem. We are all beautiful. Size shouldn't matter. Society or people have the tendency of judging people on how they look instead of getting to know the true beauty of them which is their personality. So we really need to be careful about the way we treat and view people. Like I said there is nothing wrong with if you overweight trying to get into a healthy weight range, but our main focus should be primarily on that, it should be about us getting to know them as an individual.

  • Failing to see how they are

    I fail to see how the two are interchangeable. While the media portrays fitness, fashion, glamour models as sexy due to their bodies; It's their facial structure as well that attracts people.

    You can be fat and nice have a nice smile. I have been attracted to be who are overweight, because oft this.

    Posted by: Jado
  • No, not necessarily

    Highly subjective question: What constitutes fat? What constitutes ugly? A fat person might have an extremely attractive face and still manage to be attractive in a society that currently values thinner people or muscled people. I have certainly been attracted to women that might be deemed "fat" end end end

  • Beauty is subjective

    I may be a little biased because I myself could lose a few pounds, but in my opinion, although fat people are often unattractive, it is not always the case. There are plenty of people who are strictly speaking overweight who I find very attractive. But at the end of the day, physical beauty is not factual or objective, it is subjective, so no one can say objectively what is beautiful and what is not.

  • Its all a point of view.

    Beauty is a social, not a natural construct, that means we can base what we consider beauty to be on our own opinions, not facts. For me (being a fat man and all) all I can say is that no, I do not find it ugly. Beauty, for me, is in the face, and not in the body, and that if you had a morbidly obese body, you are still able to be beautiful if you have a good face.
    (P.S - I'm not being rude here, but admit it, we all have opinions of who, and what, is beautiful)

  • If you feel that fat people are ugly, it doesn't mean everyone else feels the same way.

    Ignorance is the word that describes those who think everyone views fat people as ugly. Many people are so stupid and blind that they fail to recognize how others act around them. Have you not seen two fat people in a stable relationship? Have you not seen a fat person and a skinny person who were in love? Everyone has a different perspective, thus you cannot make the claim that society views fat people as ugly. A society is made up of a variety of people: some may view fat as ugly and some may not. For those that think fat people are ugly, recognize that that is your opinion. It's not a fact!

  • Beauty is Life

    Beauty is life. In the end appearances don't matter, and just because your skinny does not mean you're healthy. Some people can't loose weight due to medical issues they were born with. Some people can't gain weight, because of medical issues. In the end, "Fat" people are human beings, and human beings are living creatures. And like all living creatures, They too are beautiful.

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NormalGuy says2015-11-12T00:21:47.273
I'm neutral on this one, because beauty is somewhat subjective, so someone that is attractive to me might be unattractive to you, and vice versa. There are a lot of chubby girls thinking they are fat even though they look fine. But take note that being fit (not skinny) have a lot of benefits, you'll be more confident, you'll get more chances, you're healthier physically and mentally.