• Yes, FDR's last portrait is remarkable

    The unfinished portrait of FDR was done while he was in Warm Springs, GA and he died before it was completed. It is a splendid work that was commissioned at the very end of his life while he was very ill. The artist was born in Russia and has a remarkable story of her own. The work is a wonderful likeness of the beloved President.

  • Historical Evidence Before Death

    FDR's last portrait is remarkable mainly due to the circumstances under which it fell. He died before the portrait could be finished. This is a piece of history simply because it was halfway done and could not be finished because he had finally died. It has a certain sense of eeriness for that same reason.

  • Yes, it is.

    The Unfinished Portrait hangs at Roosevelt's former health and relaxation retreat in Warm Springs, Georgia, known as the Little White House.
    Later, Shoumatoff decided to finish the portrait in FDR's memory. She painted a new painting based on memory. One difference is that the tie that was red in the original is now blue in the finished painting. All other aspects are completely identical.

  • Yes it is.

    What is most remarkable about the portriat is that the artist was able to finish it without being able to look at the subject. The artist recreated his image from memory. The artist also did not call undo attention to FDR's disabitly or his poor health and the fact that he would die soon.

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