• Fear can be good and fear can be bad.

    There is healthy fear and there is unhealthy fear. Fear can preserve your like and direct you to make wise decisions in a difficult situation. Fear of breaking the law and fear of the wrath of others can prevent you from making stupid choices, that would otherwise make your life difficult for having done them. There is unhealthy fear, that may can cause you to ACTUALLY MAKE stupid choices, like the fear of upsetting your friends under the influence of peer pressure, or the fear of not adhering to the political views of a popular politician, clergyman or despot.

    Like everything else, the usefulness of fear is measured by results!

  • It very much depends on the context of the fear...

    Some fear is good. For example the basic instinct that pushes us to survive personally (and as a species) known as the survival instinct is a subconscious thought process that is fueled by several things but it's main component, believe it or not, is fear. So what is this fear? In some cases it can be as simple as the fear of death. This single form of fear itself can enable people to push on though pain, distress and uncomfortable situations to come through on the other side alive.

    Another example of fear is my personal phobia: Hydrophobia (fear of water).

    When I was an infant I was accidentally dropped in deep water by a relative and very almost died. For many years I have struggled to swim up until recently where I attended swimming lessons along side six year old kids. It has been the one fear that has really held me back from doing things with friends and family and so this is the one of the main opposing points to my argument: Fear is a barrier and can hold you back. In some cases, yes, this is true however my next point can give a deeper insight to why, in some cases, this can be a good thing.

    I, as I am sure some of you may have picked upon, stated that I am now able to swim and have over come my fear of water after nearly 16 years of trying. And do you know what the first thing was that I got out of conquering my fear? More confidence, higher self-esteem and a sense of achievement; and that alone has enabled me to do things know that I wouldn't have been able to do before. This is why in some cases I can confidently argue that fear is, and can be, a good thing in CERTAIN CONTEXTS.

    However to live your life in total fear is not a good thing as it can be dangerous and unhealthy. I really do have sympathy for those who live in fear and I can't imagine what it is like.

    Like most arguments on this site the questions really do require the debater to shed a bit more context on the question in order to give an insightful answer and I hope I have managed to shed a little bit more light on the question at hand.

  • It keeps us alive

    God gave us fear for a good reason. We should be scared of some things like jumping off a cliff. Fear also helps us to know when we are in danger. But like anything people must learn to control their fear and work out when it is rational and when it is irrational.

  • A qualified yes

    A qualified yes; fear itself is a very natural response to perceived threat. It is the primary means of preparing the individual for fight or flight, a means of self-preservation. Fear, like anything else, can be harmful to the individual if taken to the extreme. Fear can cripple if it becomes an obsession or habit. Fear can be a terrible experience for those who are forced to endure it due health issues, oppression, and circumstances.

  • Fear can make you stronger

    The answer to this question is actually both yes and no, depending on the severity of the fear. If a person comes into a situation in which they are afraid, their sympathetic nervous system will activate. This causes adrenaline to be secreted, pupils to dilate, heart rate to increase, and a number of other physiological responses: all of this ultimately results in a "fight of flight" state of being. To put it bluntly, this enables that person to fend off or to flee from threats in a manner that would otherwise be unlikely. The only issue with fear is if a person was so afraid that they actually became paralyzed or irrational, so they end up freezing and being unable to think clearly.

    Basically, fear triggers physiological responses that allow people to respond to threats better and faster; however, too much fear will cause a person to freeze up and not be able to do anything.

  • Fear is a protector

    In the case of people a long long time ago, the absence of fear would have killed them. Literally. Without fear, they wouldn't know whether or not to run from a tiger, or not jump off a cliff. Fear kept them away from some things, but also told them some things were good by its absence.

  • Some fear is good.

    If you are fearless, you will get hurt eventually. If you're not afraid of walking on a tightrope with no net, and you are so confident that you won't fall, then you'll fall eventually because you're being unrealistic. Fear is healthy sometimes. It can keep you from getting into something bad.

  • Fear is Good

    Fear allows us to stay save, although it can limit us. All the times you wanted to try something but never did is because you feared a possible result or the consequence. You can always over come fear. You can be scared driving for your first time but once you get comfortable you don't fear it anymore.


  • We are fear, fear beckons courage

    In order to be courageous you need to be afraid of what you are coming up against. Fight or flight responses tell us when it is safe to stay in an area or so unsafe that we need to get the hell out of a situation. Without fear we would be constantly walking off cliff wondering, "what's the big deal?". Fear determines our lives and the positive out weighs the negative. Learn to live with your fear, it is the only way to stop it from consuming you and making you click the thumbs down button.

  • Fear can make you stronger

    So fear is a natural instinct and I think that when you overcome it you could become stronger from the situation. Fear I don't think was every weakness and that cowardice is. Refusing to turn the lights off is different to having a fear of the dark and turning the lights off. It shows your strength but being a coward is optional...

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  • Fear is Fake

    Fear doesn't exist. We self-manufacture and customised to fit our pleasures. Our thinking thoughts and those who had lived before us help craft our mind-limitation. Such words as success, achievements, wealthy, rich are nicely worded to hid fear. In fact these words are the main culprit sowing fear in our minds. With the aid of thinking(past, yesterday,anxiety) it feeds fear of non-existing terms such as the one i've mentioned above. NOTHING is the truth unless its ou own version.

  • Fear holds back

    In my world and opinion having fear can restrict and even cause injury. I'm am amateur mtn biker and rock climber, and olif I have fear it means I'm timid and that can be a terrible thing, I've seen too many people get hurt just they don't let the power of the brain and natural coordination between brain and body work it's course. But all in all of you use common sense you don't need fear.

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  • Fear is bad

    Fear can come in many forms such as irrational fear, paranoia and many more. Fear can be debilitating, impeding progress. It is an impediment to experiencing new things and growing, hindering individuals from experiencing new things. The unwillingness to do beyond ones comfort zone. This can also lead to hypochondriac and make one mentally handicapped

  • Living in fear causes distress

    Fears, whether we think they are legitimate or unfounded, it is always a burden to the soul (or the emotions). Just like living with shame and guilt could paralyze us, and we need to let go of the past; with fear we also have to use logic to realize that it is always "unfounded". It is illogical to fear the unknown -which is everything past this minute- or have fear based on an experience of the past, which wouldn't necessarily happen again or, at least, in the same manner. Sometimes people confuse fear with "caution". Because we are not immune to the dangers life can bring, using caution is logical. Living in fear that a dangerous situation is about to happen is not.

  • Fear limits you

    If you want to do something but you don't whats the reason ... Fear is the reason if your are scared of failing you wont try. For example my friend is scared of heights so he will never go parachuting, if you are scared of dying don't do anything fun because most fun things can kill you like parachuting bungee jumping para sailing surfing snow boarding biking now not burning your self on purpose isn't fear it's common sense your body doesn't want to get hurt so it tries to stop you. Now i will say how all of this is dangerous biking and snow boarding fall and get badly injured surfing you can drown bungee jumping the cord can rip and you will fall and die now there is way more but it would take me forever to list everything. Now fear limits you so if your scared of getting badly injured or even dying don't do this and don't have fun.

    Now if you think fears is still good your a stupid and those are my reasons .Now you know fear limits you.

  • Fear controls you.

    I understand that some fear can be good to keep you alive and all that, but fear can control what you do, what you say, what you think, or all three. Also people can use your fears against you. Fear doesn't have to be things like spiders it could be embarrassment, or you could be shy. Fear can be anything and it could change everything. Some fear will keep us alive, but other fear can keep us from living. Take the movie "The Croods" for example. Their motto was never not be afraid. Those people lived in fear for most of their lives, but they took a chance and their lives turned out for the best. Some of the fear they had kept them alive, but the weren't living they were just not dying. The same thing with us today we let fear control us, and that's not living we are just breathing. We are like those people on life support, we are breathing, but living and interacting. Fear is something that shuts us down, and people take advantage of your fear. In order to stop fear we need to find a way to cope with it and to not show weakness, push through. Fear stops us from doing many thing, and we need to live. We need to spread our wings and fly, we need to fly far from this cold, fear filled world. We need to enter the world of love and friendship, and we may turn out like the Croods where we find life again, and we live to the fullest!

  • Fear is weakness

    Fear manipulates us and destroys us. But primarily it allows others to manipulate us. It comes from a time in our ancestry when fears only purpose was to pump adrenaline through our body to escape, to reproduce. But fear is a powerful tool. It is useful if someone wants power, and wishes to manipulate. But it feels terrible to be on the wrong side of fear. When on the wrong side fear you feel clammy, weak, powerless. When on the wrong side of fear you are paralyzed and soon you will inevitably be beaten and destroyed.

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