Is federal regulation on the use of electronic devices on airplanes too strict?

  • Regulate it all!!!

    If you’ve ever been on a plane with a strange looking individual fumbling with an electronic device when the captain says “please turn off all electronic devices”, you know how frustrating it can be to watch someone push the envelope with others safety.

    While it is yet to be proven that an ipad has actually caused a crash; who wants to be a passenger on the first plane that crashes when it is conclusively proven?

    We should all support any precautionary measure that will prevent even the possibility that a crash could happen.

    At the end of the day, we all want to be safe and safety has a price; this seems like the least we can do. Turn off the device fool, you’re going to get us all killed--maybe?

  • No evidence for it.

    When you do some research, you find that there is in fact ZERO evidence for the assertion that the use of electronics during an airline fight will have a negative effect on the aircraft's electrical systems. They have made these policies on the assumption that something bad will happen, when in fact there is no evidence to suggest that anything bad will in-fact happen.

  • Restriction on planes

    You should be able to use phones because for entertainment purposes and it is very fun. It's not going to hurt by using phone. Yes Thayer are strict because they don't let u use it. So I am saying we should be able to use our phones on the plane.

  • Not strict enough

    I don't think that you people understand that using phones in airplanes can quite literally kill hundreds of people. Most of the Affirmative case is just nonbelievers, but you've no cards. "hemohawkninja" called us on lack of cards, but my good sir, do you have a card yourself? I've got plain history on my side. Oh, and this thing called science. Look it up, it's useful.

  • Electronics don't cause interference.

    They have these rules so that in case of an emergency the passengers are attentive to the situation instead of on there phones. Electronics don't really cause interference, it's merely a hyped up excuse so passengers will take the rule seriously. I think that the regulation isn't too strict because truthfully all they have in mind is our safety.

  • Honestly, very simple

    A crash is more likely to occur with electric interfere, it is set for rider safety so the one buying a ticket would not have to die. Who wants to lose their life at all? Is it really worth it to die just to play that app on your phone? I think not.

  • I dont want to die!

    Believe it or not, these rules aren't just here to frustrate us and keep us from tweeting. There have been cases of cell phone interference on planes. Even though none of them have caused serious incidents, its still a good idea to power down your phone. Plus, there are people who are afraid to fly, and since this claim has been around for so long, it would freak them out even more to see someone texting someone on takeoff.

  • It has happened before

    Pilots have reported cases of suspected interference. From 2003 to 2009, there were 75 instances of suspected electronic device interference, including 29 involving mobile phones, according to a study by the International Air Transport Association. That is one event for every 283,300 flights. Cell phones interfere with the communication and navigation systems to flight controls.

  • No. It is actually for the safety of the riders

    There is 2 reasons I know of.
    1) IF you need to evacuate the phone is a distraction
    2) Because of how high you are in the air it make change the way the phone functions. It can really mess up the electronic badly\
    3) It confuses the plane. Believe it or not... Tall buildings have lights on top of them so planes can detect them, and not crash. But a lot of electronics at once would block that signal. Allowing the plane to crash easily

  • No, safety should be the main consideration.

    People boarding an airplane expect a certain amount of safety, and since it's usually explained that electronic devices are regulated on aircraft for safety reasons, it is not too strict a regulation. Americans are so used to having everything they want at their fingertips exactly when they want it, and have trouble waiting even ten or fifteen minutes for something as serious as safety.

  • No, federal regulation of electronics is necessary on airplanes.

    Airplanes and the mechanical and electronics systems that make up the components are very sensitive. Anything that interferes with workings of the systems can cause serious problems for the airplane's operations. The folks that are flying should be able to refrain from using their devices during the time of the flight.

  • No, better safe than sorry

    While I don't necessarily think that many of today's electronic devices are likely to interfere with the plane's instrumentation, I would rather not take the chance of crashing the plane just because some person had an urgent business call that they HAD to take right then. Bring some music, watch a movie that you downloaded, hell, watch the in flight movie. Save the internet and cell phone usage for when you land.

  • No, just be patient.

    When a giant air vehicle takes you up in the sky and brings you down to your destination in a fraction of the time it would take in a car, then no, I do not believe the federal regulations are too strict for electronics. The only time they may not be used is taking off and landing. Both times take about 5-10 minutes. If you cannot handle being separated from your electronic device for that long maybe a plane ride was not the best decision.

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