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  • No, because he's planning to do many wonderful things.

    I'm biologically female and a supporter of Bernie Sanders. I don't see how someone could think that it is a betrayal to feminism. With Berney in office, I don't think we'll evenhave to worry so much about feminism. Sanders is planning to make things equal for everyone, not just biological females.

  • Why should it be?

    Just like supporting a white candidate over a black candidate while being black, does not make me a traitor to my own race. I feel that we live in a society that refuses to accept that not all people have to agree with the status quo. Some may choose to elect someone simply based on merit and not due to a shared characteristic or ethnic background.

  • Feminists considering voting Sanders

    Feminism in itself is sort of a joke, but for those who are very serious about it, do they actually believe that a woman is automatically better than a man simply because of her gender? Feminists should vote for whomever they believe is going to protect their interests, even if that means voting for a man.

  • Imagine what if.

    Imagine what would have happened if it was Trump vs. Sanders in the elections. I believe that sanders would be our president. Why? Because Sanders would have won a majority of the feminist and minority votes as well as the stoner and junkie votes. Then only a little bit of the Majority vote would have been needed to secure the vote.

  • I don't think you understand what feminism is.

    Feminism is about developing equal political representation and the elimination of laws and social standards which unjustly affect one gender. This is why feminists campaigned to expand the definition of rape to include men and why they support laws which establish female representation in other countries. Being feminist doesn't mean you only vote for girls, thats what you call sexism.

  • Female support of Sanders supports beliefs

    As Bernie Sanders has climbed in the polls, his support among woman has grown as well. This is not surprising given his strong beliefs in equal pay, equality, and strong support for issues such as abortion rights. His views are clearly resonating as young women in particularly those under 35.

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