• Feminism endorses hypocrisy and deceit.

    Feminism is not open to rational debate, it usually descends into accusations of misogyny, whilst perpetuating misandry under the excuse, "well they did it to us"! Most Feminists (not Humanists or genuine advocates of equality), will deliberately prevaricate over an issue instead of seeking an honest response; this is because they know they cannot win a rational argument on any equal intellectual footing, so therefore they resort to accusation and character assassination. They basically use Schoolyard Bullying to shut their critics down.

  • Yes Yes YES!

    The Feminists movement itself is now a blight. Now that they have achieved equality they want to be superior now. Fighting to gain rights even men don't have. It is ridiculous and I demand order from these hormone imbalanced baby making machines! Get back into the kitchen and make me a sandwich. Swag.

  • Most definitely it does!

    Feminism is so terribly anti-male, it makes people wonder if it where not a mistake to allow women into the mans role, it accomplishes the opposite of the claimed goal, rather then make men feel women are equal, it make men fear women as irrational. Feminism has created terribly in equalities and has extended supremacist privileges to women, such as:

    1.The privilege of molesting children and having society give you props.
    2.The right to a mans financial earnings.
    3. The right to choose parenthood or opt out of it.
    4. Preferential treatment in divorce court
    5. Preferential treatment in child custody or adoption.
    6. The privilege of feminist groups and bureaucrats setting police policy to favor women in their policy and protocol.
    7.The privilege of serving less prison time for the same crimes.
    8.The privilege of having feminist institutions mandate school policy.
    9. The Violence Against Women act, provides legal privileges for women that men do not have, even though men are 50% of the abused and women are more likely to initiate violence.
    The right to government funding for domestic violence shelters.
    10. The right to kill commit premeditated murder and claim to be a battered wife, rather than to be expect to leave or report.
    11. The preponderance of evidence: Women can make an accusation that is 50% evidence.
    12. Sexual Harassment: Women receive effective justice men do not.
    13. Gender discrimination: Women receive effective justice men do not.
    14.The right to make achievements in the military by meeting lower standards than men.
    15.The right to cancel the due process rights of a man.
    16. The privilege of being thought by a school system that has an 80 female staff.
    17.The privilege of always being a victim, even when you're the criminal.
    18. The privilege of having that 80% female staff discriminate against boys using a system that stigmatizes boy as 85% of the of the "emotionally/ behaviorally disabled," by systematically demonizing male behavior.

    Observing these contemporary realities does not make the prospect of female leadership look promising.

  • It's pro women and nothing else

    During the era when women had less rights than men, feminism was a source of equality and justice. Now however, the threat is gone yet feminism keeps trying to justify its existence with bs and attacking anything that could be remotely construed as sexist towards women. Mosern day feminists attack men's rights, claim women are weaker in some cases and generally do everything but promote gender equality.

  • I am David, disciple of our Lord Pinner,

    I am outraged by this blatant blasphemy of His Holy word which as clearly be stated in the Holy book! I will now quote directly for the Holy book "I am the way the truth and the light. My word is the ultimate dictation of opinion! You will not be swayed by any other false idols.

  • I say nay to the naysayers!

    Hello simple-minded mortals. I am here to bring the sacred prophecies of my Lord Pinner. He bellowed in his supreme voice "I say nay to all ye' naysayers of the feminist agenda! I shall inflict a calamity to you cretinous creatures of the illiterate Earth that I myself have created! Shame to those who oppose my opinions!" Those words shall be beckoned in times of apocalypse to those who disagree!

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