• It's fighting to put women above others

    The reason women make less money at work is due to the fact that they tend to choose lower paying degrees. Instead of taking STEM Fields, many instead choose degrees that are liberal arts. It's also been proven that women make MORE money then men before the age of thirty. The only reason they make less is due to the fact that they CHOOSE to settle down and have kids. Otherwise, women end up getting more degrees than men do. Not to mention that men have much higher levels of homelessness. Overall, feminism is just pushing for higher privileges for women by giving them compensation for problems they don't have, therefore costing the men


  • Yes and the proof is everywhere in America

    Feminism is the foundation of an evil that has manipulated millions of this countries young girls and to women.
    Women that believe they too have fought the struggles of the previous generations and the claim of being victims now themselves.
    That any failure is not their own fault but the fault of others.
    The need to have everything that's good and to denounce all that is bad.
    Feminism is the "war on Men and boys"

    Posted by: zoo
  • Feminism is gross, disgusting and a cancer to society

    There is NOTHING feminine about modern feminism.3rd wave is a bunch of fat, bald, gay hipsters and trendies with hog nose rings and hairy arm pits whining about THEIR perceived social injustices. When in reality they are a group mentally ill liberal fools. Piss on feminism!! I am pro gender equality. Treat a lady like a lady as long as she acts like one.Treat loud mouth mentally ill trash like the varmits they are.

  • Equality vs Superiority

    Funny how multiple feminists swear on the creed of equality, yet the LOVE to look for every little insignificant reason to either label every man as a rapist or pervert, look for all the ways to challenge men's intelligence, and yet still gotta find a way to call themselves the "poor victims of society". But of course, men can't complain about it, men are just "emotionless beasts that think with no brain, but our penises though". Because you know, women TOTALLY don't rape men. And one more thing, why is it when you want the same rights, you demand some special treatment privileges that men can't get? (such as "boys can't hit girls, but girls can hit boys". - or "a boy must always hold open every door for a girl" (because girls can't open doors apparently) ) I definitely understand back in the early 1900's, where women weren't allowed to vote, and other restrictive issues, but if women have more employment careers, women ARE allowed to vote, women work in MOST of the same job forces as men, what's the problem? Besides, not as a diss, but the only reason half of these "feminists" ever became one was because she had a bad relationship with a dude, and now every man is a cold-hearted, no good monster. (ONE MORE SIDE NOTE- I bet if men were to make a group all based on male superiority like women do, we'll be "greedy, unfair, and unreasonable". But when women do it, suddenly that symbolizes "strength, intelligence, and independence." Hilarious, right?)

  • Women want to be elevated above men

    Women say they want equality but at every instance when a feminist is met with resistance or criticism ( by men or women) they immediately get defensive and hostile. They believe that their opinions are fact and everyone that doesn't agree with them should be silenced. Doesn't sound like equality to me.

  • ITs causing more damage

    The feminism of today is vastly different from the feminism of our mothers and grandmothers time.
    Modern feminism is causing more damage to families, women and relationships than the feminism of the past. In the past women were fighting for equal rights, pay, right to vote, fundamental liberties etc.
    Nowadays feminists are all about how they can bring men down, destroy men's natural instincts, desires, pursuits, behaviors, careers, intelligence etc. When you have young feminists that have nothing better to do than to attack video games that young men enjoy there's a problem. When you have feminists that believe that men who divorce their wives should be utterly destroyed in the court system including losing their children-there's a problem. When you have feminists that believe that most men are perverts or sexual offenders in training-there's a problem. There are too many examples to name.

  • It is more a cancer than the vague "disease."

    Feminism has proven itself to be a cancer to the society it currently inhabits. It will replicate defective members until the host can no longer sustain itself.

    To those who contend that it unifies the genders, why must it be that we be equal? Why is it wrong to celebrate our differences and build trust and unification upon that? The truth is that the women and emasculated men of today hold complaints with no merit or justification. They complain simply for the sake of it. There is no freedom that a gender inherits more of- that would simply be a fantasy for this new generation to justify constant pester to opponents of the liberal agenda.

    The rise of feminism is complimented by a decline of happiness in women. Why is that? I leave the responsibility of research to you.

  • Let's look for something "primitive", that works every time.

    Let's focus on busmen. They marry in 19, in 20 this new family has first child, mother is breast-feeding for 4 years, in 25 they have second child, 4 years of breast-feeding, in 30 they have last child, again 4 years of b-f and at 35 woman's menstruation cycle stops.
    According to scientist, 2.2/2.3 children are needed for civilization to survive.
    IMO, men are those who are providing food, fire and safety for family.
    "I want to build up career and have first child in my thirties, till then, I will just have a dog."
    The western civilization is dying. Why, I keep asking myself.

  • Men and women can't be treated equally.

    Now, before I begin, I wish to make it clear that I do not believe that men are "superior". That would be sick. I do not, however, believe that the genders can be "equal", because women are already treated much better than men in society. Many women are upset that women aren't given the same "opportunities" as men. This is not true. In fact, in today's society it is easier for women who choose to focus on careers in life are more likely to be accepted to a university or get a job than a male with the same credentials and experience. The truth about why men occupy most top jobs is something that feminists don't seem to be able to comprehend: many women don't want a career. They ACTUALLY WANT TO RAISE A FAMILY! If a woman wishes to have a career, it's fine, but remember, confident men look for women who are fine with raising a family for marriage. That's the basic argument behind feminism. But to make things worse, feminism has triggered crazy movements across the globe. I realize that many feminists are not that extreme, but those that aren't need to do something about those who are, because it gives your movement a terrible name. I respectfully disagree with rational feminism, but I despise radical feminists. Now, for you rational feminists, many of you believe that the pay gap between men and women is unfair. Again, I would like to point back to the fact that many women actually choose to be married, and sometimes wives take work. But when a mother takes work, they very rarely take a prominent job or ask for a high salary, because they understand that as mothers, the most important thing they can do is to raise good children. Last point that I feel like addressing right now, and the fatal flaw of feminism: If you wish to be equal in all aspects to men, I can not treat you like a woman. The whole point of chivalry to women is that they care for our children and are crucial to society. When a woman says that they wish to be equal to or above men socially, they can't expect special treatment. From then on, men might not want to hold doors for you, they may feel like hitting back if you strike them. Basically, every social grace you enjoyed as a woman is forfeit, because let's face it: you aren't really women after a while. Again, I would like to restate that I truly am not sexist. I believe that women are crucial to society and play the most important role of all: raising the next generation. But feminists try to challange nature itself, and I can't agree with it, although I respect your opinions. Please tell me your opinions on the matter as it is always good to hear opinions that are different from your own.

  • Cancer and bullshit

    Annoying loud bitch fuck should die. . . A cancer indeed. Why? Because why not? Selfish and ignorant woman like them should die in a horrible way. I think it's ok to asking for justice for woman but stepping on man? A big fucking no! Or to put it simply. . . Feminist, Do this world a favor by kill urself, Shithead

  • Defacto sexism still exists.

    Feminism has done huge amounts to help society. Feminist organizations help women around the world gain representation in other nations. Just look at nations such as Saudi Arabia in which guardian ship laws prevent women from doing things without a male companion. Female genital mutilation still occurs in countless nations and women rarely recieve the same kind of education as men. Go to most feminist websites and you will see that they promote organizations which help these women in other countries.
    There is also residual defacto sexism in the states. Women just recently gained the right to fight on the front lines alongside men and many politicians still oppose that decision. There is also the Catholic church, one of the most influencial organizations around, which still refuses to ordain women. Men also have a larger number of work related deaths but that cant be blamed on feminism as it has been occuring long before feminism ever surfaced.

  • The idea of feminism is fairly rational.

    I'd like to point out that the feminist movement is not in any way related with putting women above men. It is a movement focused on destroying unequal rights (political, economic, or whatsoever) between men and women in the society due to a simple difference in sex.

    Feminism is not a disease to society, rather, it is a movement that unifies both men and women. After all, what makes men so special compared to women? We see women better than men in some cases, and men better than women in other cases. In this case, it would be rather silly to say that men deserve more rights than women do.

    Commonly seen are women protesting for better or equal salaries in comparison to men because of 'feminism'. The problem with these women is that they fail to consider that salaries are supposedly determined by skill, in the case of which it is not due to skill (IF there is such a case), then there really is a problem, and feminism aims to fix that problem. Nonetheless, women who work lousily that protest for higher or equal salaries with hardworking men (I am definitely not saying all men are hardworking) are not propagating feminism.

  • Necessary correction to oppression of women

    I'll start by saying there are general difference between men and women and thus don't need to be treated the same. But the differences between individuals are bigger than the general ones between the genders, when you consider the civilization people have build. So everyone should be treated equally, that means gender roles should not be forced on them.

    Men often have big ego's so they think their own idea's are very important, or even 'the truth'. That and the inability to get laid has made it very attractive for men to oppress women. Also men are more selfish, so they take advantage of their network whenever possible. While women maintain the network mostly as a backup in case they really need it. Also they really care about being successful, so they work hard and use their network to get that success. While women often care more about their family and kids.

    I think it starts with the division of work where one produces the nutrients for the future child (the egg) and one a mass number of DNA for better evolutionary selection (sperm). From there gender roles and all sorts of behavior have evolved. So most people want to follow gender roles, it just feels right for them, so no need to force that.

  • Im a die hard feminazi

    I want everything have good pay, Male priviledge also the ability to man spread because i want my sweaty hair cunt to be to the world. But only women should be allowed to man spread because the baby gets O2 from letting the cunt breath. Never the less im a aie hard feminazi so let me get what i want or i will scream rape.

  • It is not a disease

    The definition of feminism is individuals who want men and women to be equal in all things. I'm not saying women can do everything men do, as men can't give birth and the average man is stronger than the average woman, I'm just saying we should be allowed to. Female and male supremacy is wrong though. Please comment, as I always want to hear other peoples views, even if conflicting with mine!!

  • It is just portrayed that way

    Feminism is not a disease do society, as the actual definition of feminism is a person who wants men and women to be equal in all things. Female supremacy is wrong, as is male supremacy. Please comment, as I am always interested to hear other peoples views, even if they conflict with my own!

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