• Sort of, more yes than no.

    The reason I say fad, is it is fashionable to be a feminist, and we're seeing the end of fashionability derived from this around when I'm posting.

    The movement as a whole is NOT a fad, but identifying as a feminist definitely is.

    The FCKH8 campaign, Ban bossy, and other very similar fads with as much celebrity endorsement and attention seeking behavior are capitalizing on the word feminist, and using it to promote ideals which may or may not have people's best interest at heart. But these make money, and because they do, these organizations use the feminist identifiers.

    That stuff, the mainstream, the radical, the patreon based feminism, that's a fad. The real feminists the real women's rights advocates are not a fad.

    So in short, in the first world? Feminism is mostly a fad, in the third world, it isn't.

  • Modern feminism is

    By modern feminism, I mean the "social justice warrior" type people who think everything on the planet is the patriarchy. The one's who think saying hello or looking at a woman is the equivalent of rape. Not only is this ridiculous, but it's counter productive. Nobody will take feminisms seriously if this is how feminism is represented. In an effort to make women look oppressed, all they do belittle rape victims by equating their trauma to sitting beside a spreader on the bus who made the mistake of saying hello. Modern feminism is so radical, I don't see how it could possibly last. Even women are embarrassed by it at this point.

  • Third wave fminism

    Is not even feminism. Its female supremacy. Its about blaming men for everything and not taking responsibly for your actions, complaining, and entitlement. That's why, as a woman i dont need modern feminism. I can take responsibility for my actions with out blaming a man and i can handle learning words i dont like.

  • Feminism not a Fad

    I do not agree with the notion that feminism is a fad. There are women out there who genuinely fight for the rights of their female friends. Saying that this fight is a fad, is belittling the efforts of those persons like Maya Angelou, Oprah Winfrey and other women of note.

  • Feminism Continues To Grow Stronger Every Year

    Feminism and women's rights have become very popular over the last few years. Unlike a passing fad, the accomplishments of feminist groups continue to rise. Feminist women and men continue to advocate for the topics they are passionate about. Though the interest in feminism seemingly started out of nowhere, the concept has been in place for decades.

  • No, feminism is a belief

    No, feminism is not a fad. It is a belief that men and women should have equal rights and opportunities, such as equal pay for the same work. Although it is largely prevalent in the West, it is manifested worldwide and represented by various institutions committed to women's rights and freedoms.

  • Feminism is not a fad

    Although feminism has become more of a popular topic recently, I don't believe it is a fad. The idea all people should be treated equally is not new. Discrimination on the basis of gender or sexual orientation (or for any other reason, for that matter) is something that society will be fighting against for a long time. The topic of feminism may become less popular in the media over time, but people will still use feminist ideals and BE feminists themselves, even if they don't know the word for it.

  • Feminism cannot be a fad

    Yes, on the first look many people say that genders are equal, however this is not even true in many Western cultures, let alone in more traditional cultures, how can we say that Feminism is a fad when people are fighting for us to be recognised and treated as we deserve

  • Feminism Is not a fad

    Feminism is something that will be happening for a while and something that will happen until women and men have equal rights. Feminism is stating that men and women deserve equal rights and that women are not created to be equals. Women should be equal to men in my eyes but many people beg to differ.

  • It is not

    Feminism has always been there, but people like Susan B. Anthony, or Eva Peron, helped raise awareness about it. Fad is something that had prolonged for a short time, but feminism has been there for a long time. It isn't a way to make women blame men for things, it is a way for woman to feel comfortable and change ways how men usually want to treat women (disrespectfully).

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