• Feminism in modern society is trying to take over society

    Apparently if a woman ( like myself) speaks out agaisnt some of their claims we are considered the enemy. It seems like they are trying to "cherry pick" certain topics while ignoring others. Like if a woman feels comfortable wearing revealing clothes (pop stars, movie starlets, etc) , she is a stay at home mom, transgendered woman, black, Latino, or Asian she isn't a true feminist. Or if she believes not all men are the enemy she is in fact an enemy of her feminist sisters. Or if a man compliments her or even says " hello" it's cat calling ( remember the hills back video?). I am happy to live I a era where I am able to make my own decisions regardless what anyone says. Yet I'm sexist (what the hell) because I can my own decisions and I don't consider my self a constant victim or that I am weak.

  • Feminism is an obvious mistake.

    Feminism started as a necessary response to the inequality that was rampant even in the civilized world. As time went on feminists moved farther and farther from the true meaning and replaced it with hate. By the 1970s feminists became nothing more than a full blown hate group. Though the hate existed, it hadn't seeped its way into the media until the early 90s. Abuse of men became nothing more than humorous fun never to be taken seriously. Ive read the feminist forums, and many of them speak of what sounds like a conspiracy that all men are part of. As if we all meet and discuss how to destroy their gender. After putting up with extremely sexest teachers in school ( almost all teachers were women), then coming home to see commercials and tv shows portraying men as violent , mentaly handicaped rapists, I had enough. So i started to research what i see as an epidemic. I come to find out that most of the feminist groups, sexist media and fake statistics statistics ( i was shocked by some of them) were fabricated by a tightly knit group of feminist lawyers in order to brainwash the public. (Brainwashing is my opinion, the rest is fact) It would seem that feminists are the ones meeting up to find ways to destroy men. And the sadest thing about it is that young boys are caught in the crossfire, and are made to feel useless as a result most boys dont even want to show up to class. Feminists are fighting a war that many men helped them win dacades ago, and now our children pay the price. (Boys and girls)

  • Feminism has failed miserably:

    Feminism has failed to make good on it's claim to equality, it has created female privileges that oppress men:

    1.The privilege of molesting children and having society give you props.
    2.The right to a mans financial earnings.
    3. The right to choose parenthood or opt out of it.
    4. Preferential treatment in divorce court
    5. Preferential treatment in child custody or adoption.
    6. The privilege of feminist groups and bureaucrats setting police policy to favor women in their policy and protocol.
    7.The privilege of serving less prison time for the same crimes.
    8.The privilege of having feminist institutions mandate school policy.
    9. The Violence Against Women act, provides legal privileges for women that men do not have, even though men are 50% of the abused and women are more likely to initiate violence.
    The right to government funding for domestic violence shelters.
    10. The right to kill commit premeditated murder and claim to be a battered wife, rather than to be expect to leave or report.
    11. The preponderance of evidence: Women can make an accusation that is 50% evidence.
    12. Sexual Harassment: Women receive effective justice men do not.
    13. Gender discrimination: Women receive effective justice men do not.
    14.The right to make achievements in the military by meeting lower standards than men.
    15.The right to cancel the due process rights of a man.
    16. The privilege of being thought by a school system that has an 80 female staff.
    17.The privilege of always being a victim, even when you're the criminal.
    18. The privilege of having that 80% female staff discriminate against boys using a system that stigmatizes boy as 85% of the of the "emotionally/ behaviorally disabled," by systematically demonizing male behavior.

    None of this is a good example of equality, none of this proves that women are any more competent then they forefather once believed they where, all of this suggests that perhaps it was a mistake to allow women into politics. The more women cling to policies that oppresses men, the more we have to wonder if women even have a soul. Feminism has done nothing but make victims out of women and make women look incompetent, by hold women to lower standards, and allowing women to be bigots.

  • What started of good is now a vindictive man hating movement that even women are fleeing from.

    Despite 87% of both men and women (in the UK) believe in equal rites only 7% of women call them selves feminists and this number is falling, Why? Because we are now seeing the real agendas that are being pushed such as in Scotland, young boys can now be taken to classes where theyre being taught by radicals not to be boys but rather gender neutral betas

  • It was great once, but now it's time for it to go

    We no longer need Feminism in the west. Before, women couldn't vote or work and suffered from abuse and all that stuff, but this is over. Feminism has achieved its purpose. Once a movement achieves its purpose, it loses it. It must just die. Now, Feminism is just giving privillege to women, until we are back to stake zero, but inverted

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  • Women become more sexual objects.

    Women were modified to become more sexually attractive, not to become stronger but weaker.

    It's possible that someday, men who commit sexual harassment will be sentence to death.
    It's possible that men will became slaves, working for women and everything will be free for women, from foods to luxuries. Someday men must be bald and uglier as possible and women will only have a right to be attractive and men are just magnets, defenders and sufferers to give women a comfortable and luxury life for free.

  • It is a failure for young boys, aka another loosely organized rant about how women are superior to men.

    Did Susan B. Anthony dream of a world where women embraced masculine behavior to demonstrate their equality to men? I submit no. I'd lean towards she realized that men and women are different and thise differences should be embraced while allowing the same levels of access to all aspects of society. Look around at the so-called men in my generation and you find one failure to launch after another. 65% of college grads are women. How many women want, not would, to date or marry a man making less than them? From my recent dating experience, the answer is still none. We still hold the ideas of strong, take charge, provider models of men to be desirable. Yet our culture keeps asking young boys to stop being aggressive while asking them later in life to "man-up." No wonder every woman I dated complained constantly about the lack of quality men out there. Our mothers did you wrong women of the world. They took it way too far. Now you get the joys of dating a plethora of shaggy bearded, video gamers with no prospects. They'd rather be single and blissfully ignorant of responsibility than have to compete with a woman instead of be respected as a provider. That pesky human evolution and those darn hunter gatherer instincts. I was recently married and adore my wife. I value her for her differences, not her similarity to me. As a straight man, I'm turned off by masculine attributes and behavior. Feminism told women to be more masculine, not more feminine. It told them to take charge of reproductive rights, yet gave nothing to men. It also says that every poorly laid out feeling I've expressed here today is stupid because I'm a man. How could my small brain comprehend the complexity of anything feminine after all. Portray a man as an idiot and you have a family sitcom. Portray a woman as an idiot and you don't have a pilot. Have women fought tooth and nail to be fishermen, farmers, electrical line workers, or the other most dangerous professions in the world? Have they fought to be drafted for service in frontline combat? Or have they simply stopped after they took hold of reproductive rights and equal pay arguments? Equality without the bad is actually called inequality. Alas, what do I know? I am, after all, a superior privileged white male, that never suffered adversity, to be used as target of every special interest groups hate, and or rhetoric, until time immemorial.

  • Feminism has done a lot.

    Implying that an idea can be a failure in itself is silly. Feminism is the belief that women are equal to men. 100 years ago almost no countries had voting rights for women, 50 years ago almost no countries had a large female work force. Now almost every country has equal voting rights and a large female work force. And those were the 2 big questions that feminists historically cared about.

  • The feminist movement has helped.

    In most countries, women now have voting rights and there are now women in politics and other positions / work fields that used to be male-only (some are still male dominated, but women are at least allowed to be in them). Feminism, by definition, supports the idea that women and men are equal; no gender is superior to the other. People who try to make women superior are not feminists, and their ideas do not support feminism. Therefore, saying that the feminist movement has made things unfair to men is not an argument, as those parts of it aren't feminist.

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