Is feminism a justifiable political, philosophical framework?

  • Everyone writing "No" does not understand what the division in feminism is, and should actually look up what feminism is.

    Feminism is split into two factors: those against equality, and those for it. Feminism is, in the large majority, a group of people in favour of equal treatment between men and women. Thos in favour of women over men is the same as those in favour of men over women: delusional hypocrites. It's the same difference as that between light ecologism and deep ecologism. One is the "let's protect the environment so we don't kill ourselves and we can live on this planet for longer without killing it", and the other is "let's live with the trees and screw the dogs". There's a difference between equal feminism and extremist feminism, and all who disagree are not ideologically wrong - they are by definition wrong, as not understanding what the term "feminism" means.

  • Though not categorized as "feminism" as much, by today's terms, the push for the rights and strengths for women are very dominant in today's world.

    When Hilary Clinton took the office of Secretary of State, there seemed that a shift was taking place. With more women prominent in leadership within today's workforce, and young men not stepping up to leadership, the shift is likely to continue. An often quoted statement is, "If you need a job done, ask a woman to do it", and it seems to still stand today.

    Posted by: QuickestLeigh
  • Feminism is simply the belief that men and women are equal, and is an important part of any free society.

    Feminism is simply the belief that men and women are equal, and is an important part of any free society. Enormous strides have been made in the equality of men and women in the developed world. But, injustices and inequalities still persist. Women make less money than men, for doing the same work. Women hold fewer leadership positions than men, and women are still discriminated against in a number of subtle ways in our society. Until these inequalities are rectified, there will always be a place for feminism.

    Posted by: PreciousMiguel78
  • Feminism is an aspect of humanism that supports the advancement of women's rights, until those equal general human rights it will not only be justifiable, but necessary.

    Feminism supports the civil rights and liberties of women, and challenges areas of society that may limit and restrict the capacity of the people who live in it. It is as justifiable as absolutely any humanistic position.

    Posted by: NikiM5n
  • Men and women are the same in terms of rights and freedom there should not be any inequality. What men can do women can do also especially in terms of serving in politics.

    Even before when God created the earth, he created woman out from the bosom of the man so that woman will be equal to man. God did not take the woman from the head of the man so that she will not be above the man nor did God take the woman from the sole of the foot of the man so that she will not be under the man. God said this woman will be your equal and your partner. Equality for all is an admirable aim. Fairness and equality sum up most of feminism's aims. We are all equal and must be treated so in the sight of God and man.

    Posted by: H4miJame
  • Equality for all is an admirable aim.

    Fairness and equality sum up most of feminism's aims. It would be difficult for anybody to seriously disagree. We are all equal and must be treated so.

    Posted by: taidokas
  • Women have been the consistent object if systematic oppression in the USA for some time.

    Since its founding, the United States has systematically oppressed women. Relatively recently women were actually afforded the right to vote. It is perfectly justifiable for women and men alike to approach politics with a pro-woman agenda.
    Feminism is a key component of civil rights. Who isn't for civil rights?

    Posted by: P0dJone
  • Feminism--expressed as "men and women can work together, on a level playing field"--is a justifiable political, philosophical framework

    Over the decades, the meaning of the word "feminism" has changed many times--but at its heart, the original intention still holds: men and women should get equal pay for an equal job. The "glass ceiling" is obsolete--we saw this back in World War II, when women turned out in droves to run the munitions factories that helped win the War. But when the men returned from the battlefield, the genie was already out of the bottle--women knew what they were capable of doing and being, and the fight for equality had only begun. If feminism becomes part of the status quo--if women are allowed to work and fight alongside men and be just as capable (if not more so), then the goals of feminism will be met--and we will see that is a sound, justifiable philosophy.

    Posted by: ElwBoardin
  • Feminism is definitely a justifiable political,philosophical framework.

    If people give feminism half a chance they would realize that it could really work as a philosophy.The basis of feminism is that people should not be judged strictly on the basis of their gender.That could apply to both men and women.It also does not interfere with other complimentary philosohies.

  • Equal opportunities should be given for men and women.

    Feminism shouldn't be allowed as a political, philosophical framework; however, a small preference should be given to women from backward classes. The Constitution provides equal rights and duties for both men and women, so feminism cannot be justified.

    Posted by: HillyHero
  • I believe Feminism is an outcry for attention by women around the world.

    In a time where woman were not allowed to work within the work force, and there were specific labor laws, it seemed unethical to allow only men to use their talents within the work force. Today, feminism is still very prevalent within society, although not always outwardly noticeable. I do not feel it is a philosophical framework, but more so a cry out for attention by females, to make their presence feel even greater than it is. Women cried out for equal rights within the work force back when the laws were being passed, and yet now they try to look at themselves as being superior to the men with every chance they can...hypocrites.

    Posted by: LeticiaR
  • I do not agree that feminism is a justifiable political tool, feminism is really a biased form of thinking.

    Feminism is a great concept but, feminist are really looking out for the betterment of women. I think politics should involve all people not just one group. Feminist working for woman's rights while still fighting for the rights of a common man would be more appropriate. Having a view policy in dominance that excludes certain people would be the opposite of what feminism is or believes in.

    Posted by: C0ImEIite
  • Feminism is the idea that women are human beings. It's hard to argue with that idea.

    I've dated women who aren't feminist, and I've dated women who are. Maybe it's because I grew up with a feminist mother and sister who can run their own businesses and feel safe and happy with men and not expect to be carried I like feminists. My wife's a blacksmith. That means great shoulders and healthy activities. She's not looking to me to make her reality, she's party in the front and business in the back. I make her look good by being younger than her, and the only time it comes up it's when people look at us and wonder if I'm a big meatbag bossing her around. Not going to happen, she can sparkle with the best. I hope my sons marry feminists.

    Posted by: groovybox
  • Feminism is no longer a necessary or justifiable framework for our current situation on this country.

    I feel that the defined goal of feminism has already been reached. If it is defined as simply equal opportunities politically, socially, and in other areas, then I believe we are there. It seems that the feminist movement has become far more aggressive and the goals much farther reaching. Feminism has become the raising up of women beyond men, and often the tearing down of men and all things masculine. For these reasons, feminism, while having served a legitimate purpose in the past, is no longer a helpful framework in which to operate.

    Posted by: QuiFreex
  • Not in developed countries it isn't.

    In the United States, under the LAW women are already equal to me. The only problem is, women wish to reap the benefits of what would be considered 'male privilage' without scraping the bottom of the male privilage barrel. If you want the good, you better take the bad too. It makes me giggle when women quote statistics involving only things that support their arguements from a female standpoint but if they are FOR EQUALITY, they'd cite other statistics as well to show how unbalanced we are socially. They are 100% self serving and biased. Men may occupy the most space at the elite level of society, but they also occupy the most space at the bottom with suicide rates, homelessness, deaths on the job, sentences for crimes (in comparison to women for the same crime), and being forced to sign up for the draft. Women don't want to work in a coal mine to make a living, the generally don't want to lay down their lives for their country, in comparison to men they pale in psychiatric issues resulting in suicide. If you want ice cream, you'd better be ready and willing to raise and milk the cows. Men are expected to do so much, where women are expected to do little outside of being a parent and homemaker (that's not to say you can't be anything but a home maker). Instead of 'crying' about injustice and a need for change, women need to simply BE THE CHANGE. Don't complain about women not being into politics, simply encourage them to join politics without mention of the fabled patriarchy and mysogony. Encourage girls to become computer engineers, and video game designers and mathematicians, and scholars and physicists. Do not however decide to blame the world for you and/or your gender's lack of initiative. If someone tried to tell me I couldn't do something I wanted, I'd tell them to shove off and do what it is that I wanted. It's the 21st century. Feminism needs to go where it is most needed like the middle east. We here in developed countries have made the necessary changes for equality under the law.

  • Feminism + Biology

    Feminism doesn't work. Period. Look at biology. Nature has created two genders for a reason. We have different roles and both genders have a job they need to fulfill- otherwise, there wouldn't be two genders. If we were all an equal unit, we'd be some unisex organism. Gender roles exist- sorry, feminists. Stating that men and women, regardless whether we're in a society or not(for society is built upon biology, and if society doesn't match the biology it is built on, it will fall apart), are the same creature that deserve the same exact treatment in society, is an ignorant thing to do. There have been numerous studies that show men and women brains are literally 'wired' differently- they don't think the same, they don't act the same... They're completely different, to say the least. Men and women have different strengths/abilities. To fix this, we shouldn't push for "equal rights", we should push for a system that most efficiently uses men and women skills to benefit society. There should be statistics that show how well a person does a job. The worker should be paid based on that. This will naturally make men go into industries that they're more suited for and women will naturally go into industries that they're more suited for. Plus, if you look at how everything has worked, men are meant to lead a family. Women are not. This isn't sexism, just biology; men have been built to lead a family, gather food(or money in the case of society). Men are leaders, women are not. Again, not sexism- I'm not saying "men are leaders" in a positive sense, and I'm not saying women "women aren't leaders" in a negative sense. Unfortunately, society has such a skewed view on reality that if I would say that in a public place, I'd be accused of sexism.

    Tldr; feminists, sorry to burst your bubble, but we're not the same creature and we shouldn't be treated as such.

  • The world as depicted by feminist 'scholarship' is a peculiar one.

    Feminism teaches a history that is at variance with that taught in history departments, a view of science incorporating only selectively that taught in science departments, and a paradoxical, illiberal approach to morality in which the correctness of an action depends to a large extent on who is performing it. The world-view created by contemporary feminism has much in common with that of the illusionist, who can conjure an impressive scenario, but only when viewed from a certain angle, and only when all attempts at critical scrutiny are muted. Indeed, it is difficult to quell the suspicion that the reason feminists have always insisted on a separate department for their "Womens Studies" program is because they require exemption from the peer review and critical scrutiny that their material would otherwise receive were it taught as history, philosophy, or science.

  • Everyone should be equal

    Men and women should have equal rights. Many women in the world don't have an education or is treated differently because of feminism. It not right to the women of the world that men get all the freedom when women do just as much or maybe even more to help the world than men do.

  • I feel that feminism defeats its own purpose, by going against equality.

    Everyone deserves to have rights. I don't think anyone would argue against this. But feminism singles out a demographic of people, women, and tries to give only that demographic more power. I understand the concept behind feminism, but I just believe that movements of this nature are outdated, and emphasis in the modern world needs to be put on humanity, as a whole, not on individual groups.

    Posted by: TwoVic

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