Is feminism becoming less about equality and more about favoritism? Why or why not?

Asked by: peternishimura
  • Its not feminism

    A queue or jobs or universities or any where, Women get favors for no reasons. I have spent a lifetime on building my skills and i have seen extremely dumb girls in industry doing nothing or getting the job. Speaking fake, Acting fake and using charms to move forward. Equality means to take the fall as well but this never happens with women. Then if you live in third world country things get worse as people prefer girls/women just because of looks. Then worst thing about all this is that women still cry about feminism. If it was about Equality I have no doubt that except for few professions, Women will fail big time in rest. Men work for it, Charms don't work for us.

  • Down on men!

    In class everyone was doing a stem assignment. As people turned in their work our teacher said 'looks like all the women are getting it right' if I said it about men their would be an uproar. I don't like where the world is heading. This isn't right. The job marekt should be survial of the fittest

  • Positive discrimination hiring

    It's even got a word now: "positive discrimination". As if there is such a thing as positive discrimination. It's still discrimination. That's rather clear from the word.
    What it means in practice is that, when 2 people are equally qualified for the job, the female gets it. Because she's female. No other reason. That's discrimination. Nothing positive about it.

  • Why can't we just use the word equality.

    Lets not get our knickers in a twist about a word because that is all it it is really. Some male defenders are not mad because they don't agree with women's rights, its that the protesters seem to aim it at them a bit to much... Hear me out. I do think that some defenders can get a bit over protective but protesters need to use the word equality and not to aim it at them self, but to make everyone's rights equal and I'm not saying they aren't, but some people get angry when you use the word feminist or feminism and i totally agree because most men are civil and equal with woman and don't think that getting all this hate is fair. (I am not saying that protesters are giving out hate but that is what it is turning into.

    Yes, some woman don't get treated very well, but just to make the men happy, don't go on about it so much. Talk it through in a proper conversation and not a bit group gathering and competition because its only going to end in tears. Thank you for reading.

  • Yes I highly support that Feminist are less equal and more biased than anything.

    Feminists claim they are gender neutral when really they are not. Feminist actually downgrade the other sex and try to find issues to get offended by. Don't get me wrong, I'm a woman and I find them annoying. Feminism was suppose to prove that women and men can all live together and can treat each other well without gender discrimination. It is still needed in other places like Pakistan or Islam because there are still gender oppressive rules there. First world countries like America don't anymore. But certain women do not care and they think men still have a privilege when it is as clear as water that they have nothing to worry about anymore. BTW, I'm 15.

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  • Unfortunately, it is possible

    Although, feminism is literally only supposed to be about total and utter equality between the two genders, some women have given it a bad reputation. Some women will begin hating on men and call that feminism, when it isn't. They continue to feed people the idea that feminism is actually misandry. That is not the case at all.

  • Yes. At least with the third era of Feminism.

    Feminism is defined the three eras. Classical, which sought voting rights. The second era, which sought every other right. And then the third era... The third started as a way to help create equality, but it's became a form of self-victimization. People who prey on the fear of inequality in order to make a profit. It's more about creating a sense of being a victim among, and then blames men for it.

    Of course, it's more complicated then that. Before amusing something and then generalizing everyone with it, you must first understand how a movements works.... It's important to remember that a movement and an ideology are separate. The ideology and the movement may go in separate directions. While the ideology of Feminism is about equality, the movement has become one of favoritism.. Women leaders realizing they can grab power and gain control by being a woman if they use Feminism right.

    Now you also have to separate the movement from it's followers. The followers believe they are following the ideology, and will defend it to the death. The movement will often do something wrong in the name of the ideology, and the followers will follow like sheep, never realizing the movement isn't actually following the ideology.

    So the Ideology is good. The followers think their good, but are actually following the movement. The movement has gone sour, and turned to favoritism.

    The movement say begun to prey on people's fears of being unequal, and blamed men for it. It seeks to gain power and money by making the problem appear like it's not going away and create a self-victimizing group.

  • Women are not discriminated against anymore.

    Women are provided with the same opportunities as men in accordance with their abilities. Seems like many feminists are simply in denial of the truth about men and women, that being that they simply are different. Not that one is better than the other (although feminists disagree often with that), but that they are different. Both in terms of personality and in terms of physical appearance an ability. So many people seem to think that equality means everyone has to be exactly the same, yet some things about women are just different than men and people need to accept and embrace that. Theres nothing wrong with it.

  • Feminism has become increasingly anti-man.

    Not to say that ALL feminists don't truly support equality, but many don't. Many support the overcoming of men. Men are being blamed for everything and being labeled as the root of all women's woes. The feminist movement has come to not only putting down men, but the stay at home mother as well. The high power working woman has become the key image of the feminist movement, and they look down upon those women who choose to take care of the home. Shouldn't feminism be about equality in general and the supporting of every woman's choice? Even if their choice differs from that of yours?

  • What rot, open your eyes

    Ok so how else are you supposed to go about changing the status quo so women get equality? Genuinely.
    Ok so If there are two identical candidates the woman will get the job. But is that so much worse than the man getting the job by default of being male? At least that way there might be women on the selection panel next time.
    People who think the problem only exists in third world countries need to open their eyes.
    I don't agree with man haters who call themselves feminists. This is not about taking away from men, it is about empowering women, reducing rape, stopping the insistence of female sacrifices.
    For so long men have enjoyed the privilege brought by being male, why can't women have that too?
    And I am a professional 29yr old doctor who sees the discrimination every day. I get talked over in meetings, people keep asking me when I am going to have kids, I get sexually harrassed and bullied at work, my less competent male colleagues get the credit for team projects.
    No, not all men are tools, but the unconscious bias is still present (think pink tax) and needs addressing and calmly discussing. Not it's existence but how to change it. Unfortunately the rational voices get drowned out by the loud muck stirrers who just like to create confusion for their own pleasure.
    Stop being afraid of change.

  • Ignorance of the cause, is no reason to for douchary.

    What is so hard to understand equal pay. Also equal rights to taking time off work when you have kids both fathers and mothers. Nobody wants to take anything away from men. They just want the same start point. Seems simple. No equivocations. Doesn’t mean give me the same and then hold the door for me, just treat me like I have a working brain please.

  • Hmm I feel like a cuck rn

    I only said no for one reason, the wording of the question, "is feminism BECOMING LESS about equality ..." which assumes that it was ever about equality and not about women complaining about the fact that they wasted their college education taking women's studies any nobdoy wants to pay them to complain about the patriarchy and no man wants to touch them because they look more like a round alien than a human female and they are nazis when it comes to what words you can say and what words you cannot say. I am tired and I have had enough. Feminism is and always has been bullsh** and it is time that we stand up and say no you are not going to censor my speech because of your subjective feelings, no you are not going to refer to my "white privilege as if such a thing exists and no you are not going to say the words institutional racism or sexism and when someone asks you to show them someone that is racist or sexist say everyone is. Alright im done.

  • Yes and no

    It's more complicated than that. Today we're becoming a society of the rich if you will. So obviously anyone with money can get away with anything. You got girls who are gold-diggers. They get away with anything they feel like. You got guys (and tomboys) who are rich who steal. They get away with it.

    There is more feminist ranting but I think it's all a joke and it's powerless.

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