Is feminism given worse press by the media and generic stereotypes than it deserves?

Asked by: YoshiBoy13
  • Feminism is usually

    Portrayed as a matriarchal movement - that is to say, one that believes women are *superior* to men, as opposed to equal. Sure, there are *some* feminists that believe such things, but equally, there are *some* people that believe men are superior to women. There are extreme views on both sides, but the media only really seems to cover the extreme minority.

  • As a feminist, I can assure you that we stand for nothing meninists think we stand for.

    We don't want to "kill all the men" -- we just want equal rights.
    We acknowledge male victims of rape and assault.
    We realize that men have an unfair media image, just like women.
    We get it -- "not all men". But SOME MEN.
    I think the media is being very unfair here, telling people that women are not oppressed, or even that men are more oppressed than women. It's not true.

  • Sadly, this is a broken question

    It is much like the various religions, there are the good sides to it and the bad sides to it. The media covers the bad side only. This gives the whole cause a bad reputation. But your question asks whether Feminism, the want for equality regardless of gender, is given worse coverage than it deserves when at the same time Feminism, the want for a matriarchal society and occasionally eradication of man, is given worse press than it deserves. So the answer is yes but also no.

  • Feminism has become obsolete and is now trying to make up for that by creating new problems for everyone.

    To really clarify where i'm going with this I need to point out that there are two types of feminism (at least the types you see regularly), socialist and liberal. Liberal feminists believe that women are better than men. They're the kind to say women don't need men, ie. Gloria Steinem. The socialist feminists believe that women and men should be equal. They'll tell you that women can do anything a man can do and that gender differences are insignificant. Both of these views are wrong. And rightfully so. In both cases on of the genders is devalued. In the case of the liberals, its the man. To them i say that feminism wouldn't be possible if not for the men who gave up their monopolies on virtually everything. Men are also better than women at many things, not to say that women are weaker than men in fact they are stronger than them in some areas. But men are much better at thinking logically and they have a higher physical endurance. Women are emotionally strong and are able to multitask, making them better nurturers. The liberal feminism takes away the manhood from the man, making them the bad guys. Socialist feminists take the value away from both sexes. To be equal is to be the same. Men and women can never be the same. They are an individual species almost! If we were to make men and women the same in all that they do we would lose the assets each individual sex offers. If not for men science wouldn't be nearly as advanced, if not for women it wouldn't be as civilized. The sexes need each other because they are different from each other. REAL feminism is wonderful, excellent really, but it is no longer needed in America, nor is it being practiced. These "feminists," so you call them, are destroying a once great social movement and have only offered demeaning ideas that would destroy society. Good thing most people loathe them i guess...

  • "1-in-5" feminists with media presence demonstrate "300" percent more belligerence then average

    Feminists should be slammed any time they appear so long as they allow their belligerent minor to be their public face.

    +When they allow a hateful beast to make an event about Suicidal men all about her particular hobby-horse.
    +When they allow a vicious young woman to scream in the face of a man who has spent his life promoting the feminism goal because he dared disagree with the narrative.
    +When they allow outright lies be used to disenfranchised college attending males.
    +When they refuse to understand that men are more often the victims of violence and that women frequently take advantaged of populations with no recognition (like juvenile males in juvenile detention or foster care).
    +When they refuse to break from a narrative that wants it's cake and to eat it too - because you can't scream for agency if you are forever searching for another way to prove you're a victim.

    Etc and so forth - so long as there are any number of hateful, vile, lying individuals running around waving the Feminist flag the entire cause needs to be slammed until all the dross is tossed away.

  • No More Than Other Topics

    Media and stereotyping are social constants, to a point where it's pretty much a given, that if you have an opinion, there is someone who will stereotype you for it, or distort your comments in some way. Feminism falls into this pattern, and suffers the same way that any major political opinion does. I don't think that you can hold the media independently responsible for that. A massive part of the problem is that so many self-proclaimed "feminists" fail to understand the real issues that women face in America.

  • No, not at all

    Feminism is now utterly pointless. Socially and economically women are equal to men. Of course, there are some bigoted and cruel men who do not believe women are equal. Though for every man like that, there is an equally bigoted woman thinking she is better than men for no other reason than being a women.
    It has gotten to a point now where there is nothing solid left to fight for, everything that women experience in a negative aspect effects men evenly or thereabouts and we now need to focus on making the world better for us all. Not just one gender.
    We will always be different and now the arguments for feminism have grown so petty, they appear as such in mainstream media.

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