• Everyone who said no hates equality.

    There are four types of feminism; liberal, social, radical and marxist. All want equality, HOWEVER some feminists are abusing this title they have. The concept was created to help society create a world where men and women have equal rights. This view has definitely changed for some feminists, but the concept itself remains the same.
    See the difference?

  • Feminism Good for Both Sexes

    Yes, feminism is good for both women and men as it promotes an even playing field. Jean-Paul Sartre was presented the idea that unless all are free, none are free, and this applies to feminism. Unless an even playing field is exprienced by all, one is not free to find all the possible actions that could occur.

  • No,its bad for everyone

    We all want to live in a stable and loving environment,also known as a nuclear family.Feminism aims to dismantle the family (which it has done quite successfully) as they see it as an oppressive environment for a woman.Men and women can't live together anymore,instead society is being transformed into a mass of casual-sexing adults who can't raise kids

  • Yes it is

    How do y’all think you’re born, by yourself?
    Only women can give birth to both genders and you should be greatful
    you are alive and know how to spell. The men have to work while women are always there for you. Do you know how painful it is to give birth!

  • Feminism is for all

    Men can and should be feminists. Us feminists don't want female supremacy we want EQUALITY FOR ALL. Not just sorting out the inequalities for women, but for men as well. Because for a long time men have been told they need to be dominant, above women, some men feel pressured into feeling like they have to be controlling. This isn't good for either gender. I am a feminist for women AND for men.

  • Yes feminism is good for everyone

    I strongly believe being equal shouldn’t be something to be ashamed of! Feminists don’t hate men, we just want to be equal! If you don’t think sexualization or oppression is a problem, it’s because it doesn’t affect you. However, many people experience assault and cat calling and there is still a lot of ideas in the media that perpetuate rape culture.

  • This shouldn't even be a question

    I have done extensive research on this topic and the fact that feminists are now trying to change a system is not bad. The patriarchy is flawed and harms everyone just as much as misandry does. People need to consider the fact that society has deprived women of equal rights for centuries. Since when is equality bad??

  • Its not about woman power

    Its about the fact even today we are still getting paid less on average then men, and for the majority of feminists its about protecting the women in third world countries. The girls and women in third world countries are being sold into sex trafficking, child marriage, rape by a spouse, and other horrible things. It is not fair that there are girls out there with brilliant minds and so much potential to become something, yet they are forced into marriage. There are wives that because they did not have a son their husbands beat them, or if they refuse to have sex with them they are raped and certain governments will not do anything because the wife is married to the man who raped her. So before you say that feminism does not help both sexes please tell me how stopping child marriage, letting girls have an education, and sex trafficking hurts you.

  • Yes it Helps Both Genders

    For example: Women do not divorce just for the sake of being equal to their husbands. They do it because there is something wrong with the marriage, and there is no other solution. Men and women will never ever be equal. We are two completely opposite beings. We both want different things in the world and it can only go so far before women get sick of always having higher standards they, apparently, have to meet. No feminism means no happiness, for both men and women. Back in the day when there was none, women had no choice but to be unequal because they would get hurt if they did not listen. But now we have officials who help prevent things like this happening. Feminism is not about women trying to over power men, it is only about being equal. We do not ask for more than that. If there was no feminism men would take advantage of the power, resulting in a lot of very unhappy people. Feminism keeps everyone together as a whole.

  • It's not what you guys see it as

    Most of those "No" answer are a bit off on their reasoning. They say feminism is bad because it demonizes men. They say women DEMAND power and equality. They even give examples of people that are hypocrites and say they're feminist but then make a completely sexists remark. THAT IS NOT FEMINSIM. Most of the popular well-knon feminists display things that aren't what feminism is about. Feminists stand for men and women/s rights, LGBT ect rights, they stand for racial equality, and religious equality and don't show acts of prejudices or resentment, and are open minded about all situations and issues before making a taking a side. Feminism is a word that's been abused and misinterpreted. Now people believe it's a word that disguise the biased acts/opinions of the corrupt or people misunderstanding the subject. That is NOT representing feminism. So if you see someone who identifies as a feminist who shows un feminist values, THAT IS NOT WHAT THE ENTERITY OF FEMISNM IS ABOUT. THAT IS A WRONG ACT OF FEMINISM.

  • It is bad for humanity

    Feminism is an idea of females having 100 percent of freedom and rights, while men cannot have access to rights or freedom, so since the men have no rights and are technically salves for women, all the men will die. And if there's no men in the world, we can't reproduce, which means when all the females fade away. There will be an effective end of life on earth

  • Feminism is not good for men (please read first)

    Feminism is an ideology that does promote the idea of equality. However, this involves the promotion of women's rights. The distinction is faint but definitely apparent. Of course, there are feminists who misuse the title of feminism for the supreme domination of women, and most people who identify as feminists do not adhere to that philosophy. On the other hand, they do focus on women's issues over men's as they hold the belief that women are unequally treated in society. Given that much of Europe and the US has equal rights and laws for women, the sexism that feminists are referring to must be either systemic or societal in these countries. So why is this not good for men? Well, if you are focusing on women's rights and not men's rights, you are immediately creating a divide which separates the genders, thus your method hones in on only female issues and not men's issues, and this alienates a large proportion of males. Whether there are more issues regarding women's rights over men's, and I imagine there is, is made redundant by the fact that feminists solely focus on their own gender, which creates the divide. If you want to talk about the issues involving inequality in our society, it must be made universal, and not something which only applies to women. This categorisation of women and men sometimes is absurd, because if we are all individuals, why we do relate much more to someone of the same gender over their character traits. For example, you may hear a feminist stating "We stand for all women," but if they were honest, would they rather stand with a female convicted murderer over their own fathers? In the case of many, the answer would be no (this is also true amongst men) This division creates as many problems as it claims to solve, and it also is the reason for the backlash that has been generated amongst many men, and this perpetuates anti-feminist ideologies which can manifest as sexism onto the opposing side, stoked by the feminists division between women and men. It's a cycle of discrimination which essentially means that men and women are enticed to joining the side which is against the opposing sex, and has produced very little evidence for any progress in very recent times, which is why in this instance, feminism is not good for men or women. This is not to say however that feminism has not achieved anything, or should not be taken seriously, as it's only in the past five years with the surge of modern communication technology that this divide as become so apparent. In the 20th century alone, feminism has made some fantastic achievements with women's rights, with the 1970s seeing equal pay for women in the UK, the country I'm writing from, and it's only in the new millennium that feminism has become a subject of ethical dubiousness. I'm out of words now - please comment for more information

  • No it is not.

    Making men think they are less of a man is immoral. Stop feminizing the world. The world needs men and women to keep our human race living on. The world doesn't need trans genders ruining our society and gays forcing homosexuality down our throats. The answer is NO. IT IS NOT GOOD FOR MEN NOR WOMEN. Lots of women disagree with feminism because they either already know how toxic it is, Or they thought it was good until they saw the truth. As for men, Whether you agree or not, The truth is, It is not good at all. Women don't fight for equality, They have taken it too far. It is no better then men being wife beaters or serial killers. What I find equal here that is not positive is that women can become just as bad as men in committing crimes. Men and women should be working together for the good of the world, Not the opposite.

  • I don't support feminazis

    Look at Slutwalk. . . . . . Look at Amber Rose, Cardi B, Etc. . . . . . . . Sexual feminazis. . . . . . . . Or, Should i say, Sluts. . . . . . . Im a Woman. A DECENT WOMAN so i don't bash men. Females bash males way too often. . . . . . They force boys to watch girls cartoons and raise them to be gender blind or whatever. . . . . . . . Is that the correct term? I don't know. . . . . . . . . . Sorry. . . . . . . I don't like that females dress promiscuous and then say they are Feminist and that men shouldnt be catcalling just because they are wearing much less out in public. . . . . . . . Females, Seriously? Is that what you called "fighting for equality"? Looks like you just want to find an excuse to dress trashy outdoors in front of EVERYONE (including kids). Feminism my ass

  • No It is my sincere belief that Feminism in not good for Men let alone Women. Please Let me explain.

    First off let me just say, If I may, that Feminism is not about protecting and providing for women, it's actually about gaining power for women and equal rights. With the rise of Feminism we have been seeing a much larger amount of divorces and Family schisms. Women are now demanding equality with their husbands and if they can't have it then the file a divorce. In return the children are now left with divorced parents who hate each other. I know a lot of kids with divorced parents and let me tell you it hurts them a lot more than it does the adults. The second point I would like to make is that Feminism seems to me to be quite selfish. We have women who are DEMANDING power at home and in the work place and equal rights. Women won't accept the humble life of loving and raising their children but instead care only about how much coin they can put in the coffers. In conclusion I believe that Feminism is hurting this world more than helping it. Thank you for listening and may God bless all women and men everywhere.

  • Do You know the dictionary Definition of Feminism?

    If you question feminism, you are branded as a heretic, a basement dweller, a neckbeard, a pathetic excuse for a human being, etc... For me, the very essence of a strong ideology is one that can tolerate questions and debate. With feminism, if you ask questions, and you show proof to back up your points, and that viewpoint happens to go against the tenets or theology of feminism, you are branded a misogynist, a rape apologist, etc… (Yes... I said theology, as anything that is immune to proof, and is supported merely by the faith of its adherents…. Is a religion)
    So how could there possibly be a reason for men to support feminism? Better yet, given the harshness of the attacks by feminists on the Tumblr women that stated “I don’t need feminism”, why do women need feminism? One YouTube Feminist had a video titled “WomenAgainstFeminism Tumblr Is On Its Period” and had the audacity to say that she hated seeing women hating on other women…. Whilst she was simultaneously hating on other women. They didn’t tow the feminist line so they are branded traitors and deserve what’s coming to them as far as feminism is concerned. It’s funny how fast a woman can be cast aside by a group that claims to support women and equal rights, once they are branded a traitor. (Thank you WomenAgainstFeminism, for speaking truth to power, you are my hero!)

    Feminists problems, no matter how insignificant, (man spreading or advertisements on the subway anyone?) or how flimsy the statistics, will always take center stage while they simultaneously claim that Feminism is about men’s rights too. For me, 90% Homelessness and death rates of 90% via suicide and 90% in the workplace, that’s right death rates… trump bikini adverts and leg spreading.

  • Of Course Not

    Feminism is only about giving everything to women and demonizing everything about men. I have never seen or heard a feminist who defends men's rights or shows any interest in helping men gain equal rights to women. Feminists only say they care about equality to shield themselves from any arguements that challenge their ideology and practices. To say than feminism benefits men is to say that the KKK supports racial minorities, that Nazis were defending Jews, Homosexuals, and Gypsies, and to say that gender equality should discriminate against someone because of their gender.

  • Of course not.

    Only looking at oppression of one gender is in itself sexist. True, women are paid less on the MEDIAN. All that means is that the highest paid man gets paid more than the highest paid women and that their are more men on the workforce than women. If you would compare apples to apples, they'd make about the same. If there is this "partiarchy" going on, why would things be so bad for men? An 80 year old man got raped and has to pay child support. A 12 year old boy was molested and he has to pay child support. What kind of "male patriarchy" would allow this to happen? I'm not saying women are always favored, but neither are men. Feminist and Masculinisists are both wrong. It's time that we started universal human advancement movements, or UHAM.

  • No, feminists make all men predators.

    Feminism has made all women false victims, EVEN WHEN THEY ARE THE RAPISTS. They are the "victims" because they are "misrepresented and they raped that person, but it wasn't their fault and they are 'sorry' for it." I have been the victim of feminism, only because I bring up the fact that women rape too, and men can be victims of women.

  • Feminist attack men

    There is no doubt that feminism is only good for woman and not men, just look at some of the quotes from the most influential feminists, they attack cis men jsut for being men. They say there is a rape culture and that men control the world though a patriarchy.

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