Is feminism needed in the western world anymore?

Asked by: Nixaboy345
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  • Yeah, pretty much.

    If anything egalitarianism should replace feminism in the western world. We have implemented more opportunities for women to a point where it is culturally shocking for anything even mildly sexist to occur to a female (even if it actually wasn't sexist.)
    More women are going to college (and in some cases outnumber men), more women are getting higher paying jobs, and more women are overall doing better than they did ten years ago.
    For those that believe in the wage gap (and don't think it is majorly due to individual choices and specific situations), the overall wages of women and men are closing in on each other too.
    I personally think Feminism is overstaying it's welcome if anything, especially with third wave feminism. The Feminist movement has lost it's focus on the real issues and seek to oppress people rather than liberate them (at least many popular Feminists that I notice.)
    In the past it had done a lot of good for the world, but its time to move on.

  • No since it is not needed at all, but you could find a way by specifying.

    If you specify, you could say that it is needed to establish completely equal rights for women, but you would have to add that feminism is the only way to accomplish this as you could find another method which could be called something else. Now for what is actually needed, the only things I see that are needed are things that need to be provided to complete a certain equation.

    You can look at a question as merely an equation, and so if someone says you can have a million dollars, but you will owe me 100 diamonds. If that is a contract written exactly like that then you can draw 100 diamonds, and give them to that someone. This is in my opinion one of the most logical ways to answer a question. Now if you specify, and say was the feminism movement beneficial in helping women obtain the right to vote in the US around the early 1900s? I would clearly give the answer yes.

    Do I need to oxygen? No
    Do I need to oxygen to live? I would answer yes, but I might note that oxygen is not all I need to live.

    Well anyways if my logic falls short let me know.

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