Is feminism now just sexist and not promoting equality?

Asked by: a0l0x
  • Unfortunately, the answer is yes.

    Nor is it sexist just now either; it has been that way ever since the likes of andrea dworkin, robin morgan, and kate millet grabbed a bunch of KKK pamphlets and simply crossed out the N-word and scribbled in the M-word on top of it. In fact, it had to be bigoted right off the bat because its about womens' rights and not peoples' rights.

    The result is that women today largely center their lives around living up to the malignant ideals of such bigots by co-opting the role of their formerly all-male oppressors. To this end they have been wildly successful to put it mildly: women have now surpassed men in every walk of life (with the possible exception of sitting around the TV set passing the spliff); and pushed them into burger-flipping jobs if their lucky (and into corporate gulags if their not). So why then, should these women continue to be afforded special legal privileges as "victims" (divorce court, false rape charges, etc), when its quickly becoming the other way around??

    In the face of such hypocrisy, one cant help but wonder if feminism wasnt invented by a man. And it was: a man named david rockefeller. That prolly explains why feminism hasnt made women like more any more equal to anyone else. The appalling behaviour of those women who have achieved the feminist ideal of becoming the oppressor also proves that the problem with oppressive power circles is there mere existence, and not the ratio of penises to vaginas in their membership.

  • There are many cases in which feminism is now not promoting equality.

    Have you ever wondered why, almost 100% of the time, in divorce cases, the mother gets custody and the father pays child support? Have you ever wondered why, when a girl sees a guy naked, he is arrested for indecent exposure, but when a guy sees a girl naked, he is arrested for being a peeping tom. Feminism now just supports superiority of women to men

  • Equality is a myth perpetuated by ideals that are not grounded in reality.

    Feminism claims it wants men and women to be equal. However how can men and women be equal if they are not the same? Feminism is based off of feelings rather than reason if it wants men and women to be equal. The biological functions of a female and male are not up for debate and shouldn't be because they cannot be altered with mere words. Some brands of Feminism suggest equality in areas where there is equal performance. That could be agreed to by many across the globe. However, in modern America we still have significantly different expectations for females and males. This is the case and will remain the case. Let us be honest, why did majority of women enter the workforce after World War II? It has to do with America becoming a consumer society which has made work and society much easier for all of us. Take away the consumer society, modern America wouldn't be so nice as it is now. Feminism is a mere side effect of the industrialization. On in a luxurious society could such ideas be even taken seriously.

  • If it's for gender equality why call it "feminism"

    Before I get started I just want to say I agree with most ideologies behind feminism and think it's great a group of people are standing up for more equal rights in society. However I don't understand why it is only directed at only one sex, if it's for equal rights for both sexes why use this label? Men also suffer from inequality in society, and I believe the label "feminism" itself has caused some women to take it the wrong way and see it as a fight against men and see them as all power dominant evil beings, therefore is causing more equality problems than good. I believe the solution would be to be rid of the feminism label and go for something a little more "equal".

  • The dictionary definition isn't enough to justify its current actions

    Feminists nowadays often rely on the dictionary definition of feminism to justify the reverse sexism going on within the movement. This would be effective, had the loudest feminists not pulled fire alarms and pushed for more leniency on women committing crimes. It also bugs me when they say "if you're not a feminist then you're a sexist". It's nothing more than a bully tactic.

  • Like the poster above says.

    When a movement supports double standard, it's inherently bigoted. In this case, all they are doing is enforcing double standard and trying to pass it as "equality". How is that rational in anyway? Modern feminism is nothing but a hate movement. Look at all the hate mongering coming from their ilk with the likes of Andrea Dworkin and etc. Feminists, if you really want some kind of credibility for your movement, clean it up first of all those crazies, instead of putting them in charge and let them slide whenever they do crazy things. If I hear another "Dictionary definition of Feminism" argument, I'll just laugh my ass off and walk away. Nazism in dictionary definition is "National Socialism", so what's your point? It's not some dictionary definition that "defines" your movement, it's what you DO that defines your movement. Feminists have been nothing but bunch of entitled little children lately.

  • If you want equality you must except all the responsibilities and duties that come with it otherwise your just catering to yourself.

    Alot of Feminist are Hypocrites. Feminist only make things fair on their terms. They want to do the same things with out doing all the other things that comes with it. For example Women had just earned the right to be in the front line in combat, so it will only be equal for women to have to sign up for the draft, but there will probably be a huge fight against it. If you want equality you must except all the responsibilities and duties that come with it otherwise your just catering to yourself.

  • It is not sexist, but is not equal.

    I believe that a man and woman should have equal rights. That is common sense, for smart people, of course. I believe women having special privileges is pushing it too far. It has gone from 'equal rights for everyone.' to 'Men are overpowering, abusive, and horrible. Give women special rights!' Some of us men, like me, care for women, let them have an opinion and don't mistreat them. I think that everyone should be given a say, and should not be abused. Neither men nor women.

  • Feminism isn't what it started out as

    The only thing feminists want are special privileges. If they wanted equality, then they wouldn't call for those special privileges. A woman can beat up a man, any man really, and everyone would support her. If a guy were to even push a girl away from him, he'd be labeled a woman beater. A woman can touch a guys junk, and when the guy reports it, nobody would do anything about it. A guy touches a woman's breast, and reports it, he gets time. A guy only group, like a all guy school or club is "sexist," while a women only group like an all girl school or club is not sexist. Perfect logic here

    That isn't equality.

  • Feminism is NOT about equality.

    I believe men and women should be received the equal opportunities of job wages. However, I can't deny that in some cases, men are better qualified and lower costs compared to women.

    For example, heavy duties, mining and combat soldiers in the kind of working environment that most of women are ill-qualified. Sure, there is muscled women well capable to do the such feats. If feminists tried to drag these jobs down to favor women. I'd call that special privileges over men, not equality.

    The psychical requirements of combat soldiers - the kind of training most of men have been suffering through to be qualified. Should we soft that training program for women? Hell no. If women want to be combat soldier they'd have their damnedest best to be qualified. Besides, we don't need less qualified soldiers serving the USA. "Less qualified" also includes men as well. No exceptions for men and women.


    I will not support any organization that advocates the privileges without responsibility. Godspeed, humanity.

  • I'm a feminist, and I respectfully disagree.

    We all have different opinions on this, obviously. My best friends are mostly girls and the girls think men and women should be equal, however, they hate boys. For me, that isn't the case. I love boys. Well, not romantically. I'm not saying that women should have power, but equality. I want that is in this world. Did you know that, in 47 states it is legal to make the price on items go higher? Just because they're females! No, if the price says it's the price then it is! Don't overcharge (or whatever the word is) us females! A boy in my class said that boys are strong and girls are weak today, and that's when I became a feminist! I fought back in class, saying "No, that isn't true, [name]!" and arguments broke out. Boys tell me I throw like them, and they never have told me that I throw like a girl. I don't want boys to have the power, the scale needs to be balanced, not one side falling! Thanks for knowing my opinion on this.

  • Here is explained better than I could

    Please take the time to back up all of your arguments, because a lot of the arguments against this are just men getting upset because we're finally not taking it anymore, and they feel that they are somewhat losing their masculinity by becoming our equals. I suggest that before you say yes, read this.

  • Feminism takes place all over the world

    Feminism is very different in western countries then in many other countries through out the world where women are treated as second class citizens with out rights and equality. It may look very different here in western countries but by supporting feminism it does not mean that you are unsympathetic to males who are not treated equally. This has been a political movement that highlighted the inequality when put into contrast with men, women have suffered much more through out history. There are various videos demonstrating why feminism is important in modern society, when i saw the video of a women walking down the street in america who was being sexually harassed and catcalled, it pointed out how women are treated differently. As a male i have never experienced it and i rarely ever witness it but just because i do not see it does not mean it does not exist. When a guy sees a girl on her own he believes he may have the RIGHT to be acknowledged or have the RIGHT to a girls attention, but he does not and if that female says she is not interested there are various responses she may be subject to from; sexual harassment, being called nasty names, calling them ugly, following them, raping them, touching them grabbing hold of them and subjecting them to treatment they would never dare to do in front of their own mothers. Feminism is speaking out against the inequality subjected to them, they are not trying to put themselves on a pedestal and look down at men as insignificant or below them they are asking for the same respect and quality of life a man may receive. I do not believe they all hate men, i do not believe they are uncaring to the inequality amongst men who may for example be sexually harassed and be judged, or a man who receives abuse in there relationships and can not speak out because of shame in a society where he may be ridiculed. This is a movement trying to highlight inequality. Its not to say the only issue worthwhile is amongst women. I think just because it starts with 'fem' you associate it with just for women but i want women to be treated better i want my sisters to be treated better i want my mum to be treated better i want to live in a world where my nieces or daughters one day can live in where we do not have to worry about inequality.

  • The lies propagated by the radicals

    I am a feminist and a REAL feminist recognises that discrimination against men is as equally valid as discrimination against women. I do acknowlege that women and men ARE paid the same for the same work and working hours, if a women chooses not to change her last name after marriage, she has to justify it for the rest of her life, men are ridiculed for reporting sexual harassment. Most feminists are not radicals, but it's always the most radical getting all the attention. True feminists want men to have rights.

  • Feminism is not now just sexist.

    Feminism is not now just sexist,True feminism promotes equality between both genders so people who believe in feminism are all about promoting equality.Some men may claim this because they feel threatened when their place of power is compromised but if they just thought about it they could be feminists as well.

  • People Aren't Looking Hard Enough

    Feminism is seen in a negative light I think because people think in this day and age think feminism is unnecessary. Women are doctors, lawyers, and politicians, they can vote-everything is equal, right? Wrong. The average American male makes a dollar for every 89 cents of the American female. I've heard it said by students at my school that a woman doesn't love her kids if she doesn't stay home with them, but men going to work? Oh yeah, that's fine.
    Feminism is meant to fight these things. I have never personally met a feminist who says women are better than men, and I think those types of feminists are rarer than people think. When they do exist, they are awful outliers, like the Westboro Baptist Church is to Christians. Feminism as its meant to be is not like that.

  • I think people have a misunderstanding of feminism

    The major problem with this is that not all "feminists" are the same. Feminism is defined by the person who claims they are one and it can be defined in any way. Most women who call themselves feminists (myself included) believe that women should just be treated as equal human beings with equal human rights. I think we're in real danger of dismissing feminism because of the actions of a few radicals. But, just like not all Germans are Nazis and not all religious people are crazy fundamentalists, not all feminists hate men. Most do not. But there is still a HUGE need for feminism - as is evident in the wage gap and the depressingly few women holding top managerial positions in major companies.

  • Feminism is NOT sexist.

    People are saying that feminism is becoming just "sexist" which I'm guessing refers to the fact that women have started to hate males in favour of women. I'm here to say that well that may be happening that is NOT feminism. Feminism is about equality and anything that is not equal is not actually feminism. It's just people that have a mixed up version of what feminism is, caused by ignorance and false information. And the fact that so many, both men and women, scorn feminism has probably caused an unbalance and I can't blame people for getting pissed off by it (not that it excuses ANY sexist comments or behaviour).

    All I'm saying here is that the idea of feminism is equality. Any feminism that doesn't concentrate on that is not real feminism. And as a women and also a feminist myself, it is important that people realize that.

  • Feminism Is Global

    White western feminism is not the only feminism. All over the world feminist individuals and organizations are fighting for equality and fighting male sexism. A few female chauvinists may get the headlines SOMETIMES or white middle class dominated feminism may hog attention but that is not ALL of feminism. Whoever thought up this debate topic needs an education. As for the comments that say 'yes' divorce, child custody and rape are not all of feminism either.

  • You're missing the point

    A lot of people believe it's Anti-Man, it's not. Contrary to popular belief, Feminism is about equality, sure, 99% of it focuses on women, mainly because if you're a women or a feminine man, you're seen as "weak". There are still sexist adverts and kitchen jokes going on and society just lets it slide, but when women ask for respect, we're suddenly the sexist ones. Men should be respected, but women aren't really getting the recognition they deserve, ya feel? It doesn't matter what gender you are, we're still human. Also, we just want society to stop shoving gender roles down out throats, I mean if we want to cook, clean and take after children, that's our choice, and if we don't, that's our choice too. Also, feminism does not equal lesbianism either, I mean, if you're a lesbian, that's fine too, but supporting equality and asking for a little more respect does not make you a lesbian.

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