• It absolutely is.

    While feminism was a totally relevant movement back in the early 1900s, modern feminism has no place in society today. During the fight for women's suffrage, women were clearly oppressed compared to men, but today the same cannot be said. Women are no longer a minority, they have every right that men do, and more often than not, modern feminists are just attention-seekers. Myths like 'rape culture', pay gaps and others have been fabricated, with no obvious purpose other than to aid the attack of men.

  • It's American female entitlement.

    The pay gap has been proven wrong. The statistics that everyone spouts off about women making like. 70 for every dollar men make is a 10, 000 foot view at best. It does not take into account career choice, Experience, Negotiation ability at hire, Or part vs full time jobs.

    American women are more equal here than women are in almost ever other country.

    Current feminism wants supremacy and infallibility NOT equality.

    - Breast cancer gets 4 times the amount of funding even though more men die of prostate cancer

    - Men are 97% of combat fatalities

    - Men account for 94% of work related suicide

    - Men are 93% of work related fatalities

    - Men lose custody of their children in 84% of divorces

    - Men are 165% more likely to be convicted for the same crime as a woman

    - Men receive 63% longer sentences than women for the same crimes

    - Men account for 60-80% of the homeless population

  • Yes in 1st world as political power

    I believe any woman has at the very least the same rights as any man by law in all 1st world countries. Hence I beleive that fighting for more rights will not yield more "equality" between the sexes in the letter of the law.

    I also do believe that a lot of people have had a long carrier fighting the feminist fight. This means that I believe that for these people stating that the fight is won could leave them without a job and a means to put bread on their table.

    In my best knowledge, feminism has a very vague definition.
    According to wikipedia, quote:
    "to define and advance political, economic, personal, and social rights for women.[1][2] This includes seeking to establish equal opportunities for women in education and employment."
    According to dictionary.Com:
    "the doctrine advocating social, political, and all other rights of women equal to those of men. "
    According to dictionary.Cambridge.Org:
    "the belief that women should be allowed the same rights, power, and opportunities as men and be treated in the same way, or the set of activities intended to achieve this state"

    Note in wikipedia quote the absense of any other comparison group to weigh the equality (like the opposite sex).

    Note also that this is in all cases a very broad definition, what does it mean to give equal oppertunities for women in education? What does it mean for employment? Both have to do with why this is not simply a human rights issue and why it is portrayed as a womens-rights issue. If these goals are reached, what should happen? Who should define the success criteria to state that the goals are reached?

    Note also that these definitions give way to opposing views within the same framework in how to solve the issues, making one feminist not in agreement with another feminist (this is a core issue with feminism where parts of it cannot co-exist with other parts). Who has not heard statements like "ah, that statement was made from a ´not really a real feminist´".

    Feminists claim statistics that say a woman earns 77% of a man, but I never hear of any company being sued because it pays women less nor see any company with a strategy of only employing the cheaper workforce. How can this hypothesis hold unless it means that women are generally worse negotiators for their own interest than men?

    I hear of "patriarchy" where men are somehow as a group is better off than women as can be seen in more men being head of corporations and big firms. What is the average? Are men in general better off, eg including garbage collectors, miners and so on who have low-paying jobs, health risks and very little influence along with wear and tear on their bodies.
    If women are as capable as men, how would this fit with the anomility of women being worse negotiators for their own interest?

  • It is obsolete

    I don't look at my male friends and think "you're rapists" I think that feminism is needed in places like Africa and India where females are actually opressed. The term women is also obsolete because anybody who thinks they are a woman will be called "she" and feminists belong in one place: HELL

  • Yes, it very much is

    I would agree with the feminists if they focused on actual issues (acid throwing, child marriage, etc.) instead they complain about unimportant or non-existent topics on the social media of their choice. Modern feminists also seem to have a distaste for facts and research, and love perpetuating falsehoods such as:

    The pay gap (http://www.Consad.Com/content/reports/Gender%20Wage%20Gap%20Final%20Report.Pdf)

    The "one in five" statistic (http://www.Bjs.Gov/index.Cfm?Ty=pbdetail&iid=5176)

    The lovely logic that "rape culture" exists, because you don't think it exists

    "Women are stopped from going to 'male' fields" (https://youtu.Be/YTOFXLl7eh4) Warning: Norwegian

    And many, many more

    I could go into how hostile feminism is to men (manspreading, #Killallmen, etc.) but we already know that.

    The concept of feminism is good, but it isn't necessary anymore in the civilized world

  • Feminism is obsolete.

    Feminism's first goal was ensuring that woman and men are treated equally and fairly in society. Nowadays, more woman than men are getting accepted into universities and hired into well-paying jobs after graduation because of sexist laws which call for ''affirmative action'', or hiring someone based on their gender/race and not for their merit. Also there is no such thing as a pay gap anymore and anyone who actually believes in such a myth isn't worth listening to because they're just spewing lies. Modern feminism is all about relegating men to a lower social position and making them feel bad about ''rapes'' they didn't commit or other atrocities against women that they apparently ''take part in'' just for having been born male... Feminism is a joke.

  • Not at all

    There is clear gender inequality in society. Women are paid less for the doing the same work. The so-glass ceiling, while broken in many areas, does still exist. Consider the American political situation. Only 20% of US senators are female, and less that 20% of the 114th congress is female. If men and women were considered equal then that kind of inequality would be statistically impossible.

    That said, the feminist movement has largely shot itself in the foot by indulging instead of condemning extremist factions. By failing in the past to soundly condemn “man-haters” and those who lack personal responsibility, feminism has greatly hurt its own cause.

  • It is certainly not.

    Despite what many individuals would think, women are not considered equal to men. Any statistic on average income will show this-women are not paid as much for doing the same job as men, and there is still a considerable amount of prejudice and sexism in the modern world. It is nowhere near as bad as it was when the idea of "feminism" became popular, but it still exists. Many extremist feminists take it too far, that is true but that does not mean that feminism should not exist. In response to the comment about rape culture, the fact that the comment used the term "fabricated" when describing rape proves the opposite point- that rape culture is (apparently) still an issue. That is not to say that there are not cases where men are purposefully considered inferior in some extreme instances, because there certainly are. The actions of a few do not, however, equate to the entire movement being obsolete and irrelevant.

  • Feminism is not about equality.

    Equal Rights movement is what feminism should be called because if it was about equal rights for both men and women that is what it would be called, now dont go off on me because yes there are places in the world that feminism is needed such as Saudi Arabia the Whole Middle East, Parts of Africa, and India, they all need feminism, and before you defend America's need for Feminism because rape still exists, or Domestic Violence still Exists, THINK, Saying that all men and only men are future rapists to be is sexist, saying that all men are part of something called the patriarchy is sexist and saying all men just want to get into your pants is sexist, the saying Feminism is the Man Hating group wouldn't be said if there wasn't some truth behind it.

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