• By definition, it is.

    This is a movement for equality, not superiority. People constantly point to examples of radical feminists with extreme viewpoints that suggest superiority to men, but more often than not, the minority of the group is the most vocal. After all, the more impassioned and radical you are, the more likely you are to speak out. This is something we have observed throughout history (especially in the U.S.) a multitude of times. Most feminists truly aspire for equality with men.

  • Yes it is about equality

    Feminism is about equality and it is badly needed in undeveloped countries where women are treated as a subhuman. Those who thing that women have gained an equal status should know that it has happened only in the developed countries the developed countries are only 10 % of the mankind. Remaining 90 % world is still struggling in the stone age where patriarchal societies are the order of the day.

  • It depends .

    If we are talking about classic feminism, then yes. Their goal was definitely equality, and I agree that it was appropriate for them to focus on raising women up, because 'patriarchy' would have been a decent description of the times (though, elitist rule would have been too). If we are talking about modern feminism, that is where we run into problems. The vast majority of self described feminists are somewhat intelligent, reasonable people. They believe in gender equality, and perhaps they are somewhat misinformed or misdirected, but they are at least trying for gender equality. They care when they should care. When there is a real women's rights issue, like the recent Hobby lobby case or something about birth control, they take to the internet to protest. They have a good stance on women's rights globally, knowing that there are many countries that still need to go through their gender rights movements.

    However, despite this, there is a small core of vocal feminists who are not for gender equality. Some of very obvious about it, saying that men should be under women (crazies). There are others who are irrational and do not understand the actual state of the Women's rights movement in the world. They focus on minute things like p0rnography and video games, instead of things that truly matter.

    Honestly. If you really want to be global in your efforts, then fine, call yourself a feminist. But if you want to do something here in the US, please, unite both genders and get them to work for gender equality on both ends, because there is problems with men's rights as well.

  • Feminism = Equality

    Feminism is all about gender equality. Feminism focuses on the issues inequality between men and women and works to close the gaps. While feminism may seem to focus on women (because women are mainly the targets of sexism) it is also acknowledged that men are also hurt by misogyny in select ways. In this was, feminism is for anyone that believes in equality.

  • It Needs To Be

    Feminism was a movement created in the early 1900s by a group of women who fought for our right to vote and have a voice. Now, decades later, feminism is still being regarded as a fake or unimportant cause. Instead of asking whether or not feminism is about equality or not, we should be asking ourselves how we can improve the large gap between men and women. Feminism is about supporting everyone, not caring whether or not they are a man or woman. Feminism is about erasing the wage gap, (which increases between minority groups) and it is about increasing the professional relationship between men and women. If that's not what you define as "gender equality" then so be it. I believe that feminism will make more of a difference in the future, providing that we rid ourselves of the reputation that all feminists are lesbian man-haters who hate the world, because that's what I've come to understand people think of feminists.

  • This is funny

    I find it hilarious that almost everyone on this feed is a man, hence the majority of people saying feminism isn't about equality. Of course it is. It is designed to empower us as women and to break down the stereotypes we face that men don't. Ignorance is key huh... I don't understand how men (and women) can debate that feminism is on any other ground than empowerment. I am a 16 year old girl and I know more about this than you... It's a classic example of men jumping to the conclusion that females are manipulative and "family destroying" when they're trying to be strong and successful. It seems to me that the people voting no on this feed don't want equality for women and are choosing to play the victim card by pretending feminists want superiority for women. That isn't feminism, it is misandry, and this feed is about feminism. Still in society women get it way worse than me; glass ceilings, victim blaming, being told what we can and can't wear, being weak in the work force, being objectified and overly sexualised... The list goes on. I was so shocked to see this wasn't an overwhelming yes. Im appalled YUCK ughhh

  • The objective changed over the years.

    Feminism; by it's definition, is a movement dedicated to securing and defending rights and opportunities for women that are equal to those of men. The mission for equality began when women were subjugated; oppressed simply because of their gender.

    But, the goal with latter-day feminism is(and was) against sex discrimination.

  • Equality is the whole point of feminism.

    A lot of people like to point to women who claim to be feminists, but really support the "superiority of women." Real feminists don't believe this because feminism is, by definition, about equality of the sexes. If it's not okay for women to say all men are bad just because there are a handful of bad men, then it's not okay to say all feminists are bad just because there are a few rotten apples.

    Feminism is still a necessary ideology. It is naive to believe that sexism is dead and gone; women have been disadvantaged for centuries. Obviously this will have negative residual effects even today. Just because sexism isn't as readily apparent doesn't mean it's not embedded in various aspects of society. And even if total equality is met, if left untended, sexism will sprout back up again like a weed. Equality is something you reach, it's something you have to maintain.

    Some people will also ask, "Why does it have to be 'feminism'? Why can't it just be 'equalism'?" I'd like to point out that feminism is merely a branch of egalitarianism that deals with sex and gender specific issues; the main focus is usually (but not always) women because women are the disadvantaged group. It's a good idea, in theory, to want to focus on equality as a whole without looking at any one group, but it doesn't work. It's much more effective to have different branches of equality to ensure that every group has their needs met. This compartmentalization of equality happens even *within* feminism - there are feminists of color who felt that their need were being overlooked, so they created their own branch of feminism. Think of it as the branches of the U.S. government - just like the Executive, Judicial, and Legislative branches tend to their respective parts of government, so do different branches of egalitarianism.

  • Yes. That is the exact purpose of Feminism it is not misandry.

    It has never been about revenge or superiority, it has always, and will always be about equality.

    People who do not want equality for women like to play the victim card and pretend feminists want superiority for women, but that's not feminism, that's misandry.

    They purposefully confuse the two, so their bigotry can be internally justified.

  • Sexism is not in the past.

    The past does not vanish so easily. We have come a long way as a society, but there is still a ways to go. Women have made a lot of progress, but sexist attitudes toward women still exist. Feminism is much more than just about equality in the workplace, it's about equality in everyday life. Stereotypes and negative perceptions can still leave women at a disadvantage. The mainstream media being a pretty big offender. As long as sexism exists in any degree, feminism will also exist.

  • No, feminism is an anti family conspiracy

    The quote the founder of the 'illuminati', Adam Weishaupt:

    ""There is no way of influencing men so powerfully as by means of the women.

    These should therefore be our chief study; we should insinuate ourselves into their good opinion, give them hints of emancipation from the tyranny of public opinion, and of standing up for themselves;

    it will be an immense release to their enslaved minds to be freed from any one bond of restraint, and it will fire them more, and cause them to work for us with zeal, without knowledge that they do so, for they will only be indulging their own desire for personal admiration."

    Feminism is just another divide and conquer project to break down the family and destroy men.

  • By definition, it's sexism

    Feminism defined as 'advocacy for women's rights equal to men's' is not gender equality. There are other genders that are not equal besides women; like intersex. By how feminists go about their alleged equality, it's also not equality. The problem with the social theory is that you can't approach a multi-sided issue (like sexism) with a single approach that women are ALWAYS the victims and men are ALWAYS the bad guys. There is so much inequality against males and intersexes that feminists never talk about; there's also the negatives of being a male that feminists never try to get. For an example; men get drafted, women don't. Feminists are just concerned about having the "pros" of being a male; they don't care about double standers or inequality against men or intersexes, they just care about women. I don't support feminism because it's not equality. I don't care about your gender, equality, sexuality, ethnic, race, disability, or whatever; you will be treated like every other person, be given the same respect and opportunity as everybody else. But I'd never call myself a feminist because that's one of the most self-degrading thing in the world.

  • I believe this is all about man hatred.

    Most of what I have come across and experienced in my life have all been man haters. This is through rallies and jobs. I have been working many experiences since being in the medical field and ever single time this happens to occur the woman or women has been just happening to be a man hater

  • Used to work

    Feminism started when women were oppressed, women used to only be able to be housewives and couldn't vote in America. However, after women gained the right to join the military, have regular jobs as mothers, and vote there was no need for the feminist movement anymore. However, now that they are still around it has gone from being about Women's equal rights to being about Women Superiority.

  • Feminism now is basically a blame game.

    The things I see modern feminists advocating for range everywhere from idiotic to disturbing. Many feminists today advocate fro things that hold no merit. Example: The wage gap. The wage gap has been debunked. Yet modern feminists still insist that they the average pay of a woman is 23 cents on the dollar less than a man because of their sex? If bosses are such greedy bastards and payed you less because you're a woman, why wouldn't they just hire all women and say 23 cents on every dollar they make? That just one way they make no sense. And then there's this talk about using women as objects in ads and other stuff. This is just dumb. Just because a woman chose to pose in a two piece in an Old Spice commercial, doesn't mean she's being objectified. She chose the job, whether you think it was a good choice or not, it's her choice, so get over it. That's just the tip of the ice berg when it comes to many feminiists' idiocy these days.

  • Feminism used to be about equality, now it is about revenge.

    There is no disputing the fact that in the past there was discrimination against women, however those days are long gone, except in isolated cases. Women these days get more advantages and protections then men. Women can have special organizations that are politically supported and are blatantly pro woman, and if men tried to have a political organization that excluded women they would be crucified. There should be no specific gender advantages, that would be equality.

  • It used to be

    Feminism back in the 1900s was about women fighting for equality, which I can understand. Modern feminism is simply about one gender dominance. In most cases it usually is about women attempting to create a power crisis between the two genders, which result in instability and conflict. Modern feminism is backwards and is slowly destroying the beliefs and goals of original feminism.

  • No it has nothing to do with equality, it's just used for political power and getting votes by polititions.

    Feminism has nothing to do with equality! What is gender equality in the first place? When women are given 50% of CEO jobs or 50% of parliamentary jobs simply because they are women? So that women should make up 50% of the prison population and 50% of workers in landfills and sewerage workers etc. Women are under represented in most of the dirtiest, most strenuous and dangerous jobs. Why do we never hear about women demanding to be 50% of coal miners? Women already have many advantages over men that they never discuss. Women in most countries are not allowed to fight in wars on the front lines like men to be slaughtered by the thousands.

  • This isn't how Civil Rights Movements work:

    The goal of a civil rights movement is not "Equality" it's "Equal protection under the law" and when people forget this we come up with intense problems like 3rd wave Feminism. This is true of all civil rights though and obviously any group can apply, it's not just for females, but the reason why it is no longer helpful is because there are very few actual cases dedicated to civil rights anymore. It's done. Females have just about the same protections under the law as males and that's where it ends; the social side of a movement is something completely different and though Feminism 3rd maintains the name it's a completely different project altogether with things like "Glass Ceiling" being a social, not governmental or really even a legal, problem and various awareness efforts are also social and cultural versus legal.

    Mind you there is nothing wrong with wanting to increase social standing and awareness to the plight of others and I fully support this but I cannot support lying about the cause where in reality increasing your standard of living, which is fine, is about increasing YOUR standard of living not increasing everyone's and so forth and so on.

  • Short answer no

    Femenism created for so called "liberation" of women, which gave women right to vote, and the ability (liability for some) to work. Feminism(first waves) had both positive and negative consequences, but those who claim that it is about equality basing their case on false assumptions:
    1) Man and women are equal [they are not], therefore cannot be natural differences in outcome between them, when both free.
    2) Society created by men for men [menkind desire to survive created the society], therefore erasing "unpleasent" constructs will make us more equal.
    3) Giving women the same rights man have, while not changing the privileges women already have in society will create equality. [this led to legal inequality favouring women].
    There are more, but im certain that not many will read it to the end anyway.

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stevia333 says2014-07-10T14:41:16.463
Well as an advocate for genderf*ck I think that feminist movement may be scattered on various issues, but I think that the main reason why feminism is focused on the rights of females is because they are oppressed world wide. From being aborted in India since the introduction of ultrasounds, from having their genitals mutilated under the alternative guise that it's circumcision when really it is done out of conformity to male sexual desires, to not being able to even get free contraception or abortions in the united states, along with glass ceilings and income inequality being blamed on the women for wanting to raise families. Etc.
Anyway I think that while men do need to be helped as well, the focus needs to be turned to the women so that there can be social changes made that treat women as equal class humans.
Now about genderf*ck aspect, I think it is absolutely necessary for it to be part of the movement as distinguishing the difference between gender and sex is VITAL. Gender is what society expects, sex is what you are made of physiologically.
So to wrap this comment up I think gender expectations and double standards need to be changed, while also considering how the differences in sex can force different standards to be placed for the same thing.
Quan says2015-09-22T19:41:38.583
It may have been in the past. However, more often than not, I see feminists arguing for special privileges nowadays. Affirmative action that benefits women at the expense of men is a feminist favourite. I have also seen a push for things such as the abolition of women's prisons. They also seem to ignore low-hanging fruit such as the male-only selective service requirement and male genital mutilation.