Is Feminism really all about "equality" or rather, totalitarian control?

Asked by: AntiMarx
  • Equaility. Is. Important.

    They just want to be equal people in the world. We don't want to kill men.Saying woman make false rape claims is ridiculous. Calling a victim a liar, now that's actually ridiculous. All we want is uqility, not to take ovee the world! We don't want to kill men. Stop lying.

  • True feminism is for equality.

    The basis of feminism is simple. Men and women are equal. Feminaziism, however, is an extreme ideal created by women who want to be above men. These women oppress other women for stupid things, such as wearing a hijab. Feminazis support equality, until it comes to anything they disagree with. Which is pretty much everything.
    Feminazi, however, is a term created by people from the outside looking in. Feminazis do not call themselves feminazis. They identify as feminists, and for this reason, feminism has been given a bad name.

  • Feminism is totalitarian in nature.

    It is an ideology that is based on the presupposition that men are oppressing women and aims at reducing that oppression by reducing the rights of men. If feminism is not fought back we are all doomed. Thankfully investment in sex technology will reduce the power women wield over men.

  • Third wave feminism is about control

    Real feminism is about equality between the genders. Third wave feminism is about blaming men for the irresponsible choices of women, not taking responsibility, complaining about stupid things like air conditioning, getting everything for free and getting people fired for making a joke or stating an opinion you don't like.

  • It is sexism in a veil of equality.

    While there are good feminists such as Christina Hoff Sommers and those needed in 3rd world countries, it is a maniac culture in western civilization. They use buzz words like patriarchy and rape culture, which they changed the definition of both, and fake statistics such as wage gap and campus rape to support their cause. Unfortunately it has turned into people who think feelings mean more than a nation's progression.

  • Totalitarian control is what I call it.

    I believe (third wave) feminism is actually more about total control as opposed to equality. My reason for believing this, is given in examples of that, feminism is "empowering" women to commit false rape claims, to destroy cultural movements, demand more than men, kick down the common straight white male and of course, to take control from them.

    I don't see feminism as a bad thing, but I do believe that there are major key players in this movement, who are distilling it down to nothing more than a hate mob that attacks all men. Feminism has become synonymous with hating men, and this is a problem.

    Convincing the government to spend $77,000 on a "man-spreading" campaign for New York City, and then ignoring the women on the trains/buses who use a whole two seats for themselves and their bags is absurd. And then again, to accuse an entire lacrosse team of rape, only to find out it was false and widely reported on by The Rolling Stone magazine, is absurd.

    There are many, many more examples of these misdeeds. And if you need more, you can happily PM me and I'll provide more examples.

    Feminism is NOT for equality, it is for the simple, and utter control of everything that they can get their hands on. If you don't believe me, check who has been editing Wikipedia articles for their own personal gain with suedo science and false information(s).

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