• Feminism is the new Nazism.

    Like nazis, they see themselves as superior, believe themselves to be justified in their blatant prejudice and lets not forget all the babies they've killed in the name of women's rights. I cannot support a cause like this, especially one as damaging as feminism, the family unit has been destroyed because of their distorted views on humanity. Why do you think divorce rates are so high? Because 9 out of 10 times men get completely screwed over with courts blatantly taking one side over the other with no ramifications. A man would have to be daft to get married nowadays when he has everything to lose, including having the children taken away from them.

    I'm also tired of men being guilty until proven innocent, no I am not a rapist, to accuse me of such based on my gender alone is the very definition of sexism. I'm tired of being held up to such a high standard while women berate men for being men. Which is it? Why should we act like "real men" if according to your delusions men are what's wrong with the world? Respect is earned, not given, it is also a mutual exchange. If you don't respect me for being a man then I won't respect you just because you're a woman.

  • Feminism is sexist

    Why only fight for the rights of women? Why not fight for the rights of men and women? Human rights?

    Why Feminism Does not Equal Equality: “When you focus equality on a specific group of people and label it “women’s rights”or “gay rights”… that’s not focusing on equality. I understand that the idea is to highlight the inequality there but I think what it does is separate people too much.”- Lee Lemon

    The downside of being a man:
    * they receive a longer jail sentence than women.
    * they have to pay more child support than the woman.
    * they “cannot be raped”.
    * they are expected to “man up” and internalize their problems.
    * men are the last ones to leave when it comes to life threatening situations.

    *at the age of 18 they are forced to be drafted into the army without their consent.
    * a negative portrayal in the media. -Most men in cartoons and the media are portrayed as stupid (Homer Simpson, Peter Griffin, Bryan Cranston from “Malcolm in the Middle” etc…)
    * better treatment of men regarding false accusations- false accusations of rape and domestic violence occur often in men
    * the majority of domestic violence programs are targeted toward women than men.
    * health research is highly directed toward women, cannot be gender-neutral, which is why a male equivalent is needed
    * there is no male pill, and there is no way to avoid fatherhood at will. If a woman gets pregnant and doesn’t want to have the child but the man does, the man loses.
    * in a 1977 novel, The Women’s Room, author Marilyn French wrote a line of dialog in which a female rape victim says, “All men are rapists, and that’s all they are.”

    *its completely fine for a woman to hit a man, but if a man hits a woman everyone flips out.

    * when an older man dates a much younger woman he is considered a “dirty old man” where as if an older woman dates a younger man she is deemed as a “cougar”.

    Why not fight for the rights and equality for men and women.....Human right!

  • Basically yes but a lot of men give knee jerk reactions to feminism.

    Ultimately the word Feminism is sexist, the same as Masculism. However, women should be able to get jobs, along with anti-gender discrimination laws, etc. But some points in feminism are purely materialistic and self centered. And put out propaganda, most of the time it is implied, that all men are the oppressors and only through state laws of equal pay, not realizing the equal pay law is flawed in that if a woman isn't performing at work worth that pay, she should still receive the pay. That is unfair. One last major problem with feminism is it's mostly an entitlement mentality. Woman already have equal rights, feminists just want tax dollars because of their failure to succeed. What this country needs is things that are beneficial to everyone, not just a certain gender or race.

  • Absolutely positively sexist!

    I am actually writing a paper about this, I am a woman and feminism completely confuses me. Women want equal rights, right? Then how come when a man hits a woman its wrong but when a woman hits a man its 'powerful' and the woman is 'strong'. If i want equal rights, men can hit me all they want. I just hope that they know that Im not afraid to hit them back. Another thing that confuses me is that when woman sees another woman showing some skin they are a 'sex object' and they are 'degrading' themselves. But when a woman has everything but her eyes showing its still 'degrading'. Feminism confuses me more then anything.

  • It is sexist and here's why

    There are over 700 homeless shelters in the USA exclusively for women and only 12 for men only. If women still think that they are treated unfairly then they are not looking at it right. I dare you to look up the word rapist. The definition states a rapist is a man who rapes. As a counselor for rape I can tell you that women do rape too.

  • Equal rights for ALL

    There is no denying the facts. To campaign for the rights of one group and doing so in the knowledge that their is a disparity between many groups, is clearly self centred. To campaign under a banner of equal rights based only on sex and ignoring all other factors is clearly and completely immoral and discriminatory. Feminism may have once stood for something but, even then and 99% now, is fundamentally flawed. We live in modern times, most feminists are educated enough to realise they are fighting under the banner of oppression and discrimination that they pretend to battle. Get a life and stop feeling the victim. We are all victoms at some point in life. In terms of dissparity, oppression, discrimination the female sex has come a long way. They now damage a legacy and hinder further progress by tainting the work of anti discrimination campaigns. It is time for somebody to now take a stand against postie sex discrimination. I would dearly hope that for the hardworking done in the past feminists can put their hands up and admit it is time for an equal rights campaign, based on all factors. Again and lastly feminism is clearly discrimination based on the fact of its beliefs only on sex and not other human factors!

  • It's even in the title

    Femenism has become somewhat of a problem. They claim to be victims of misogyny in many situations and then blame it on men in general. Not all men are bad sexist beasts. And not all feminists are men-hating hypocritical unlogical monsters. Believing the earlier makes you a misandrist believing the other makes you a anti-femenist. The name femenist has the word feminine implying that feminism is for women's rights. But what about men? The name doesn't give equality for men and women it just means pushing women up. Why isn't there a equalist group? In all Femenism is a man hating cause.

  • Pretense of equality

    They say that they want equal rights, but there is lots of evidence that feminists want superiority, for example the hashtag #killallmen, and its associated hate. If feminism was for equality, why wasn't it called humanism? It was needed in the early 20th century, it got women the vote, and other important rights, but now it's just an entitlement for affirmative sexism.

  • Yes, even the name "feminist" is sexist.

    Feminists are evil filth who spread sexism and destroy equality. The idea that men aren't allowed to hit women, the phrase "ladies first", the idea that it must always be the man who pays for dates and stuff, that idea that it always has to be the man who asks out or proposes to the woman, the idea that men shouldn't be allowed to cry and many more are all sexist and need to be wiped from the face of the earth, and feminists support those ideas, they don't want equality, they want an advantage, which is wrong. Equality is what should happen, and for those who say that a minority of feminists aren't like that and actually fight for equality instead of female dominance, yes that may be true, but those people are not feminists, they deserve a much better title than that of those filthy sexists. A more fitting title for the heroes that fight for equality would be "Equalists".

  • Feminism is saying that women are superior and therefore deserve better treatment.

    Feminism is wrong, however as is masculanism, but masculanism has for the most part died down. Feminism states that men are pigs and deserve worse rights than women. It is not equality that feminists want. It is superiority they want. They don't want equal rights for women, they want men to be treated as unequal.

  • No, it is not!

    If women had equal rights as men, then we would not need women working for our rights. Even today, we still do not have the same rights as men. We are paid less for doing the same job and treated with discrimination when it comes to raises and promotions. The thought of a women president intimidates most men, and maybe that is what this country needs to help this economic crisis!

  • Men have had their rights by default.

    Women have been treated unfairly for centuries. Men have never had to have their rights voted on, their bodies voted on, or have any sort of debate because they have their rights by DEFAULT. You can't oppress the oppressors. You can't be sexist against men.
    Men, for the most part, don't have to worry about going out late at night and keeping some sort of weapon on them. Men don't have to worry about dressing provocatively and when someone comes on to them they were "asking for it" because of the way they were dressed. They aren't shunned upon for simple mundane activities.
    Men have all the rights in society and in politics.
    Feminism is about being equal. But women don't want to scoop to the level of what society has grown men to be-- sexist, misogynists, hateful, offensive, judgmental.
    Feminism is NOT sexist. Feminism isn't an attack on anybody. It's okay to be mad at the people who have oppressed your gender for centuries.
    You can't be sexist against men, the same way that you can't be racist to a white person, and the same way that you straight people can't be oppressed for their sexual orientation. It's a matter of fact and a matter of equality. Except one has the majority in society.

  • No, feminism is not sexist, it is a movement to secure equal rights for women.

    No one should be able to argue that feminism is sexist as long as women lack equal rights as men in our society. Feminists simply want to help women reach the same goals as men, i.e. employment, education, pay, legal rights and health related issues. Feminism aims to give women a voice on these issues, and does not seek to discriminate against men.

  • No feminism isn't sexist.

    The definition of feminism is literally "the belief that men and women should have equal rights and opportunities" women AND men. Feminists are saying that boys should be allowed to show feelings and women should get payed the same as men for doing the exact same job because they aren't right now. I don't know how feminism got such a bad reputation but feminists are just trying to say that all people are humans, no matter what their gender is.
    Most people think feminism means the hatred and sexism towards men but this is actually misandry which is the hatred or sexism towards men. So before you judge people unfairly, please check your facts and definitions

  • Maybe the name is, but the movement is not

    Feminism is simply pushing for equality. You are delusional if you think that women are pushing to payed for work that is not done. A women who gets strait A's in college is payed as much as a man who got all C's. Also, women should not be represented as a whole gender by one woman. If one lazy man screws up at his job, having men in that field of work is not questioned. It is ridiculous. Feminist's just want equality.

  • No freaking way

    Feminists want equality and anyone who thinks otherwise is idiotic. They want to be payed the same amount as a man for doing the same job! They want (personal experience) to not be kicked out of a gym for being a woman! They want to be equal! White males have american society in the palm of their hand! Women just want to stop being oppressed! The only thing men have done to "fix' things is dress it up in a pretty package to make it look like its all good. Now they're trying to make it seem like feminists want domination and not equality!! RAGE!!!!

  • No, It Is Equality

    Feminism sometimes gets a bad reputation, because people are mischaracterizing or misunderstanding it. Feminism is simple the idea that women deserves an equal place in society and an equal status to men. That's it! It is not about making women better or punishing men, it is simply about both genders being equal.

  • Feminism is about equality for women.

    That being said, yes many feminists are sexist. In fact pretty much everyone is sexist save a few people who probably think they are pretty smart and cool for being so temperate. So, rather than complain about woman giving you a hard time because you're a man, maybe you should consider why when you are at work or at a restaurant or wherever and you are in mixed company, why do strangers spend more time looking at white men and direct more questions and answers towards them? I'm a white male and I notice this all the time. At work I could be completely busy while a white girl and a black guy are sitting doing nothing, and customers still direct their questions to me. I'm not professional looking at all compared to the other two; I probably smell; but, for some reason I'm the best person for the job. Hey! I'm not complaining. Just saying, stop being dorks and realize that men have an unequal amount of power in this world.

  • No, it is not.

    Feminists, at least originally, were fighting for equality. Women want equal pay for the same job a man does and rightly so. Women want to have the same opportunities for promotions, for raises, to at least make the choice to work instead of staying home without being judged. It's not sexism if they're not exploiting, judging, putting down, abusing or oppressing men while trying to be seen as equal. They don't think they're superior to men but just as good as.

  • Hell No !!

    Where does it get to be sexist ? Equal rights for every human. Women were without equal rights before feminism & now they have an equal chance to gain employment & to enjoy life. Not every woman wants to be the play thing of men. Being able to earn a living has probably been the best thing for women & the greatest achievement for women & we can thank feminism for that. Women being able to control their own finances to choose how they want in live is another great achievement of feminism. Men may not see much in it for them, but it was first formed for women to help women & some men can see where their lives have improved as well. If I was a male I would hate to be the only salary earner in a family. A lot of families have prospered since they can have two incomes to help the family unit lift. I know my husband thanks feminism everyday for the life we lead together, his job alone never could have provided us with such a comfortable life.

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Like everything, it depends if you are an extremist or not.

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