• Equal rights not only for women, But also for men, Too

    Feminism by definition, Is the want for equal rights for both gender on economically, Politically and socially. Those who portray themselves as "feminists" who hate men, Discriminate them and act superior to them are not true and honest feminists. They dirty what real feminism is, And their actions led the word "feminism" synonymous to "man-hating".
    I am a feminist, And I can say that I am quite disappointed how the radical extremists led society to hate feminism. I do not hate men, And i see that they need rights too. Men stereotypically or assume that they should never show any signs of weakness for it will make them less than a man. Because they cannot seek help for their mental issues, Suicide is the biggest killer of men.
    Women and men are equal and they should be accepted anywhere as a human being. Why should we have to discriminate one side of the gender for what they are? We do not need men's rights, Or even women's rights, But human's rights. And that's why I believe we need feminism.

  • Continuous battle is always the only way to progress

    Things take forever to change and it’s an uphill battle all the powers that be refuse to relinquish power / of course it’s normal animal hierarchy though things have gone extreme too much ranting and raging from both sides which just seems to be an alienating influence it’s always best to come to a middle ground just as black racism gay Rights etc two step forward/ two steps back but one must never give up

  • Equality for everyone

    I'm no expert but I think that if we have done a really good work giving women the same rights as men, There still many things to do. The fight is not over yet.
    Also, It seems to me that one part of that part that still being completed, Is to remove from men that image of "macho" they have and in many cases it stops them to speak out in a situation of abuse for example, Because when men say that the one who attacked them was a woman, People stigmatise them of weak because they couldn't defended of a woman.
    I think is reasonable to asume that this kind of situation is that double of worrying. For one side, The stigmatization of men, And on the other hand, Women still being seen as the weak gender.
    In order to this, Am I wrong when I say that there's a lot of work to do and put this into an end?
    Romina Cardenas.

  • Yes it is necessary.

    Personally, I feel really tired when i'm walking at The street and then someone peter's me, And in The whole cases who has made this action was a men.

    All i know is that i don't want The "fake feminsm", The feminism that is losing the principal goal (respect and equality, Not like a man or woman, Just like a societ

    I don't know about you but i want this society more educated, With the women, Because always, When a Bad thing happens with one with us we always are fault, Because we have The entire responsability by the travel (if we are traveling alone), With the Uber (if we are alone or the hour is not "Good" for a "Good" girl, Etc.

    My point ls that i know that we have a Lot of laws but why have we this "Freedom"? If Tomorrow someone could rape me, Take me or in The worst case. Kill me.

    I wonder if we could make a better place for The Tomorrow, For our childs, Our future generations and the most important. . To us.

    Maff N. Lagunes

  • Yes ish ish

    I don't fully agree with the title feminism however i like what they stand for. Ever since American independence Sexism has always been a problem. And now with sexist, Racist Trump feminism is excatly what is needed to give people anti-sexist thoughts and show them how women are being effect by Trump.

  • Aún es necesario y lo seguirá siendo por muchísimo tiempo más

    Los avances que se han hecho son muy mínimos en comparación con toda la injusticia que existe, Y no solo hablo de las injusticias hacia las mujeres, Actualmente hay miles de hombres que se sienten oprimidos por el sistema, Está es una lucha de todos, Aún hay muchas cosas por hacer, Una de esas es acabar con esa especie de rivalidad entre hombres y mujeres, Aunque suene infantil está muy presente en nuestra vida cotidiana y si no lo resolvemos y no tenemos empatía los unos por los otros no podremos avanzar nada, Invito a todos (incluidos a los hombres) a investigar sobre el tema y unirse a esta lucha, Por nuestros derechos y nuestra libertad

  • Not just in America, But in many other contries of the world

    Personally, I feel that feminism is something that everyone
    needs to understand what it means so we can all help.
    We think mostly that's only a women movement, But its not, We don't see it. And its more common to see no equal rights on the women all around the world and I'm no expert, But I think that we need to change the way we see women and men all around the world, We need equality, Because we are the ones who get discredited because of what we are and its not fair. It seems to me that it is needed but not just in America, Feminism its not destructive at all it will help us to evolve. We are used to se the "man" world but when is it going to be "everyone" world! We were meant to help each other and create a better world, Not to be just one of us with the better things. I wonder if the world were ruled bye women and men as equals, How many things would be different now days?

    Posted by: GICM
  • We fight for both genders!

    I don't know what feminist you have seen but we fight for both sides. Women have the rights of men but are constantly judged for what they do, And a lot of time it's other women. I want to let every gender build up each gender. I don't want children but I'm told that I'll love them. I don't want to shave because I hurt myself all the time. I'm told I'm gross as my brother is called manly I want to be a doctor, Not the one that works with birth. I'm told that I won't get there. I don't want to cook. But you'll be a good housewife! I don't want to get married. But I'll change my mind? No, We still need it. For any gender, For their rights.

  • Feminist good god.

    They're destroying this country, Along with black lives matter and every other negative idiotic group in this country. Why can't we all just get along and not everyone get so darn butt hurt all the time. Quit being so childish and look at the big picture here. If you guys I mean girls or whatever ya'll are would quit getting so offended by everything. This country would be a lot more great

  • Not necessary in today's society

    Women have all the rights they need already what else could they possibly be fighting for this isn't the 1920's anymore. Women aren't oppressed in America they just want to feel like they are so they can stand up for absolutely nothing. The last place on earth that needs feminism is America.

  • If they can actually tell what's the issue. .

    The issue shouldn't be "man spreading" (aka. A man taking to much space in a seat) or "public air con too cold for women" or "taking statistic of all the male and female average income and women gets 23% less while ignoring the fact that they choose to do easier jobs. Feminist should be sent to middle east so they can rape you at 6 years old and stoned you to death.

  • Cultural anarchy expressed

    Feminism is nothing more than a destructive course of breakup of society and how it functions. Feminism did give women the ability to have a voice in society but the movement has been hijacked by radicals who want nothing more than destruction of family values. The woman's role was never just that of giving birth but more than that. The role of the woman as educator for her children, The continuing of moral traditions and values, Expression and nurturing of family life has all been destroyed by what it today called feminism.

  • Not needed in America anymore

    Feminism today is needed in the middle east and places around the world where women are legitimately oppressed. They already have equal rights and equal opportunity in America, So it should spread to other regions of the world that haven't been blessed with our freedoms. In some countries, Women are treated horribly and have little to no rights. That is where it is needed.

  • Feminism is a movement associated with hatred and superiority

    The definition of a movement is a collection of ideas and beliefs that a group of people share, And collectively try and forward. Feminism is not defined by a dictionary, But rather by the actions of those who practice it. Aside from the fact that women arguably have MORE rights than men in the western world (considering reproductive rights here, Of which men have NONE), Self-proclaimed feminists consistently generalise, Attack, And belittle men, While ignoring issues that men face. I HATE identity politics, But based on arguments the feminists consistently put forwards, It is worth considering that by most measures in which 'whites' are 'privileged' over 'blacks', Women are also 'privileged' over men; women live longer (modifiable), Women perform better in education and have higher educational attainments (modifiable), Women have lower generalised morbidity throughout life (preventable), The list goes on and on and on.

    Feminism is absolutely NOT needed anymore.

    Posted by: Chub
  • Definitely, Absolutely NO.

    It was ok for it at first. It started something, That morphed into rights for others. But now, Its dead. It was dead long ago. All it does nowadays is ruin lives, Cause conflict, And more. The majority of people aren't even feminists! Yeah, I think EVERYONE deserves rights, But one's rights shouldn't be put into such a way that it drowns out men (I'm talking to you, Women! ).

  • Babyrage they babyrage

    Big ol baby rage the feminists are just baby raging and they are annoying wa wa wa baby rage baby rage stoopid dum dum heads bum bum bum bum they have the big dumb and the low IQ big stoopid heads wa wa wa they just baby rage omega lol ahahah i win they are trash

  • They're not making a difference anymore

    Women and Men have the same legal rights (thanks to 1st and 2ed wave feminism). 3ed wave feminists aren't fighting anything specific. They have so many mixed messages (this is why I'm not one). Feminism finished their job in America. If women's rights or men's rights come under risk then feminism will be needed back but right now their not. "Well what about abortion? " There's already a fight for that called Pro-Choice. I think feminist leaders need to shift their focus to other countries where the legal rights of women and men are different.

  • Feminism not needed

    Feminism has become a group of man hating individuals that want to take the good stuff that are considered manly. But the feminists do not care of the dangerous jobs that males always takes. Male death ate in the work force is high but the feminists do not care. Also what the feminist are making women into people that they can do anything even though they actually can do everything. Also they get triggered at everything which is very annoying.

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